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Kay Sara Sara (16/?)

Title: Kay Sara Sara
Fandom: Psych, Doctor Who
Characters: Shawn, Gus, Henry, Juliet, Lassiter, Vick, Buzz, OMC, Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Jack Harkness
Word Count: 1104
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Shawn returns to Santa Barbara with Amy and the Doctor to find a serious case waiting for them. Then they learn that a friend has been wounded because of one of them. Who is the abductor and what is their "motivation"? Everyone will have to work together both inside and outside the box to find out
Notes: This is a sequel to It's a Gift, A Psychic Detective's Investigation in Wales,Is There a Psychic in the House? and When Harry Met Shawn.

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Shawn knew something was up when his dad announced it was time to take Alan to the station so he could give his statement. Yeah, he’d just gotten a phone call, but the timing was a bit fishy. He eyed the room warily. Damn this place is getting to me. “You don’t need me. I’ll just hang here.”

“And give up an opportunity to rag on Lassiter?” asked Henry.

“Besides, you’re my wingman,” added Alan. “I need you for support, buddy.”

With the Doctor, Jack and his father, Shawn didn’t think support was lacking. However, as Alan had come to Santa Barbara to see him, it was only fitting that he be present. Plus, he really had to get away from the staring fish eyes. “Okay, I’ll call Gus so he knows where to find us when his route is done.”

Shawn dialed his best friend as he walked out to the truck. “Dude, just to let you know, we’re going to the station so Alan can give his statement. Anything different, I’ll let you know.” He ended the call. That had to be one of the most straightforward voicemails he’d ever left Gus.

He clambered into the bed of the pickup and tried to make himself comfortable before Jack and the Doctor joined him. He smiled at the memory of the Doctor during the ride yesterday. He’d never seen anyone that excited about riding in a bone-rattler outside a retriever.

The rest of them came out, took their spots and they headed for the station.

Alan was greeted with a standing ovation as they made their way into the Chief’s office. Lassie was already there. As Alan made his way to a chair, the Chief came around to shake his hand.

“You have my sincerest apologies, colonel. That such a thing should happen once is bad enough, but…”

“We all let our guard down, Chief. How were we to know he’d come for me again?”

“You were his obsession. We should have expected it and not have left you alone.”

“Mr. Spencer – Shawn, did you have a vision regarding this?”

“No, not about that, which is one of the reasons it happened.”

“Without Guster around, we have no idea what you’re saying,” complained Lassiter.

“If I may.” The Doctor pulled away from the wall he had been leaning against. “We all should have seen this coming. We all know Alan was taken primarily as bait to bring the TARDIS here to Santa Barbara. However, because of his obsession, we should have realized he wasn’t done.”

“Thank you. See, the thing is, he wanted to prove he was the best and what’s the quickest way to do that?”

“Defeat the champion,” said his dad. “But how do you challenge in time travel?”

“By making time work for you,” said Jack.

“He would do something no one else would dare and get away with it,” Alan said slowly. “Proving he was the traveler with the better understanding, thus becoming #1 in his mind.”

“I really have to stop doing this with people ‘in the know’,” Shawn muttered.

“How is Miss Pond?” asked the Chief.

“On the road to recovery,” the Doctor replied. “Thanks to Jack, we were able to counteract the drugs. Which were fascinating compounds, by the way. The bonding agents were--”

“She’s with Juliet,” Henry said, cutting him off. “She wanted a bath, so we came here. Didn’t think she’d want to face any males at the moment.”

“Maybe I should take her home so she can see Rory.”

“’Rory’?” questioned Lassie with a raised eyebrow.

“Her fiancé,” Shawn answered. “Like you have a usual name Carlton.”

Lassiter snarled and was about to say something he probably thought scathing when there was a knock on the door and Gus popped his head in.

“Dude, c’mon in, join the pow-wow.”

“Mr. Spencer, need I remind you, this is my office.”

“Sorry, Chief.”

She waved Gus in anyway.

“What did I miss? How’s Amy?”

“She’s fine. We were just tossing about theories for Hoffman’s fixation on Alan.”

“The question now is what do we do with Hoffman? We have our killer, but I have the feeling that nothing will keep him here to stand trial.” There was another knock on the door before it opened and the Chief threw up her hands in aggravation.

Buzz stood in the doorway. “Chief, this gentleman is here from London. Says it’s about the suspect.”

“Of course, he is.”

Buzz stepped aside and a man entered the room. He was about ___ with slicked-back brown hair. There was something – well, a few somethings – that made Shawn doubt him. The look he shared with Jack didn’t help matters.

“Chief Vick, Capt. John Hart with UNIT.” He shook her hand. “I’m here for your suspect, James Hoffman. He’s wanted in connection with a number of investigations in Britain.”

“This is quite unexpected. How did you get here so quickly? He was only arrested last night.”

“Word of the case reached my department, and, due to its similar nature, I was sent to see if it was indeed Hoffman.”

Whoever he was, he had the story down. It did sound pretty plausible. Of course, it could be the accent thing. After all, she had practically given in to Alan the first time he opened his mouth.

“I’m sure we have a few points to discuss.” She looked at Shawn. “This is the time for those not receiving full-time paychecks from the police department to leave.”

“’S’all right, Chief. The spirits will probably tell me what I need to know anyway.”

“And probably what you don’t,” he heard his father mutter.

They exited the office and Alan made a beeline through the throng of well-wishers to the front door and outside. Wow, he can really move with those crutches. Gus apologized for Alan, blaming stress and claustrophobia.

They found Alan settled on one of the benches. Jack had positioned himself where he could see the entrance. Shawn was more inclined to believe it was for eyeing the pretty and less about security. The Doctor was sitting on the other side of Alan, elbows on knees, head resting in hands, probably worrying about Amy.

“So, Jack, where the hell did you find this guy?”

“What are you talking about?” he asked, without taking his eyes from the redhead in the tight skirt as she made her way up the steps.

“Don’t deny it, he’s one of you guys.”

Jack faced him. “C’mon, Shawn, that could mean so many different things.”

“Jack,” the Doctor admonished.

“Fine.” Jack sat up straight. “Yeah, John and I go way back. He stuck with the Agency longer than I did. How did you catch on?”

“You have the same initials.”

“Shawn,” Gus intoned.

“Okay. Aside from the initials, there’s the way he wears his suit. A government type would wear it like a second skin, basically ignoring it. He kept fidgeting. He also has one of your wrist thingies.”

“Can we trust him?” asked the Doctor.

“A few years ago, I would have said no, since he pushed me off a building, but now I think he’s changed.”

“He’s the one who gave you Hoffman’s name.” Alan looked at Jack.

“Yeah. I’m surprised he didn’t blow the whole thing when he saw you,” Jack responded

“Another fan?” Alan didn’t sound too pleased.

“Well, you are a pioneer.”

“So, what little tale have you concocted in order to return Hoffman to the 51st century?” asked the Doctor. “Shot while trying to escape?”

“No, because there would have to be a body,” said Shawn. “I’m going to go with a fiery crash or bodies washed out to sea.”

“Out to sea has my vote,” chimed in Gus. “There would still need to be remains for the fire.”

“Ooh, listen to you, talking about dead bodies.”

“It’s theoretical, not practical,” his best friend said defensively.

“Whatever. I’ve worked up a thirst. Pineapple smoothies?”


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