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A Word for Forgotten Songs (4/20)

Title: A Word for Forgotten Songs
Fandom: Merlin
Characters: Merlin, Arthur, Uther, Gaius, Gwen, Morgana, Leon, OMC
Rated: PG-13
Word Count: 723 (this chapter)
Summary: A strange warrior arrives in time to save Arthur and Merlin from bandits. He is wounded and falls ill. As Gaius cares for the wound, he knows the blade was dipped in a potion that only affects those with magic. After he heals, Merlin talks with him of magic and Arthur spars with him. They then learn that the bandit attack was not random.
Author's Note: This has been sitting on my computer for over 3 years! It's still not done but I couldn't put off the posting any longer. The original character is from one of my series and I kinda place him in lots of fandoms. His original series starts here. The story is set in series 2, somewhat early on. It's unbeta'd so all mistakes are my own.

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Alan slowly opened his eyes and had to think about where he was for a moment. He turned his head and saw Merlin reading one of Gaius’ many books. He must have sensed Alan watching him. “How are you feeling?”

“Not bad, considering. Whatever Gaius put in that broth really worked. Where is he?”

“Seeing to some patients. Can I get you anything?”

“Water, please.”

Merlin poured a cup from the pitcher on the table and handed it to him. “Did Gaius explain to you what happened?”

“You mean that the poison worked on me because I have magic? Yeah, he did, I just don’t believe it.”

“But he knows the poison He’s seen its use before.”

“Oh, I’m not denying that. It’s just an issue of terminology. I don’t consider what I can do magic.”

“So what do you consider it?”

Alan thought for a moment. “It’s science. Most people can only use a fraction of their mind’s potential. I’m just lucky enough to be able to access more than most. I just think it and it happens, no spells or potions like you need for magic.”

“So you think it’s natural, what you can do?”

“Don’t you?”

Merlin was surprised. “What makes you say that?” he asked, trying to cover it up.

“The poison is meant to attack those with ‘magic’, right? So those guys were attacking you and Arthur before I got there, which means they were after you or Arthur. Now, my money would be on you since you warned me not to speak of it and didn’t turn me in.” Plus, you’re freakin’ Merlin!

Gaius entered the room and smiled when he saw Alan sitting up. “It’s good to see you awake and alert. How are you feeling?”

“A little restless. Any chance of a change of scenery?”

“Uther wanted to be notified when you were ready for visitors. Perhaps we should see how your body copes with that first.”

Alan swung his legs over the edge of the bed. “I guess I’d better make myself presentable, then.” Alan got a whiff of himself. “And a bath. Can’t have the king turning his nose up.”

Alan didn’t get his full bath, but a cloth, soap and a bucket of room temperature water. Merlin had found a change of clothes that seemed to fit pretty well. Gaius helped him change while Merlin went to tell Arthur and his father that Alan was ready for visitors.

He slowly made his way to a chair so he wouldn’t be a bed-ridden invalid when he first met the king. He wasn’t sure why he felt so nervous, it wasn’t like he hadn’t met royalty before — Elizabeth I sprang to mind — but Uther was mythic and not much was known.

He situated himself at the table and was flipping through one of Gaius’ books when the door opened and Uther strode into the room. He wasn’t a big man but his presence was massive. Arthur followed with Merlin tagging along.

Alan made to stand, but Uther motioned for him to stay seated. “You are the man who helped my son.”

“I just saw two boys that needed help, so I did.”

“Arthur told me you were unarmed and that you first used a tree branch until you disarmed one of the robbers.”

“Yes, well, if you hit the correct spot with the right amount of force, almost anything could be a weapon.”

That answer seemed to impress the king. “When you are feeling recovered, we will find you a fit reward.” With a nod at Gaius, he left.

Arthur sat in the other chair across from Alan. “You look better. How do you feel?”

“Good, now that I’m vertical. My arm’s a little sore and I’m still a bit weak, but it could be worse.”

“I’m glad you’re doing better. Now Merlin will be able to concentrate on his work.” His small smile belied his words. Arthur stood and looked at Merlin. “I’ll see you in the practice yard in half an hour.” He left.

Alan chuckled. “Well, that was interesting.”

Gaius put a cup of awful smelling brew in front of him. “It seems Arthur has taken a personal interest in your well-being. Now drink up. It will help you regain your strength.”

Alan eyed the cup. “So would a decent steak.”



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