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Kay Sara Sara (10/?)

Title: Kay Sara Sara
Fandom: Psych, Doctor Who
Characters: Shawn, Gus, Henry, Juliet, Lassiter, Vick, Buzz, OMC, Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Jack Harkness
Word Count: 1280
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Shawn returns to Santa Barbara with Amy and the Doctor to find a serious case waiting for them. Then they learn that a friend has been wounded because of one of them. Who is the abductor and what is their "motivation"? Everyone will have to work together both inside and outside the box to find out
Notes: This is a sequel to It's a Gift, A Psychic Detective's Investigation in Wales,Is There a Psychic in the House? and When Harry Met Shawn.

Prologue 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Alan laughed at the way everyone was fussing over him. “Guys, I’m not completely helpless,” he said after Gus asked for the third time if he had everything he needed. “Now get going before I decide to fling you across Henry’s yard.”

That got them moving.

Fifteen minutes into their sun time, Alan could tell without opening his eyes that Amy had a question. “What do you want to know?”

“Could you have done it? Could you have flung them across the yard?”

“I honestly don’t know. Maybe not all at the same time, but it sounded good.”

“It did. I believed you.”

Alan knew he dozed off a couple of times only to wake when Henry came to check on them. He woke immediately the third time upon feeling a concentrated blast of cold air on his side. It was then he saw his former captor advancing towards him. He sent out an immediate 911 message to everyone. Determined, Alan flung himself to the ground and dragged himself over to Amy.

“Alan, what’s going--” She then saw the man coming towards them with a gun. “Oh, no you don’t!” She reached around for something to slow him down. There wasn’t much.

“This would’ve been easier on us all if you had just stayed asleep.”

Alan looked back to the house. Henry and the Doctor should have been out by now.

The other man followed Alan’s gaze. “Don’t expect any help from that quarter, I stopped in there first.”

He turned back and Amy squirted sunscreen in his face. He swore as it hit his eyes and she took off, running for the road.

Alan saw her hesitate at the gate, so he gathered himself and, with a prayer his legs would cooperate he launched himself into a tackle and knocked their assailant to the ground. Unfortunately, he ended up on his back, vulnerable and spent. At least he didn’t see Amy.

“You shouldn’t have done that, Colonel.”

Alan felt the hypodermic puncture the skin of his arm and it wasn’t long before the drug was coursing through his system. At least he doesn’t have Amy.


Juliet was at her desk updating Alan’s file when she heard the man’s voice in her head as clear as day. [He’s here at Henry’s coming after me and Amy. I’ll do what I can to stall.]

She looked over at Lassiter to deliver the message but his face told her there was no need.

The Chief’s door opened. “Lassiter, O’Hara, go!”

Juliet grabbed her purse and hurried after her partner as his long strides already had him halfway to the door.


Shawn slipped out of his chair and landed on his butt on the floor with yelp. He had had Alan communicate with him before, but this was a shout. He grabbed the keys and tossed them at a stunned Gus. “C’mon, Gus, we have to be heroes!” His best friend was still sitting in his chair, near catatonic. “Gus, let’s go!” he said a little louder. When that tactic didn’t work, he walked over and used the one argument he knew would work. “Gus, Amy’s in trouble and we have to go save her.”

Gus blinked a couple of times before standing and grabbing the keys angrily. “Let’s go get the son of a bitch!” He stormed out of the office.

With a quick smile, Shawn rushed out after him.


Jack had finally gotten a name from John when Alan’s message came through. “Gotta go.”

“What? No time to chat? Just business and go? I feel so cheap.”

Jack sighed. “Look, I really don’t have time now. I’ll call when this crisis is over and we’ll have drinks.”

“What could possibly be more important?”

Maybe I shouldn’t have presented it as hypothetical. “Saving Alan Kelly.” Jack got a glimpse of John’s stunned face before teleporting away.


The Doctor ran for the door, Amy first and foremost in his mind. If anything were to happen to her… He opened the door only to find furniture blocking his way. This rogue time agent had known to slow down the cavalry first.

He hurried back to the console and set new coordinates. The ship materialized in the yard and the Doctor opened the door in time to see the agent teleport away with two unconscious figures. He slammed his hand against the side of the TARDIS in frustration. He had been so close. Amy was gone.


Henry sat bolt upright at Alan’s message. Crap, I fell asleep! Shawn’ll never let me hear the end of it. He grabbed his gun from the drawer of the nightstand and inserted the clip as he strode to the bedroom door. The door that was locked from the outside. He tried to break it open with his shoulder but the thing was too stubborn.

He pulled out his cell as he walked over to the window from where he saw Alan tackle the guy. “Shawn, you’d better get your ass over here,” he said when his son picked up. “I can see…” The TARDIS appeared and Henry held his breath.

“Dad! Dad, what the hell’s going on?” Shawn yelled in his ear.

“He’s got them both.”


Alan woke up horizontal this time. He tested his limbs. They moved freely so he wasn’t tied down. For some reason that made him more nervous. He then looked around. It wasn’t a basement at least. Not a warehouse – it didn’t have that industrial feel. Maybe it was just an abandoned building. In the present economy, that wasn’t a far-fetched idea. There was a window but it was too high to get a decent view. He tentatively tried to reach out with his mind, but there was nothing. His kidnapper was using a jamming signal. Well, that explains the no drugs and no ties.

It didn’t take long for his keeper to come and gloat. “Stand back against the far wall,” came the muffled instruction. The door opened as soon as he did so and Alan got his first good look at his captor.

He was right around six-foot with coloring that would have people in this day and age categorize him as Mediterrenean. He was clean-shaven, no piercings, scars or tattoos – nothing to make him stand out.

“How does it feel to stand upright again?” Alan lunged, wanting to wipe the smug look off the guy’s face. “Ah, ah, ah.” He wagged his finger. “No rash moves, Colonel.”

He pushed a few buttons on his wristband and a hologram of Amy appeared. She was sleeping on a bed and had no marks or bruises that he could see. “What are you doing with her? You have me, let Amy go.”

The man’s laugh sent chills down Alan’s spine. “Someone’s ego needs a little pruning. She’s the one I wanted, not you.”


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