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When Harry Met Shawn (9/?)

Title: When Harry Met Shawn
Fandom: Psych, Doctor Who
Characters: Shawn, The Doctor (11), Amy Pond & special guests
Word Count: 2609
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It's Shawn's first real trip in the TARDIS. The Doctor's decided on London 1920 where nothing really happens. That is until they see Houdini perform and get invited to a seance where things don't go quite right. Shawn's observation skills impress a well-known author of detective stories
Notes: This is a sequel to It's a Gift, A Psychic Detective's Investigation in Wales and Is There a Psychic in the House?. I started posting this over on Psychfic.com and thought it was about time I started over here. Thanks to DrHampants over at Psycfic,com for the title!

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Shawn knelt on the impossibly soft grass and tried to answer his own question. He had woken up in the TARDIS hospital – sickbay, infirmary, whatever – and had been pleased to note he wasn’t attached to any machinery. He had then seen Houdini on another bed. It made sense that he would be monitored, having taken the brunt of the shock. Even though he had felt a little lightheaded, he had wanted to know what happened after he had passed out.

To that end, he had shuffled his way through the TARDIS corridors, keeping a hand on the walls for support. He had been a little surprised not to see them in the control room. Leaning on the console, he had managed to switch on the monitor and saw them outside by a lake. Gripping the rail tightly, he had managed to make it down the stairs without falling on his face. He had opened the door and stepped out, asked what was going on and then it got fuzzy.

Now, as Amy helped him stand, he realized what had happened. “Aw, man, that thing jumped me, didn’t it? It wore me around like a cheap suit!” He would have kicked the ground had he the energy.

“It moved too quickly for us to--”

“Wow, that is so cool! Wait till I tell Gus! He’ll be so jealous!”

“You’re not upset?” Amy asked.

“Hell, yeah, I’m upset, but the coolness factor outweighs that.”

“C’mon, time to head back.” The Doctor tried to herd them back to the TARDIS. “We have an escapologist to take care of.”

“Wait, I need proff of this. Amy, can you take my picture?”

“Shawn, no one’ll believe it’s another planet. This scene could be anywhere.”

“No if you include the two moons.” He pointed up.

“You can’t show anyone,” she commented as she pulled her cell out of her pocket. “They’ll think you’re crazy.”

Shawn could tell she was speaking from experience. “If I’m taking some cheesy pose, like holding up one of the moons, they’ll just think it’s been Photoshopped.” He held up his hands like he was cupping the moon.

Amy laughed. “Okay. She directed him as she looked at her screen to make sure it was just right.

“Now can we go?” the Doctor questioned from the open door of the TARDIS.

Shawn grinned. “Yeah, I’m good.”

Once inside, the Doctor set the TARDIS in motion as Shawn and Amy watched. “Back to London?”

“We do have to take Houdini home. He’s got a tour to finish,” the Doctor responded.

“And how would we explain his condition?” queried Amy.

“Well, ah, we say… We say we were up late debating any number of things at our suite and, um, he stayed the night.” He looked rather proud of his explanation.

“Okay, that’s plausible. But how do we explain why he’s still asleep when we’re not?”

Shawn looked at Amy. “We wait for him to wake up before we go back. It’s a time machine, isn’t it?”

The Doctor clapped his hands and pointed at Shawn. “That was just my plan! Really, Pond.” He walked towards the door that led deeper into the TARDIS. “I’m going to check on Harry. Don’t touch anything while I’m gone.”

With the Time Lord gone, Shawn gave up his act and collapsed onto the jump seat. The adrenaline rush from having the alien in him had worn off and he was worn out.

“Are you okay?”

“Being possessed takes a lot out of you,” he joked.


“Not 100%, no. Maybe hovering around 60.”

“You need to get back to the infirmary.”

“I’m not tired. I just need to take it easy and I’d rather be here where I have company.” He gave Amy the smile that said “I’m harmless and weak, so give in”.

“Fine.” She sat on the seat opposite. “So, what do we do?”

“You know more about me than I do about you.”

“You want to know my life story?” she scoffed.

“Only the interesting bits, like how you met up with the Doctor.” He stared at her, waiting for her to break. She was getting there, so he raised his eyebrows to give that last push.

“It was Easter and I was praying to Santa for help because of this weird crack in my bedroom wall.”

“You were praying to Santa at Easter?”

“I was seven. I thought you could talk to Santa at any time. At least he’s a person. Anyway, that’s when he showed up in the back garden.”

Shawn listened as Amy told her story of how the Doctor promised to be back in five minutes that stretched into 12 years. She told of how everyone thought the Doctor was imaginary and her parents sent her to four psychiatrists.

“Four psychiatrists? Really?”

“I kept biting them.” She smiled.

Shawn had to laugh. “I think I know why my mom stuck with being a police psychologist. At least you know where you stand.”

Amy continued with how she and Rory helped the Doctor stop the Atraxi from destroying the Earth. “He then said he had to take a quick trip to ‘break in’ the TARDIS. It was two years later when he came back and she entered the TARDIS without hesitation. “I’ve been traveling with him ever since.” She looked over at him. “Now it’s my turn. I need to fill in some gaps.”

“A little crash-course in Shawn Spencer 101? Apparently I was born breech February 1977, and, according to my dad, I didn’t smile at him for three months. I met Gus in kindergarten and we’ve been best friends ever since.”

“Sharing life stories, are we?” The Doctor breezed back into the room. “I’m surprised you’re still awake, Shawn, after hearing about life in bustling Leadworth.”


“You have to admit, Pond, not much happens there that would interest non-residents.”

“Except for the aliens.”

“Okay, yeah, except for the aliens,” the Doctor conceded.

“I’ve been to quite a few small towns and I just thought it great how everyone looked out for each other,” Shawn said. “It was a little too Mayberry for me to stay long, but they were nice. I’m sure Leadworth was the same.”

“There was a duck pond with no ducks,” commented the Doctor.

“Then how do you know it was a duck pond?”

“That’s what I said!”

“It’s just always been called a duck pond,” Amy defended.

“Well, it must have had something to make you stay. Or someone.” Shawn had guessed that Amy was the dominant one in the relationship but remained in the village because of Rory. Maybe it was because of his job, or maybe he just wasn’t a city guy. Or, more likely, she was waiting for the Doctor to come back.

“If we’re telling stories, I’ve got some doozies.” The Doctor perched on the rail. “There was this time on Uxarieus...”

Shawn never found out what happened on Uxarieus . He woke up stretched out on the jump seat with his feet on an old trunk. “What happened?” He rubbed his eyes and saw the Doctor and Amy with Houdini at the console. You drugged me!” he accused.

“No, I didn’t It wasn’t necessary.”

“He just bored you to sleep,” said Amy. “I wasn’t that far behind.”

“You looked enthralled.” The Doctor sounded hurt.

“My eyes were probably glazed over.”

Shawn moved his gaze to Houdini. “How are you feeling?”

“I am just stunned. I believe I am experiencing the universe’s greatest illusion.”

“It does come across as illusion, doesn’t it? But then, you know the truth about illusions.”

Shawn stood. “So we’re heading back to London?”

“Yeah. The Doctor’s set the coordinates to an hour after we left.”

“How are you doing, Shawn? I can’t believe what you did for me.”

“I can’t either. You could see all that?”

“I was only a passenger in my own body. I witnessed everything but could not communicate with anyone.”

Shawn never wanted to know something like that. It would almost be like being a vegetable or quadriplegic. That wouldn’t be any life at all. “Something else you escaped from.”

“Not without your help. Not without all of you. So, when we get back, I want to take you out to dinner.” Houdini looked at the Doctor. “I expect you to dress properly for the evening, just the once.” He beamed.

Shawn knew he was grinning like an idiot but at least he wasn’t bouncing up and down like Amy, pleading the Doctor to say yes.

“Okay, all right. We’ll go.” He pointed at Amy. “You just want a chance to dress up.”

“And be escorted by three handsome men? You bet!”


After materializing around the corner, they walked Houdini to his front door. The escapologist was practically bouncing with every step. His mind was probably thinking of ways to incorporate what he had seen into his act.

“Thank you once again for my life.” He pumped Shawn’s hand. “I’m forever in your debt.”

Amy expected an “aw shucks” from the Californian. Instead, it was “Just teach me a few tricks and we’re even.”

“Done. I haven’t forgotten you, either, Amy, Doctor.”

“I’m sure we can think of something,” she said.

“That’s not necessary,” said the Doctor.

She slapped the Doctor on the arm. “Speak for yourself.” Amy faced Houdini. “He said you might be able to arrange something black-tie?” she asked hopefully.

“I might. I’ll call you tomorrow when I make the reservation.”

“Thank you.” She kissed him on the cheek before following Shawn and the Doctor.

“Black tie? Really?”

“You were asking about wearing one the other night.”

“I just wanted to know the dress code. Doesn’t mean I want to wear a monkey suit. An actual monkey suit, maybe…”

Amy wouldn’t put that past him. “Every guy looks hot in a tux. We’ll take a picture of you for Juliet because I doubt she’ll get to see you in one – ever.” Shawn didn’t crack so she pulled out the big guns. “Picture me as Nichole Kidman to your Val Kilmer. He certainly wowed in a tuxedo.”

“He can wear practically anything and look cool.”

“Or…or…” She wracked her brain for Shawn’s other Hollywood idol. “How about Billy Zane in Titanic?”

Shawn cocked his head to the side, thinking about it. “I guess I could slick my hair back, go for the wet look.”

Amy smiled. Comparing Shawn to his favorite stars was a brilliant stroke. Hopefully, she wouldn’t have to work hard convincing the Doctor.

She entered the TARDIS and slipped off her shoes. “I think I hear that bath calling my name.” She wiggled her toes.

“Another bath?” The Doctor set the TARDIS in motions.

“You’ll turn into a prune,” joked Shawn.

“But I’ll be clean.”

The Doctor relocated the TARDIS after realizing there was no way to explain its presence in the suite. That would have been amusing. The staff was probably so used to the odd comings and goings of the rich, they wouldn’t have batted an eye.

Amy looked at the tub longingly as she changed for bed. She was too tired for one now and would only fall asleep which was never a good thing.


Amy stretched upon waking and checked the bedside clock: 7:30. Good God, what was she doing up so early after last night? Oh, right, a free day which meant shopping! She smiled, pushed off the bedcovers, leapt from the bed and hurried to the bathroom and started running the water. She knew she’d have time because there was no way Shawn was awake yet. The Doctor, well, he probably didn’t sleep.

She stepped into the hot bath and let it soak through her aching muscles. Plus, it felt damn good.

She changed into a long navy pleated skirt with a short-sleeved blouse and matching jacket. She also made a point to have good walking shoes.

She entered the parlor and saw the Doctor sitting on the couch reading the papers, a cup of coffee resting on the table. “Morning, Pond.” He glanced up. “Good bath?”

“I don’t get the chance for such a luxurious soak.” She reached for the coffee.

“The TARDIS has wonderful bathing facilities. You should have told me that’s what you wanted.”

“It’s not the same.” She sat down. “So, I’ve been thinking about what to do today.”

“I expected as much.” He gave a lop-sided smile.

“You’re the one who wanted to give Shawn the tourist experience. I’m just building on that.”

The Doctor didn’t answer, but sipped his coffee. Amy grinned and picked up a newspaper to search for things to do. There had to be something special.

She had made quite a list and had just finished her second cup when Shawn finally emerged. She grinned at his bed-head. She really couldn’t think of anyone else who made it adorable.

When he came out of the bathroom, she poured him a cup and held it out. “You are an angel,” he told her.

She hadn’t been called an angel before. Well, maybe by Rory when he was being romantic.

The Doctor pulled out a container he had hidden under a pillow. “This should wake you.”

Shawn took the plastic and popped off the lid. A sigh of absolute contentment escaped his lips and he inhaled deeply. “You, sir, are a god!” He popped a golden morsel into his mouth.

“No, thank you. Been mistaken for one before and it never turned out well.”

The morning was spent taking Shawn to all the sights, ending at the Tower. Shawn didn’t follow the history as much as the uniforms. He even mentioned trying to smuggle out a raven. When Amy told him it wouldn’t quite fit under his jacket, he gave up the idea.

When the Beefeater mentioned the escapes from the prison, the Doctor told them that the count was off by one. Amy stared at him. “You mean…” He only held a finger to his lips.

After the Tower was lunch and then it was the part Amy was most looking forward to.

“C’mon, shopping? You can’t expect me to suffer through watching you try on tons of dresses all afternoon when you’ll just go back to the first one after all.” Shawn pouted.

“Surely you could find something in the TARDIS wardrobe.”

The Doctor didn’t want to either. Maybe it’s a male thing. Rory doesn’t like to. “I want a dress that’s mine. And if I could find a designer, that would be amazing.” Amy looked at her watch. “Okay, if I don’t have one after three hours, we’ll head back and I’ll take something from the TARDIS, deal?

Amy found her gown well within the time limit and it was a designer label. She even found some beautiful matching accessories. She spotted Shawn eyeing Art Deco pendants and convinced him to gt one for Juliet. “You can’t go home without something for her.”

They arrived back at the Savoy and the clerk at the desk informed them of a phone message. He took the slip from the suite mailbox and handed it to the Doctor.

“What’s it say?” Shawn asked as they waited for the lift.

“Harry will pick us up after the show for dinner at Ciro’s,” Amy responded, reading over the Doctor’s shoulder.

The Doctor clutched the note to his chest. “What are you doing?”

“It’s for all of us, not just you. Besides, you would have dragged it out for-ev-er.”

“I do not drag things out,” he denied.

“Yes, you do.” Shawn backed her up as they entered the lift.

The Doctor looked between them before leaning back against the wall, arms crossed. Great, now he’s sulking.

They each spent the remaining hours relaxing. Shawn fell asleep spread-eagle on his bed. He probably set aside a nap-time every day like kindergarten. He had school lockers in his office after all. She played a few hands of solitaire and read every bit of print in the suite she could stand before lying on her own bed to “rest her eyes”.

She was awakened by a discreet knock, something neither man would do. She proper herself up and looked at the door where a young maid was standing. “I’m sorry, miss, but the gentleman said it was all right to come in.”


“To help you prepare for dinner this evening.” The woman walked to the wardrobe and found the gown still in its protective cover. “Oh, this is gorgeous. You have lovely taste, miss.”

“Amy.” She walked over to the maid. “What’s your name?”

“Isobel, miss. Bit posh for a maid.”

“I like it. Makes you stand out.”

Amy made a quick stop in the bathroom then placed herself in Isobel’s capable hands.



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