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Kay Sara Sara (3/?)

Title: Kay Sara Sara
Fandom: Psych, Doctor Who
Characters: Shawn, Gus, Henry, Juliet, Lassiter, Vick, Buzz, OMC, Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, later cameo by ??
Word Count: 1496
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Shawn returns to Santa Barbara with Amy and the Doctor to find a serious case waiting for them. Then they learn that a friend has been wounded because of one of them. Who is the abductor and what is their "motivation"? Everyone will have to work together both inside and outside the box to find out
Notes: This is a sequel to It's a Gift, A Psychic Detective's Investigation in Wales,Is There a Psychic in the House? and When Harry Met Shawn.

Prologue 1 2

Amy took a detour to her room. She was going to be at a cookout in California so she was going to dress appropriately. Plus, she liked Henry and wanted to make a bit of an effort. She found a bright sundress and slipped it on. She wasn’t sure if she wanted her hair up or not so she put a matching ribbon into her pocket and grabbed a pair of sandals.

She stepped out of the TARDIS into the empty living room. She could hear Shawn, however, and followed his voice onto the porch.

“Gus, I’m sorry, okay? I know I should’ve called earlier.” He saw Amy and used his hand to mimic Gus talking. “I got a little distracted when I found out a friend had been attacked and paralyzed!” He sighed. “Sorry. Come by tonight for dinner. Dad’s doing steaks. Okay. See you, buddy.” He ended the call. “Look at you.”

Now self-conscious, Amy looked down at the dress. “You don’t think it’s too much, do you?”

“No, you look great.” He motioned for her to sit down. “What made you decide to change?”

“An American cookout. I just thought it fitting.” She felt a little unnerved as he stared at her. “What?”

“And you want to make a nice impression on my father. Why?”

“He was nice to me before and he’s accepted us despite everything. I just thought I’d make an effort.”

“He’ll appreciate it, though no flirting. You are an engaged woman. And I’m guessing the date isn’t too far off.”

Oh, he is good! She tried not to show her surprise and failed.

“When’s the wedding?”

“June 26th.”

“And when did you leave with the Doctor?”

“June 25th.”

“You ran off with the Doctor the day before your wedding?” He laughed. “That…that says a lot.”

“He promised to take me back the same day. No one will know I was gone.”

“His timing isn’t always the best. I thought I was gonna be gone a couple days and it ended up two weeks.”

“But your friends knew you would be gone and no time was actually said. Besides, the Doctor wasn’t the one in the driver’s seat.”

“True.” Shawn rubbed a hand over his face. “When I saw Alan lying in that hospital bed, it was just so wrong, you know?” He chuckled. “He put on this fake American accent because he didn’t want to appear too ‘cloak and dagger’. He took a bullet for me.”

“Wow. Sounds like a real hero.”

“He is.” It looked like there were tears in his eyes.

“We should stop talking like he’s dead. The Doctor said it won’t be long before he’s back and walking. Why don’t you tell me who knows what about who?”

Shawn just looked at her. “I’m usually at the giving end of convoluted and random sentences.”

Amy sighed. “And I thought you were smart. I’ll go slowly. What does Henry know about Alan?”

“He knows Alan’s a time traveler who’s telepathic and can ‘insert’ himself into someone else’s body.”

“What, like he possesses them?”

“No. What was the comparison he used? Oh yeah. ‘It’s like being in a cab; I can see where we’re going and feel the turns, but I’m not in the driver’s seat’.”

“What about Gus?”

“He knows about his telepathy, mind-meld thing and the teleportation.”

Amy was staggered by what this guy could do yet had stayed in hospital. “What about Juliet and Lassiter?”

“Nope. They don’t know anything about him – which is sure to change with this investigation.”

“And they know about me and the Doctor and at least Juliet and Gus seem to have handled it okay.”

“Oh, my God! I never found out how Lassie reacted to the alien thing! Do you know?”

Amy tried to remember how the head detective handled the revelation. “I didn’t see him ranting or rubbing his fingers over his lips so I think he took it okay. I mean, I never really saw him outside the police station so he might have shown something to someone else.”

“Knowing Lassie, he probably put it off until he had Chris processed and then tried to find a way to understand it logically.”

“Ah, here you are.” The Doctor came out onto the porch. “Would’ve been nice to have some notice.”

“Really couldn’t go anywhere anyway,” said Shawn. “No car.”

“Good point.” He leaned against the rail, his back to the water. “What were you talking about?”

He must be bored if he wants to know about what we were doing, Amy thought. “Shawn was just telling me about Alan and what everyone else knows about him.”

“Probably not much. He’s still sleeping, by the way. I had the TARDIS running scans to see if anything alien or anachronistic was used.”

“I don’t think this guy was into meditation.”

“That’s holistic,” Amy corrected.

“I’ve heard it both ways,” he grinned.

Amy rolled her eyes.

“All the tests came back negative. Everything from the drugs to the bindings was of this period.”

“That doesn’t help, does it? It could be someone from this time period either acting on his own or hired by someone not of this period. Or it could be someone from the future purposely using contemporary equipment.”

“That is pretty good theorizing, Amy,” said Shawn.

“But it doesn’t help at all. It just widens the suspects.”

“It makes us realize we can’t narrow our view without proof,” the Doctor clarified. “Now we have to handle this like a regular investigation, let the Santa Barbara Police handle this as far as they’re able.”

“Just don’t say that around Lassie. He won’t take that very well.”

Amy noticed the sun was going down. “Shawn, can you show me where your father has the table settings?”

Shawn grinned. “You really do want to make an impression.” He stood and headed inside. “C’mon, I’ll show you.”

Soon, between the three of them, they located a cloth for the picnic table, napkins, cutlery, plates, glasses as well as the salt and pepper. She stood back, hands on hips, and examined what she had done. “Perfect. Delia Smith, eat your heart out.”

She went back into the house and found the men in the living room on the couch watching baseball. At least she guessed it was baseball. Summer in America, wasn’t that the sport of choice?

“Good to see you out of that chair, Alan.” And it was. Seeing him on the couch made her forget he couldn’t use his legs.

“Yeah, this seat is much softer.” He smiled. “Cool dress.”

“Thanks.” She brushed away imaginary wrinkles and hoped she wasn’t blushing. She turned to the kitchen when she heard the door. “Henry!” She ran to the other room.

“Amy!” He put down the groceries and gave her a hug. “You look great for having to travel with Shawn.”

“I heard that!” Shawn called from the living room.

“You were meant to,” Henry responded as he released Amy and headed to the living room. “Hello, Doctor.”

The Doctor smiled. “Henry.”

“Alan, sorry you had to spend your first day out of the hospital with him.” He nods at Shawn.

“He’s barely been home three minutes and he’s picked on me twice. Are you trying for a new record?”

“Well, he does have to catch up. It’s been two weeks for him,” said the Doctor.

“Two weeks? How long was it for you?” Alan asked.

“Four days. Dude, it was so cool!”

“Shawn, could you light the grill? You can tell me what you did as I get the food ready.”

Shawn looked a little surprised at his father’s polite request. “Sure, Pops.”

While Shawn went outside, Amy went into the kitchen to start helping Henry. He made her put on a full apron so as not to ruin her dress. She couldn’t tell if he was flirting or just being polite.

The Doctor wheeled Alan over to the kitchen table and sat next to him. “What can we do?” asked Alan.

“Here.” Henry set a number of biscuit boxes, cheeses and spreads on the table along with a couple of trays.

Amy scrubbed vegetables to make a salad, enjoying the fresh variety. She looked up and saw the Doctor as he opened a box and began nibbling.

“Great!” Shawn arrived and grabbed the open box from the Doctor and took a few biscuits for himself. Henry glared at him, but before he could say anything, Shawn glanced at Alan before putting the box back on the table. “I think you’re supposed to help Alan make cheese trays.”

Amy noticed the glance Henry gave Alan and wondered what the telepath was saying.

“Shawn, tell me about your trip.”

Shawn grinned and launched into his tale, inserting his own commentary, checking with Amy and the Doctor periodically before continuing.

It wasn’t long before everything was ready and they moved to the porch with their drinks as they waited for the other guests.



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