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Tougher Than the Rest (12/15)

Title: Tougher Than the Rest
Chapter Title: Girls in Their Summer Clothes
Word count: 1,310 this chapter
Rating: T
Characters/Pairings: Sam, Dean, OMC with appearances by Castiel and Crowley (in later chapters)
Warnings: None
Spoilers: It's set in the second half of season 6.
Disclaimer: If you recognize the character, it's not mine
Summary: Sam and Dean are checking out a mysterious death on the Jersey Shore. After a long day of research, all Dean wants to do is put up his feet and relax with the TV. The two men waiting in their motel room put an end to that.
A/N: This is a sequel to my first SPN fic In Spite of All the Danger The setting is the Jersey Shore, where I lived for 9 years (1978-1987). My sister coquillagement still lives there and helped me out in a few spots. The wonderful msninacat heard my plea for a beta and jumped right in. Thanks ever so!

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The first bar Dean found when he finally stopped driving was a local dive away from the ocean and the tourists – called Bennies by some, the bartender told him. As he nursed his beer, he couldn’t help the betrayal he felt from Sam. Questioning Cas was questioning him. The angel had turned on Heaven and the rest of his kind to side with them. He had chosen humanity and free will. That should be enough to put him above suspicion.

And why was he believing what Alan said? They had only met him the one time and, yeah, he did save their lives and help prevent a seal from opening but he wasn’t family. And saying Cas took away their “powers” on purpose was not the best way to get in his good graces either. There was no way Cas would bring them here to help and then take away their major strength.

He was getting way too introspective. It was time to change things up. He paid his tab and got into the Impala. He took a moment to stroke the wheel. She was his one constant. She would never leave or betray him. She had even come back from the dead for him. Dean chuckled at the thought. Guess that makes you a true Winchester. He shook off the depressing thoughts and checked his watch. “Got a few hours before Sam comes lookin’ so I’d better make the best of it.”

He drove back towards the ocean and soon found the bar he was looking for. There was loud music pouring out as well as lots of beach babes. He parked the Impala and strode inside like a man claiming his kingdom.


After two hours, Dean had his own coterie of followers and was drunk enough to sing along with Bon Jovi and not care but sober enough to remember the words. One of the girls, a busty blonde on his right, stopped as she spotted something by the entrance. “Ooo, hello, salty goodness,” she practically purred.

Dean would only apply that phrase to a plate of fries so he had no idea she was using it to describe a guy – or, rather, three guys. “Wonderful,” he muttered.

Sam was the first to spot him and Dean could see the relief as he relaxed. His brother then tapped the Kellys on the shoulder and pointed in Dean’s direction. Dean nodded and they started over.

“Oh, they’re coming this way,” said Charisma – or was it Karma?

“Hello? Right here,” said Colin. “No need to drool over new guys.”

Colin was fun but the dude would never be able to compete with Sam who still had that bashful quality working for him. Alan and Ryan, even though older than the majority in the bar, still were turning heads and not just females’.

“Dean.” Sam was the first to reach the table.

“Guys.” He listed his beer in greeting.

“You know them?” This from the red-head – Paris, Rome, some European city.

“Yeah. My brother Sam and friends Ryan and Alan Kelly. Guys, this is Colin, Drew, Kyle, Eden…Charisma and…” He tried to remember. “Geneva.”

Sam nodded politely to everyone before looking earnestly at Dean. “About earlier, I’m sorry. We shouldn’t have argued like that.”

Dean really did not want to get into things here. Sam really did seem sorry for the argument, if not the reason for it. And he felt relaxed enough about it to be able to discuss it rationally once they got back to the hotel. He sighed. “Yeah, me too. Too bad we didn’t get a chance to talk before…Alan got hurt,” he finished lamely.

I blame the vampires, he heard Alan’s voice in his head. He looked over at the man in question with a raised eyebrow.

“You don’t look hurt,” said Eden.

“Bruised ribs,” he said for their benefit.

“Yeah, those can be painful,” added Ryan. “We wanted to make sure that they guys who attacked Alan weren’t coming after Dean.”

Dean realized that they had come believing the vamps were still in the area. “You really think they’re still around?”

“Not sure. We just wanted to make sure you were okay.” Sam looked at the girls. “I guess you are.”

“You have people after you?” asked Charisma. “Oh, wow.”

Dean realized that the fact he could be beaten up was actually turning her on. Part of him wanted to preen and use the fact to get into her pants. He also realized that it would not be good if vamps came into this bar looking for him.

“I can’t have them trash this place when they come looking for me,” he said, acting all noble. “We’re gonna have to cut out and keep them away.”

“They’re really that dangerous?” questioned Colin.

“Real bad news,” Sam stated. “They think they’re invincible.”

“Crap.” The guys all took a step back.

“So, guess I’ll be going now.” He picked up his jacket and grinned at the girls as they waved at him.

Once outside he put on his jacket and put a hand in his pocket for the keys. His fingers hit paper and he pulled out six cocktail napkins with phone numbers. “Damn, I’m good.”

Alan laughed at the face Sam made. “C’mon, he gives off that bad boy vibe like pheromones. And now, with the chance of him being beat up, they’ll want the chance to nurse him.”

“Believe me, he knows.” Ryan couldn’t resist the jab at his brother.

Dean pulled out the keys and tossed them to Sam.

“You want me to drive?”

“Sam, I’ve been drinking for like three hours. I do not want to risk my baby.”

Instead of walking to the Impala, he went to the passenger seat of the rental. He was not ready to be in an enclosed space with his brother without a referee. Through the windshield he saw Alan and Ryan have a silent conversation and wondered if they were doing their telepathic thing. Alan then came around, got behind the wheel, and started the car before Dean had a chance to get out.

“I know you don’t want to talk to me but I want to clear the air. I was having questions, doubts, as to why Castiel sent us here and removed our…talents. The memories I get but that had me puzzled. I talked to Sam because he doesn’t have a ‘profound bond’ with the angel in question. It was just speculation and I shouldn’t have said anything without something more concrete.”

“Damn right, you shouldn’t have.” He sighed. “Was this before…” He put his hand to his head and waggled his fingers.

“Yeah. I lay awake after you guys passed out and thought about things. I went outside to watch the sunrise. Sam joined me and we talked.” He took advantage of the red light and looked at Dean. “You know the rest.”

Dean looked at the older man and really wanted to hate the guy but knew he was just acting out of concern. Dean wasn’t used to that outside of Sam, Bobby and Cas. And even then he wasn’t always comfortable with it. “I’m guessing you got your memory back too.”

“Yeah, I did. I think when he healed me,” he said, answering Dean’s next question. “And no, I can’t tell you.”

“You sure you’re not reading my mind?”

“Nope. It was just the logical progression of questioning.” He pulled into the space by the hotel room door. “I know you won’t believe until you see it for yourself so we’ll drop the topic. Just be careful with who you trust,” he added as Dean reached for the handle.

“And what about you?”

“Hell, I’m completely trustworthy.” He grinned and Dean couldn’t help a small smile himself as he got out of the car.



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