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Psychic in the City (Chap 5/2+6)

Title: Psychic in the City
Fandom: Psych, White Collar
Characters: Shawn, Gus, Peter, Neal, El, Mozzie, Diana, Jones with cameos from Henry, Juliet & Lassiter
Word Count: 1305
Rating: PG-13
Overall Summary: Shawn tags along when Gus goes to New York City for a convention. He takes the time to look up old friends.
Chapter Summary Shawn and Neal learn they have a stalker
Notes: I honestly don't know the inspiration for this but I wanted to have the two meet as teens after leaving home. There are many conflicting dates regarding when Neal was born, but one of them only makes him a month younger than Shawn so I used it. I'd also like to thank my three betas snowflakie06, slytheringurrl and the_moogie

Due to an error on my part, there are only 6 chapters, not 7 in addition to the prologues.

First Prologue Second Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4

Thirty minutes later Peter arrived, a worried look on his face. Neal pressed a cold beer into his free hand. “Relax, Peter, we’re fine.”

Peter set the bottle down without taking a sip and opened the folder he had brought with him. “The techs got a location where the phone was purchased and, from a time-stamp, we got surveillance video.” He pointed at the grainy photo. “Were you ever going to tell me you knew Ridley?”

“I don’t know him, per se. I never met him.” Neal told his story again.

Peter had calmed a little as Neal spoke. He took a long swallow of beer. “So, Ridley is after you for something you did when you were 18? I’ve heard stories about him, but nothing like this.”

“I think it might be because Neal went on to international fame.” Shawn couldn’t resist. “Somebody he could have controlled went on to be bigger than he was.”

“’You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies’.”

They looked at Mozzie, not recognizing the quote. “Doctor Who? Okay, that’s the last time I use TV quotes on you.” He took a defiant sip of wine.

“Now that we know he’s after you, we just have to figure out what he wants to do.”

At that moment, Donna Summer’s “Bad Boys” echoed through the room. Embarrassed, Peter realized it was coming from his pocket. He reached in and pulled out Shawn’s phone with its bright green case. “Still with the novelty ringtones?” He handed Shawn the phone.

“I get bored. You know that. Besides, Gus hates this song.” He motioned to the terrace. “I’m gonna step outside and make a few calls. Talk amongst yourselves.” Shawn walked out onto the terrace and answered Gus.

“Shawn, what the hell is going on? I’ve been fielding calls from your dad all afternoon.”

“I told him, I told Jules and I told you that I wouldn’t have my phone. Good news is they cleared Neal with the video I shot.”

“Do I want to know the bad news?”

“We found out who the guy is and apparently Neal pissed him off years ago so he’s looking for payback.”

“And what does this mean for you, Shawn? What if the guy comes for you?”

“Dude, this is like some major Hollywood thriller. All we need is a chase scene!”

“You just want to use Lassiter’s music again.”

“It really does work.” He checked his watch. “I gotta call Jules and my dad. I’ll let you know when I find out about tonight.”

“If I don’t hear from you in a couple of hours, I’m calling you.”

“You got it.” He ended the call and dialed Jules.

“Shawn, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. The FBI tested the video clearing me and Neal.”

“About that. Lassiter had some choice words about Mr. Caffrey.”

Shawn could hear Lassiter in the background. “Just put me on speaker, Jules.”

“…idiot boyfriend.”

“Hey, Lassie. I think one of the guys from your wall is in New York.”

“Really?” The senior detective’s tone changed from derisive to hopeful. “You’re not just saying that?”

“We believe he’s after Neal for something that happened years ago.”

“Who?” Now Lassie sounded like a teenage girl asking for gossip.

“Mark Ridley.”

“Sweet Justice! You don’t do anything by halves, do you, Spencer?”

“You know me.”


“Who is this guy?” asked Juliet.

“Mark Ridley is wanted for extortion, money laundering and armed robbery. He was arrested in ’95 when he was caught with forged certificates. His empire started crumbling after that.”

“That was Neal. They told him to make a copy and he did.”

“A crime boss approaches him to make a forgery and he screws it up?”

“Lassiter, he was 18,” Juliet defended. “He most likely needed the money.”

“Thank you, Jules. Neal didn’t know and, apparently, to an artist, ‘copy’ is different from ‘forge’. Anyway, Lassie, could you send what info you have on him?”

“Can’t you just ‘divine’ it?”

“The FBI likes to see things in print, Lassie. Besides, if your file helps catch the guy…” Shawn smiled as he pictured Lassiter’s face as thoughts of a commendation filtered through his head.

“We’ll stop at my place to get them. This is to put away a criminal, Spencer. I’m not doing it as a favor to you.”

“Of course not, Lassie.”

“Call me tonight?” asked Jules.

“’-Course I will.”

“Love you.”

Shawn heard Lassiter groan.

“Love you too,” he said, adding a smooch for the man’s benefit before ending the call.

He looked up at the skyline of New York before calling his dad. He looked into the apartment and Neal caught his eye, raising a brow in question. Shawn nodded that he was okay. He looked down at the phone in his hand, took a deep breath and hit speed dial.

Henry didn’t let Shawn get a word in, just kept going on about how irresponsible he was. Shawn could actually hear the worry in his dad’s voice, so didn’t argue. When Henry finally stopped, Shawn started assuring him. “Dad, I’m fine. I spent the afternoon under the watchful eye of the FBI. They’ve got a lead on the guy they think responsible.”

“The timing of this can’t be coincidence, Shawn.”

“It wasn’t.” Shawn told the story once again.

“This is what you get associating with criminals, kid.”

Shawn scoffed. He was a detective who worked with the police. Kinda hard not to associate with criminals. No way was he telling his dad that. “He wasn’t a criminal when I met him. Yeah, we kept in touch. Yeah, I knew he was wanted by the FBI, but I never was an accessory or accomplice.”


“Who’s to say I would’ve turned out any different without you nagging me?”

“That is not the same thing.”

“I know he won’t appreciate me telling you this, but his dad was a cop too. Neal was raised believing he was a hero. It wasn’t until he was 18 that he learned the truth: his dad was dirty. He ran away.”

“Poor kid,” his dad said before catching himself. “But that is no excuse to become a criminal himself.”

“You’ll change your mind if you meet him.”

“Shawn, I am not going to meet him!”

“Dad, gotta go. They’re waving me over,” he lied. “I’ll call you later, okay?” He ended the call and walked back inside.

“Everything okay?” Peter asked.

“Yeah. Just had to explain everything three times. Oh, I should be getting some file notes on Ridley emailed to me from the SBPD. The head detective follows other criminals as a hobby. It’s how we caught Despereaux.”

Peter made his impressed face. “So this guy’s information is good?”

“Lassiter may not always think outside the box, but he is a good detective and will not give up on a case.” Man, he was glad Gus wasn’t here to catch him praising Lassiter, he’d never let him forget.

“Okay, when you get that file, I want to see it. Your friend might have noticed something we didn’t. I’m going to keep a detail outside and one for Shawn’s hotel as well.”

“That’ll put Gus at ease.”

“There is no way you can watch every exit at the hotel,” protested Neal. “There are so many ways to get in and out besides regular doors.”

“Neal’s right. There are so many ways in and out of a hotel – believe me, I know – you take my number and Gus’ in case you need to turn on the GPS.”

“And if he makes you leave your phone behind?” questioned Peter.

“Or you forget it?”

“I trust you guys to turn over every stone possible until you find me. Plus, if my dad would hound you until you did.”

“Any father would,” agreed Peter.


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Mar. 18th, 2014 09:25 pm (UTC)
Thanks! Just getting ready to post the last chapter. Decent cliffie if I do say so myself. ;)
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