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Kay Sara Sara (4/?)

Title: Kay Sara Sara
Fandom: Psych, Doctor Who
Characters: Shawn, Gus, Henry, Juliet, Lassiter, Vick, Buzz, OMC, Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, later cameo by ??
Word Count: 1496
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Shawn returns to Santa Barbara with Amy and the Doctor to find a serious case waiting for them. Then they learn that a friend has been wounded because of one of them. Who is the abductor and what is their "motivation"? Everyone will have to work together both inside and outside the box to find out
Notes: This is a sequel to It's a Gift, A Psychic Detective's Investigation in Wales,Is There a Psychic in the House? and When Harry Met Shawn.

Prologue 1 2 3

Shawn sat back and watched everyone else at the table. There was laughing and jokes and a general good time. No one talked about work. When Lassiter had first shown up, he almost couldn’t look the Doctor in the eye, but now he listened raptly to the Doctor’s stories. Gus was over with Alan, probably asking about his prescription regimen. Jules and Amy were acting like BFFs which could turn out to be rather scary. He just hoped they weren’t talking about him.

His father was actually quite the congenial host, and it wasn’t just a front since everyone present knew about their tumultuous relationship. This was very much like an extended family, including the British cousins. Speaking of which, Amy had taken on the duties of hostess and that made him smile. Maybe she never had the chance at home to do this. Even the Doctor seemed bemused by her actions if the look on his face was anything to go by.

After everyone was sate by dessert – lemon meringue and not the pineapple upside-down cake he had been hoping for – the topic of the abduction and murders was brought up.

“I think we should fill Shawn – and the Doctor and Amy – in on this case.”

“You were with then all day,” complained Lassiter. “Didn’t you tell them?”

Jules looked daggers at her partner and even Henry was a little put out by the question.

“Yes, we talked about what I could remember, and threw around a few theories, but it would be nice to fill them in on what you’ve been doing. You have been working on my case, haven’t you, Detective? If you think it’s too much, I can hire Shawn and Gus to look into it.”

Shawn grinned at the change of expression on Lassie’s face. It went from arrogant disbelief to apologetically flustered in record time. He knew that at least with them working together, the police would get most of the credit.

“Of course we’re working on it,” Lassiter defended. “It’s become top priority.”

“Tell them about it,” said Henry. “Because this is Alan, they’ll find out by other means if you don’t.”

“Most serial killers have a type they fixate on, maybe someone who once wronged them, or they’re trying to recreate something. We--” He winced slightly. “O’Hara realized that this killer was looking for someone in particular.” He looked directly at Alan. “You.”

“That’s why you weren’t killed like the others were,” Juliet continued. “He wanted something from you. At first we thought it was money because of you staying at the Harbor View.”

“Then we thought maybe he wanted you because of your ‘connections’.” Lassiter emphasized the word, just shy of using air quotes.

“But when we ran records, there was no Alan Kelly of your age, colonel or otherwise, in the British military.”

Alan shook his head. “I think now’s the time to give you the complete story. I’ll need some physical proof as backup.” He looked to Henry.

Shawn’s dad smiled. “I think I have just the thing.” He went inside.

Juliet turned to Shawn. “Do you know what’s going on?”

“I think so, yeah, but, um, it’s not my place to say.”

“You pick now to keep your mouth shut?” questioned Lassiter.

Shawn turned to Gus. “Gus, buddy, aren’t you going to defend me?”

“Actually, I’m with Lassiter on this. Why didn’t you say something?”

As Shawn opened and closed his mouth, probably looking very fish-like, the Doctor answered for him. “It’s not his story to tell. And without seeing for yourselves, you probably wouldn’t have believed him.”

“Like believing in aliens,” stated Jules.

“Exactly.” The Doctor smiled.

Henry returned with a CD case. “Sorry it took so long. It wasn’t where it was supposed to be,” he said glaring at Shawn as he handed the piece of plastic to Alan.

Shawn shrugged. He couldn’t help it if his father hadn’t caught on to organizing albums by coolness factor.

Alan looked at the case and gave a crooked smile before handing it to Juliet. “There.” He pointed at the figure to the right in the photo.

Shawn leaned over to peek at the picture, one he’d seen a number of times before. Maybe that’s what clicked in his head last time, made him even contemplate time travel. He turned his gaze to his girlfriend. It was so cute to watch her face as she processed what she was seeing. She stared at Alan with new eyes.

Lassiter took the disk from her unresisting fingers and looked at the cover. “So, it’s your father. He was in a band in the 60s. Big whoop.”

“Sorry to disappoint, but that’s me.”

“Yeah, right. Is this something Spencer cooked up this afternoon?”

“Carlton, it’s really him.”

“O’Hara, you can’t believe this…” He waved his arms about. “This.”

“You can always ask him to sing,” suggested the Doctor.

Alan looked at him. “What is it with you trying to get me to sing?”

The Doctor shrugged. “You have a good voice.”

Lassiter looked at him everyone and everyone looked right back at him expectantly. “Oh, come on!”

“You’ve seen aliens, so why not time travel?” asked Amy.

Shawn was enjoying Lassiter’s discomfort but didn’t want the man to have a breakdown. “Shouldn’t we just show him the TARDIS?”

“The what?”

“Wait, wait, wait!” Amy turned to Shawn. “Your phone. Show him the pictures, the video you shot.”

Shawn pulled his phone from his pocket and brought up the video of Houdini at the Palladium. “Unadulterated footage.” He put the phone in Lassiter’s hands and pressed “play”.

The head detective watched, mouth agape. “That was Houdini,” he said when the video was over. “You saw Houdini.”

“Saved his life, too,” Amy said proudly.

“So it’s all true. I wasn’t seeing things before.”

“Yes, Lassie, and no one outside this group can know.”

“Except the Chief.”

“Except the Chief,” Shawn repeated after Juliet.

“OK, now that everybody knows, shouldn’t we discuss the case?” asked Henry in his usual brusque manner.

“I think we should give Det. Lassiter time to digest what he’s learned and start again in the morning,” said the Doctor even though he glanced at Alan.

Shawn could tell the long day was starting to wear on the man. He had just gotten out of the hospital after all. “Good idea,” he agreed.

Gus was about to argue when he caught Shawn’s eye. “Yeah, I’ve got an early start tomorrow at work.” He stood and shook Henry’s hand. “Thanks for dinner, Mr. Spencer.”

“No problems, Gus.”

Lassiter stood as well, slightly bemused. “Thank you, Sp— Henry.” He shook his hand.

“You’re welcome, Lassiter.”

“Guster!” Lassiter caught up with Gus.

“I’d better go too. It was a lovely dinner, Henry. Goodnight, Alan, Amy, Doctor.”

“Let me walk you to your car.”

Shawn walked with Juliet to the street. “What a welcome,” he commented.

“Things were…quiet while you were gone.” She smiled. “Even though he won’t admit it, I think Lassiter missed you.” She opened the car door.

“And you?”

“I missed you too.” She kissed him. “Now get some sleep. I don’t even want to contemplate what kind of jet lag you’re experiencing.” She sat behind the wheel.

“I’m starting to know how Rip Van Patten felt.”

Juliet didn’t even bother to correct him and he smiled. She’s learning. “Goodnight, Jules.” He closed the door and watched as she drove away.

Shawn returned to the yard to find Amy helping his dad clear the table. Alan and the Doctor were gone. He asked about it.

“The Doctor took him back to the TARDIS because he was nodding off there,” answered Henry. He took a pile of plates from Amy. “Why don’t you turn in for the night? You look dead on your feet.”

“If you’re sure.”

“I think Shawn and I can manage to put away a few dishes.”

‘Can you do it without killing each other?’ her look seemed to ask. Shawn nodded and she was okay with that. “See you both in the morning, then.” With a little wave, she left them in the kitchen.

“What do you have to say now that you’ve gotten rid of all the witnesses?”

“What?” Henry seemed genuinely surprised. “You think I want to tear you down?”

“No, because in order to do that, you have to think that I’m up.”

Henry dried his hands and faced Shawn. “I do. You’ve grown these past few years, kid. Yeah, you’re still reckless and stupid, but you are helping people with your skills. And with this added dimension… I’m proud of you.”

Shawn looked around the room.

“What are you doing?”

“Looking to see if someone came back. I really could have used a witness for this.”

Henry rolled his eyes. “Get on up to bed. We’ve got a lot to do tomorrow.”

Shawn smiled. “Thanks, Dad.” He went upstairs to his old room, changed into a spare set of clothes and fell into a deep sleep practically the moment his head hit the pillow.



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