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(White) Collar Optional (3/?)

Title: (White) Collar Optional
Fandom: Psych, White Collar
Characters: Shawn, Gus, Peter, Neal, Henry, Juliet, Lassiter & Vick with cameos from Mozzie, El, Diana & Jones
Word Count: 1158
Rating: PG-13
Overall Summary: In New York, Peter and Gus search for what happened to Neal and Shawn. In California, Shawn and Gus escape a little too easily, making them wonder if Ridley has other plans.
Notes: Okay, I'm finally posting the sequel to Psychic in the City. It's still unfinished so posting will stay with Wednesdays until further notice. I'd also like to thank my three betas snowflakie06, slytheringurrl and the_moogie

Ein Deux

Shawn blinked a few times as he slowly returned to consciousness. There was a dim light showing through small, horizontal windows near the ceiling. Okay, basement and it’s either early morning or evening. He then noticed he was on a bed – a cot, really – that wasn’t too bad, comfort-wise. He looked at his fingers and sent the message for them to wiggle. He smiled when they obeyed. That meant whatever drug Ridley had put in his system was gone. He turned his head and saw Neal stretched out on a matching bed. Neither of them was restrained.

Shawn pressed himself up on his elbows slowly to test for dizziness. Passing that test, he sat up. Good, still not dizzy. He then swung his legs over the side of the bed and slowly stood. When he didn’t land flat on his face, he gave himself a gold star.

He shuffled on unsteady legs over to Neal’s cot. “Neal,” he said softly. “Neal.” He poked the ex-con in the shoulder. “Wake up.”

Neal groaned and swatted away the offending hand. “Go ‘way.”

“C’mon, dude. You gotta wake up. Gonna need your skills to help get us out of here,” Shawn persisted, shaking the other man’s shoulder.

“Damn it, Shawn.” Neal woke up and took a look around the room. “Basement?”

“Looks like.” Shawn looked to the windows. “Getting brighter so it’s morning.”

“But where?”

“Now that you’re awake, you can boost me up to look out the window.”

“We’re in a basement. There must be something we can use to climb up.” Neal stood, swaying a bit on the way up.

“Fine. Since he took Gus’ phone, we don’t have another light source.”

Neal began to feel his way around in the dim light. “How did you think you’d get away with that, anyway?”

“I wasn’t expecting him to drug us and stick us on a plane. One or the other, it might have worked.”

Shawn heard a small crash and Neal cursed. “I found a crate,” he said through what sounded like gritted teeth.

“Bet hoisting me doesn’t sound so bad now.” He walked over to Neal and the two of them maneuvered the crate over to the brightest window.

Neal motioned to the crate with one hand. “You first.”

Shawn stepped gingerly onto the outer edges of the box, gripped the cement of the ledge and pulled himself up. “OK. Palm trees so somewhere warm, but there are pine trees so not necessarily tropical. The street signs look American.”

“What about the air? We can narrow things down by humidity.”

“It feels more like shore than desert. California or Florida? Can’t really tell.”

“Let me.”

Shawn stepped down and let Neal have a look. The other man twisted around to get a different view. “Looks like hills or mountains in the distance which rules out Florida.”

Shawn laughed. “I can’t believe he brought me back home.”

“It’s a big state.” Neal stepped down to the floor. “What makes you think we’re anywhere near Santa Barbara?”

“The same state is way better than another country.”


Neal’s retort was halted when they heard a key in the lock.


Back at the office, Peter called on agents to help search the airport. Diana had narrowed down Gus’ phone to the domestic terminal so that did away with one headache. He then filled Hughes in on what was happening and that he was getting on the next available flight.

“Just let me know where and when so I can start greasing the gears,”

Peter grabbed his go-bag as well as Shawn’s. Without a word, Gus picked up his pack and followed him out.

Jones drove while Diana rode shotgun. Gus simply stared out the window as they headed towards Long Island. “Gus, airports have some if the best surveillance in the country. We’ll be able to track them and narrow down where they’ve gone.”

“And if it’s out of the country? You won’t have jurisdiction.”

“But we’ll know where they are and contact INTERPOL.” Gus made a non-committal “humph”. “Is there anyone you need to call?”

“I guess I should call Mr. Spencer, let him know we have a lead.”

“Let me just call El and the phone is yours.”


El answered on the second ring. “Hey, hon. What’s up?”

Peter took a deep breath and plowed ahead. “Neal and Shawn were abducted and taken to Kennedy. Gus and I will be flying out to wherever and I just wanted to give you a heads-up.”

“Oh, my God! Is it the same guy you were talking about last night? I thought you had agents watching over them.”

When she stopped for a breath, Peter tried to answer her questions. “Yes, it’s the same guy.” Peter couldn’t help but call up Ridley’s face. “We don’t really know how Ridley got to Neal, but he called Shawn and told him to meet at the Hard Rock.”

“You do what you need to in order to bring them back home. Just let me know where you’re going when you can.”

“Will do. Love you.”

“Me, too, hon.”

Peter ended the call. “Not one word,” he said to his agents’ smiling reflections.

“How did El take it?” asked Diana.

“Like El. Upset, angry. I bet she’ll start planning a welcome home dinner.” Or teaming up with Mozzie with all his connections to find Neal and Shawn on their own. Peter handed his phone to Gus.

“Thanks.” Gus took the phone and dialed. At the man’s wince, Mr. Spencer must have been in rare form. “That’s why I’m calling.” He relayed the little information they had. “We’re on the way to the airport now.” After a moment, Gus handed the phone back to him. “He wants to talk to you.”

Peter gingerly lifted the phone to his ear. “Mr. Spencer--”

“Agent Burke, you had agents watching my son’s hotel last night waiting for this guy to show,” Mr. Spencer stated with controlled fury.

“Yes, but--”

“You neglected to watch for Shawn leaving on his own. He used to work at a hotel so he knows all the ways out.”

Is he absolving me? Peter wondered.

“You’re not off the hook,” Henry said. “I just know Shawn would have found a way out, no matter what.”

“He did leave us a note with the phone number and meeting place.” Peter didn’t want Henry completely blaming Shawn.

“Gus said he took both phones and that’s how you got the lead to the airport?”

“Yeah. If not for the airport, we probably would have them already.”

“Just give me a call when you learn something, Agent Burke. I haven’t told his girlfriend yet or anyone at the police department.”

“Gus or I will call you, Mr. Spencer. We will find them.”

“I know you will, Agent Burke.” Mr. Spencer ended the call.

Peter look at Gus. “Is he always like that?”

“Whenever Shawn’s involved, yeah.”
Tags: fan fiction: psych, fan fiction: white collar, fic: (white) collar optional, genre: crossover
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