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Crossroads (1/2)

Title: Crossroads (parts 1-3)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Four, Adric, Alan Kelly
Word Count: 3367
Rating: G (I believe)
Notes: This was done as a RPG and we lost the log to Part 1 so there's a summary. This was originally posted on FFN on 2/27/02. Enjoy!


~~~~This started out as a sim (Dr Who & Co) so I can’t take full creative credit. I only adapted it to story form. It may be a bit disjointed and I apologize. The Doctor and Adric belong to the BBC. Alan Kelly is my own and the other characters are based on Marvel comic books (with a slight variation). The log for part one went missing so the summary was submitted by another player.~~~~~



The TARDIS landed in modern day New York. The Doctor was busy fiddling with the console, so Adric decided to begin exploring on his own. He was not impressed with his first visit to the Doctor’s favorite planet. ((the story is set between Keeper of Traken and Logopolis)) It all seemed rather dreary and low-tech. As usual, Adric was hungry. He noticed a street- corner stand selling something which is obviously food (hot dogs), but also realized he has none of the green paper the humans were exchanging for their edibles. So, being a resourceful lad...he grabbed two hot dogs while the vendor's back was turned, and slipped away into the crowd unnoticed.

Or so he thought. Watching from the shadows nearby was an unusual young woman whose costume and abilities seemed to mirror those of the comic book superhero Spider-Man. She followed Adric, and caught up to him in an alleyway where he had stopped to eat. Adric was suspicious of this stranger, especially because of her costume...he had had some rather nasty experiences with spiders ((Full Circle)). Nevertheless, she quickly learned enough from him to realize he was not of this world, and likely not of this time...

A fact which also interested a man named Alan Kelly. Kelly was from Earth's future, where he worked as a test pilot, and became involved with a time travel experiment. Kelly was also a time-sensitive, and the frequent temporal anomalies, people and things drawn away from their proper time and place to this city, was having a terrible effect on him. He'd been suffering a series of ghastly headaches... and one such headache lead him to Adric.

As Kelly approached, an uncomfortable Spider-Woman disappeared into the shadows once more; Adric was less than disappointed. He was much more at ease with Alan. They talked for a little while...and then Kelly suffered another headache, the worst one yet. Adric, worried, decided to take him back to the TARDIS.

There, they find the door left open, and the Doctor missing. The TARDIS wasn't exactly unoccupied, though...Spider-Woman had let herself in. An infuriated Adric told her to get out of his home. Alan tried to calm him down...perhaps Spidey could help tell them what had become of the Doctor, or to figure out what was with all these temporal anomalies in New York. Adric, angry at the intrusion and still thinking of Spider-Woman as more spider than person, wouldn't listen. He tried to push her out of the ship, and when she jumped out of his reach and clung to the ceiling, he sent a mild electrical current through it, knocking her back to the floor.

Alan helped Spidey pick herself up, then really let Adric have it. The boy finally stopped and thought about what he'd been doing, and realized that he had been childish, irrational, and thinking with prejudice rather than reason, and at last he apologized. Spider-Woman not only accepted this, but gave him the money so he could go pay for his hot dogs and correct that mistake as well.

When Adric got back to the TARDIS, Spidey mentioned having seen the Doctor leave just before Alan and Adric reached the ship. The small group set off to find the Doctor; Adric and Spidey started walking, while Alan scouted ahead with the short-range teleporter which is part of his time- travel device (something like a large wrist computer).

Adric and Spidey soon came upon the Doctor's scarf, thrown over a streetlight... then Spider-Woman's spider sense kicked in. The Doctor was in trouble somewhere, and she thought she might be able to trace him. Alan, also in telepathic contact with Spidey, hopped back to rejoin the group, and Adric suggested he could recalibrate Alan's teleporter to take them to the Doctor.

"Are you sure you know what you're doing?" Alan asked him.

"Of course," he replied confidently. "I do have a badge for mathematical excellence."

"Theory or application?"

"Oh, its all the same when it comes right down to it," he insisted...which is about when the teleporter blinked, and the three disappeared as Adric mumbled, "oops."


Adric, Spidey, and Alan reappeared in a cage in what looked to be a zoo. Adric hardly noticed his surroundings, though, because the Doctor was standing beside them. “About time you got here.”


Alan turned to Adric. “Thanks a hell of a lot! I hope you didn't ruin this!” He grabbed his time machine from the boy.

“What are you worrying about? I got us here, didn't I?”

“Yeah, but I need this to get back home!” He strapped it back to his wrist then held out his hand to the Doctor. “Hi. Col. Alan Kelly.”

“Careful with that. We may all need it.”

“Why, Doctor? Where are we? What's going on? I must say...so far, I'm not very impressed with this Earth of yours.”

Spidey had paid little attention to the conversation as she looked about their surroundings, but Adric’s questions mirrored her own. “Yes...I'd like to know that myself...where are we?”

“What's going on is the same as where. First this is not Earth. An amazing likeness but not Earth.”

“You said it was! When we landed!” declared Adric.

“Whoa! What do you mean 'This is not Earth'? My coordinates are reading New York City,” said Alan.

“I said it was a amazing likeness.”

“An amazing likeness? Come on, Doctor! No two planets are this similar!”

“This is meant to look and feel like Earth but we are in the future. Everyone on this planet is a fan of old superheroes”

“What does the time have to do with anything?” demanded Adric.

“Whose future?” asked Alan.

“The future of humans, of course.”

“I'm from the 23rd century,” Alan told him.

“Superheroes...you mean like in those comic books you're always reading?” asked Adric.

“Exactly!” The Doctor looked to Alan. “Well well this is the 40th century. ”

“The 40th century! And their technology has only come this far?” Adric couldn’t believe it.

Alan looked about the cell. “That would explain it. No advancement in original thought, then.”

“How far was technology supposed to go?” the Doctor asked of Adric.

“I don't know...farther than this! This is no more advanced than all the 20th century artifacts you've shown me.”

“Of course with a land populated by superheroes, that means someone has to play a supervillan.”

“Supervillain?” questioned Spidey.

“But if they're just playing a villain, what do we have to worry about?” asked Adric.

“That's what I though but this one has flipped. He really believes he is a supervillan.”

Spidey seemed not to notice them anymore, off in her thoughts. “Hey!” she declared.

Adric turned to Spidey. “What now?”

“Nothing. . .” She seemed to be thinking but not realizing she was saying some things aloud. “Yes...”

“You said "hey". There must have been a reason.”

“No...none...not at all...must there always be a reason for something?”

The Doctor seemed to think that Alan and Spidey shared the same origins. “Aren’t you a ‘spider person’ as well?”

“Not me! Only her! I'm just your friendly fellow time traveler supposedly on vacation.”

“This is your world more then the spider person.” He felt that this officer from the past might hold the key to what was happening. “Do you know who teleported us here?”

Adric proudly answered, “I did that, Doctor!”

“Showoff...” muttered Spidey.

“Yeah and hopefully didn't ruin my transport,” said Alan.

“Or rather, I brought the three of us here. How did you get here?” He turned to Alan. “Quit worrying. I'm sure its fine. And I can fix it if it isn't.”

“I really don't remember. I heard a shout and then I woke up here. And this guy in the shadows keep ranting.”

“This is some sort of cage,” said Adric as he finally took notice of their surroundings

“Oh, yes, Doctor...I've been meaning to ask you about it...Alan here has been having some nasty headaches,” he said as he wandered over to door, and took the star badge from his pocket

“Headaches? Maybe the tech on this world is making him telepathic.”

“I already have some telepathic abilities. No, I think it's from something else.”

“Can I see the teleport device? Maybe I can get us out of this cage at least.”

Alan handed the time machine to the Doctor. “I nearly passed out when I got close to your TARDIS.”

Over in the corner, Adric began fiddling with the lock.

“My TARDIS? That's interesting.”

“Adric helped me inside and then I was right as rain.”

Adric got the door open. “We're out, Doctor. Come on, everyone!”

The Doctor slowly exited the cage looking around carefully. “Seems too easy but. . .”

He looked around for an exit as the others followed him. “I wonder where he--or she--got to.”

Out of habit, Alan reached for weapon only to find none. He hated walking into something unknown without a form of defense.

“Where to now, Doctor?” asked Adric. “Back to the TARDIS?”

Spidey’s spider sense kicked in and she looked behind them.

“As I don't seen a door, Adric, I have to make this work first,” he said, motioning with the time machine.

Alan felt a slight pounding in his head and reached for his temples.

“Oh...I can get us back there in a moment. Let me try...” Adric reached out his hand.

The Doctor, who had been examining it closely, handed it over. “OK, it’s your doohickey.”

“It's quite simple, really, Doctor...”

“If you leave it alone, I'll buy you some more hot dogs!” Alan declared.

“Well, you won't be buying anyone hot dogs in here, will you? Trust me. I can get us all back to the TARDIS.”

“Fine, but let the Doctor deal with it!”

“Your gadget will be fine, and your head will feel better too. I got us here, didn't I? Why can't you trust my genius?”

Alan gritted his teeth. “Oh, fine! Never really liked braggarts,” he added to himself.

Spidey looked at Adric. “Genius?...how about not trusting your ego?”

“Don't they have a saying on Earth...’false modesty is no virtue’?”

“Yes...they do...”

“I can't help it if I'm brilliant. There...that should do it.”

“And people say I have a ego problem at times,” mumbled the Doctor.

Adric pressed the final button and the group disappeared only to reappear next to the TARDIS. Adric handed teleporter back to Alan. “You see! Nothing to worry about.”

“That was quick,” said the Doctor.

Alan grabbed the machine just as he fell due to a major headache. “Thanks.”

“Alan?...are you alright?” asked Spidey.

Adric rushed over to help Alan up. “Alan?”


The Doctor took the TARDIS key out of his pocket and put it in the lock. “What the! It can't be!”

“Can't be what?” asked Spidey, her curiosity peaked.

“Doctor? Doctor, we have to get him in there now!” called Adric.

“I wish I could but this is not my TARDIS. It's a fake.”

“Fake?” questioned Spidey.

“What?!?” demanded Adric.

Alan found the pounding unbearable and felt that unconsciousness would be a blessing.

“How do you know?” asked Spidey.

“Doctor, this is no time for one of your strange jokes!” said Adric.

Spidey went over to help Adric with Alan who was attempting to keep a tenuous hold on consciousness. Adric, once he was sure Spidey could handle it, left her in charge and went over to the Doctor.

“Simply, this key is encoded it will only work on my TARDIS and it won't even enter the lock.”

“Well, then...let me try.” Adric tried to pick the lock with his star badge.

“I am afraid we are trapped here.”

The door opened to reveal a simple box. “I think we're in trouble, Doctor...”


"It's no good, Adric,” said the Doctor.

“What's wrong?” asked Alan through gritted teeth.

“Somehow, the link between the exterior and interior dimensions has been severed. My TARDIS...is no longer a TARDIS. It's just a box.”

“So. . . I'm going to be forever plagued by one long migraine?”

“Oh, I wouldn't say so. More likely, a serious of shorter ones. You'll probably pass out a lot in between.”

“Gee, what a bedside manner you've got,” said Alan as he tried to stand so Spidey didn't have to support much of his weight.

“Doctor! We can't just leave him like this!” declared Adric. “Even without the TARDIS, there must be something you can do!”

“Yes, yes, Adric...give me a moment.” He turned to Spidey. “Lay him down on the ground, here.” Spidey did as the Doctor said.

“Got a pillow?” Alan joked weakly. He closed his eyes which alleviated the pain a little.

The Doctor crouched next to Alan, and started going through his pockets. “Yo yo...that won't help. Sonic screwdriver...not this time...” His face let up. “Ah!”

“What is it, Doctor?” asked Adric.

The Doctor pulled out crumpled paper bag, opened it and offers the contents to Alan. “Jelly baby?” Spidey looked at the Doctor crossly.

“You're offering me candy?” Alan didn't even bother to open eyes. “Got a red one?” he asked after a pause.

“Of course!”

Alan held out his hand and the Doctor placed several red jelly babies in it. “Ta.”

The Doctor grinned widely. “Don't mention it.”

Alan put one in his mouth. “Haven't had these in ages. Where did you get 'em?”

The Doctor continued digging through his pockets. “Oh, a lovely little shop in Yorkshire somewhere near the end of the 20th century. Remind me to take you there sometime...”

“Hmmm. . . .maybe I'll stop there some time myself.”

“You say you're a time traveler yourself?” asked the Doctor as he tried to take Alan’s mind off the pain while he searched.

“Yep. . . .a friend of mine invented that.” He winced slightly. “Roped me in to try it out. . . .accidentally ended up at Bosworth Field.” He popped another jelly baby in his mouth.

Adric was puzzled. “A 23rd century human invented a time machine? Doctor, I thought you said humans never perfected time travel. That the Time Lords wouldn't let them.”

“Never under estimate anyone, Adric,” advised Spidey.

“Yes...well...this one seems to have slipped by them.”

“Well, I must say that's very impressive,” stated Adric.

Alan yawned. “What's in these?”

“Sugar, mostly...” said the Doctor. “Here we go!”

“Yeah, Gil's a genius. . . .” said Alan sleepily.

“Oh, and a mild Taran sedative...” added the Doctor as he pulled out a handheld scanner.

“Seda--?” Alan yawned.

Adric came up quietly beside the Doctor and whispered so as not to disturb Alan. “What's it say, Doctor? What's wrong with him?”

The Doctor looked at readings. “Ah-hah! There's the trouble! “At least I think so...I'll have to ask Alan a few more questions when he wakes up.”

“Right here in River City,” Alan sang off-key. With a smile at his own joke, he fell into a deep sleep.

The Doctor softly continued Alan's song. “Oh yes, we've got trouble!”

“Doctor...aren't you going to do something?” questioned Adric

The Doctor waved at Adric and smiled, as if to say relax, but kept singing.

Spidey listened for a minute then realized what was just said. “What trouble?”

Adric looked at Spidey and sighed. The Doctor ignored them both and kept singing. Finally Adric gave in and sang along, knowing full well he wouldn’t get an answer until the song was complete.

“Fine! Just leave me hanging,” muttered Spidey under her breath. Adric looked at Spidey as he sang, a look that says come on, humor him. Spidey sighed and joined in.

At last, the Doctor finished the song, and turned back to Spidey who also stopped. “Ah. Yes. What trouble. I wish I knew.”

“Well...that doesn't really help me much,” she muttered.

“Well, all we know is that someone kidnapped me, and then they stole my TARDIS. One of these supervillains of yours, I suspect.”

“Of mine?” She thought for a moment.

“Of course...that's something I've always meant to ask someone...”


Alan let out a little snort as if reacting to something in a dream.

“I suppose the heroes have earned the right to be classified super, but the villains? They always seem to lose...what's so super about that, eh?”

Spidey looked over to Alan then back to the Doctor. “Nothing, I suppose...”

The Doctor looked at Alan, then pulled out the jelly babies. He sniffed at the bag.

What is he doing? she thought

“Hm...looks like I overdid the cinnamon just a bit.”

Adric rolled his eyes, and looked to Spidey. “Spider-Woman...who on this colony would want to kidnap someone like the Doctor? Or steal our TARDIS?”

“Well. . . there are infinite possibilities.”

“Well...I don't know...give me the most likely possibility. We have to start somewhere.”

“Well. . .” Spidey walked over to the fake TARDIS. She could smell fish. “The Penguin,” she whispered.

Ignoring Spidey and Adric, the Doctor dumped out the bag of jelly babies. He then blew into it and popped it loudly. Spidey looked at him, startled. Alan bolted up, reaching for his gun, years of soldiering coming to the fore. “Come on, Colonel...that's enough rest for one day!” said the Doctor with a smile.

“What? Hunh?”

Spidey started to chuckle.

After a moment, Adric laughed too, and grinned at Spidey. I’m starting to like her!

“Colonel...tell me something...”

Alan remembered what happened. “You drugged me!”

“Yes...sorry about that...but it gave me time to diagnose the problem.”

Alan stood and stretched.

“And it should have taken the edge of your headaches, too, at least for a little while,” the Doctor said as he stood.

“Go on. . . .”

The Doctor stood up. “Now, Alan-do you mind if I call you Alan? Or should I stick to Colonel?” He saluted.

Spidey rolled her eyes and Alan smiled. “Alan is fine.”

The Doctor began to wander towards the end of the alley as he spoke. Alan followed so he could hear. “Now, what I'm wondering is... Have you been to your future many times before, Alan?”

“Never before. . . .we always stuck to the past. Reign of Terror, Elizabethan London, WWI. . . .”

The Doctor grinned proudly at this piece of information. “Ah! I thought you might say that!” He pulled Alan’s machine from his pocket. “Here's your problem, then!”

Alan watched the Doctor carefully. “How's that a problem?”

The Doctor opened up the machine, grabbed hold of one of the circuit board segments, ripped it out, and stamped on it. “Hey! What’re you doing?” demanded Alan.

The Doctor closed it up and handed it back to Alan with a smile. Alan merely stared at the vandalized machine. “Someone didn't think coming into the future would be a very good idea. That you shouldn't know what was in store for you, or couldn't handle it.”

“I didn't even plan to come here. I had it programmed for New York at the end of the 20th century.”

“Oh, really? The calibration must be off as well. I can do that as well, later. Your headaches had nothing to do with that, though.”

From the corner of his eye, Alan saw movement in the shadows. The Doctor was still going on about Alan’s machine and didn’t notice. “Someone didn't trust you in the future, and they put a sort of deterrent in place.”

Alan stopped. “Doctor, I think we're in trouble with a Large Capital T.”

“Hm? I don't see any pool table...”

As they neared the entrance of the alleyway, four thugs loomed out of the shadows. The largest of the group jerked a thumb at them.

“Ah...that kind of trouble.” The Doctor nodded sagely but looked a little worried.

>Chapter 2


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