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(White) Collar Optional (15/?)

Title: (White) Collar Optional
Fandom: Psych, White Collar
Characters: Shawn, Gus, Peter, Neal, Henry, Juliet, Lassiter & Vick with cameos from Mozzie, El, Diana & Jones
Word Count: 810
Rating: PG-13
Overall Summary: In New York, Peter and Gus search for what happened to Neal and Shawn. In California, Shawn and Neal escape a little too easily, making them wonder if Ridley has other plans.
Notes: Okay, I'm finally posting the sequel to Psychic in the City. It's still unfinished so posting will stay with Wednesdays until further notice. I'd also like to thank my three betas snowflakie06, slytheringurrl and the_moogie

Ein Deux Tre Cuatro Pyat' έξι sju dziewięć nove deset elf dó dhéag hamahiru quattuordecim

When Gus woke, it took him a moment to realize he was in a hotel again. Both Shawn and Neal were still asleep. Neal had won the toss for the second bed leaving Shawn with the pull-out couch. After Neal had taken the best two of three tosses, Shawn wanted best of five. Neal said it was a matter of probabilities and then won the third toss.

It was a pretty nice suite. Peter had talked the price down for both rooms with the government discount. Gus took a quick shower and changed into his shirt from yesterday, rinsed and left to dry overnight. He had done the same with his socks, though they were still a little damp. He slipped on his shoes, grabbed the key and left, letting the door click softly closed behind him.

He headed through the empty halls to the dining room, the aroma of coffee pulling him along. It wasn’t until he had prepared it and turned around that he saw Henry and Peter at a table watching him. With a smile, he joined them.

“I knew you’d be the first one up.” Henry sipped his coffee. “You get a bed?”

“Yeah. My back was acting up.”

“You don’t have a bad back.”

“I do when I need it.”

They chatted about little things, not wanting to talk of yesterday. They talked about the weather and sports, especially baseball. Apparently, Peter had been a pitcher signed by the Twins until he threw out his arm. But the moment could only be stretched for so long.

Peter looked at his watch. “It’s after 8:00. If we want to leave as soon as I’m done at the hospital, we’d better get a start on things. We can wake Neal and Shawn and get their statements beforehand.”

“Good luck trying to get Shawn coherent this early,” commented Gus.

“To maintain distance, I’ll talk with Caffrey and you take Shawn,” said Henry.

“To keep yourself from strangling Shawn, you mean,” teased Gus.

Henry shrugged, not denying it.

“That’s a good idea,” said Peter. “You’re less likely to fall for any of Neal’s bull.”

“Coffee and pastry is the best way to wake them. They won’t lash out if you bring food. Well, Shawn anyway.”

“Neal won’t say no, I can tell you that,” said Peter.

Between the three of them, they returned to Gus’ room with pastry, coffee and condiments. Upon reaching the room, Gus balanced the sweets in one hand as he unlocked and opened the door with the other. Shawn was still sprawled out on the bed but they could hear noise coming from the bedroom. One of them was awake at least. Gus set the food on the table and tapped on the door before entering. There was water running in the bathroom. “Neal?”

The man in question stepped out, running a hand through his hair. “Mornin’, Gus. You were up early.”

“I’m not a night owl like you and Shawn.”

“It wasn’t that late, only about 2:00.”

Gus shook his head as Neal slipped his shirt over his head. “We brought back coffee.”

“Is that was that smell is? I was wondering.” Neal stepped into the main room.

“It can’t always be cappuccino in the clouds,” stated Peter.

“As I said before, why not?”

There was a grunt and mumble from the mound on the bed. Shawn was fighting consciousness, a pillow over his head. Gus knew there was really only one way to get him vertical at this point. “Mr. Spencer, do you want the last pineapple Danish?”

“Thanks, Gus. Don’t want it going to waste.”

Shawn bolted upright. “Gus! You wouldn’t!” Only Shawn could sound angry and plaintive at the same time.

Henry held the pastry in front of his son. “Morning, sunshine!”

Shawn grabbed the Danish and took a bite, sighing in ecstasy. “I don’t usually wake up to an audience of more than one. What’s goin’ on?” He looked at each of them in turn.

“We need your statement,” Peter told him. “I then get James’ at the hospital and we can leave.”

Gus watched as the gears turned in Shawn’s mind. He never knew what Shawn was thinking. He didn’t think anyone did. Well, maybe Henry, but even that training couldn’t predict Shawn’s intuitive leaps.

“Fine. Once I’ve had one coffee I’ll give my statement to Peter.”

“Hey!” Henry acted affronted. It wouldn’t do for Shawn to know that was the plan.

Neal eyed Henry as if trying to size him up., wondering how much he could get away with. Henry returned his gaze with the glare that had made many a suspect crack.

Gus was almost sorry he would be missing the potential fireworks. Almost.

Shawn looked at Gus as he fixed his coffee. “What are you gonna do while we’re otherwise occupied?”

Gus grinned. “Shopping.”

Shawn pouted. He loved shopping, especially when using Gus’ credit cards.


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