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When Harry Met Shawn (4/?)

Title: Nothing Yet (temporary)
Fandom: Psych, Doctor Who
Characters: Shawn, The Doctor (11), Amy Pond & special guests
Word Count: 2080
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It's Shawn's first real trip in the TARDIS. The Doctor's decided on London 1920 where nothing really happens. That is until they see Houdini perform and get invited to a seance where things don't go quite right. Shawn's observation skills impress a well-known author of detective stories
Notes: This is a sequel to It's a Gift, A Psychic Detective's Investigation in Wales and Is There a Psychic in the House?. I started posting this over on Psychfic.com and thought it was about time I started over here.

One TwoThree

Shawn, Amy and the Doctor were ready and waiting when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle pulled up in a taxi. The doorman opened the door and Amy climbed in first. Shawn eyed the seat up by the driver, but the Doctor gave him a gentle shove before getting in himself and closing the door.

Arthur was looking quite dapper in a lightweight suit and hat. Gus would probably know the material of the suit and the type of hat. It was like something out of that movie Jules had made him watch, the one with all the British actors together in a house that rattled on about nothing.

“You are looking lovely today, Miss Pond.”

“Thank you, Sir Arthur. How kind of you to say so," she said with a pointed look at Shawn and the Doctor.

“Hey, I thought you were pretty as a picture.”

“It’s something ladies like to hear,” the Doctor told him. “So, Arthur, where are we headed?”

“I thought you would wish to visit the site of the manifestation and speak with Madame Saphrona before meeting with the family of the deceased.”

“Wonderful idea. Marvelous idea. Hopefully we’ll be able to get a sense of what happened in comparison to last night.”

“As I thought. Perhaps Mr. Spencer will give us another demonstration of his talents.”

The creator of Shawn’s favorite book detective – movies and TV were a whole different thing – wanted him to do something he learned because of his books. This was mind-bendingly trippy. “No pressure,” he murmured.

“Well, how much we find depends on if the room has been tampered with,” said the Doctor and Shawn was thankful for the “we”. “You should be aware of that, due to your writing.”

Sir Arthur chuckled. “Of course. I didn’t mean to single out Mr. Spencer.”

“He normally craves attention,” Amy stated. “I think he’s just nervous performing in front of you.”

“I am not a trained monkey,” he said, remembering to use his inside voice. “It is a talent that has been honed over the years at the hands of a master. He turned regular childhood games into lessons.”

“That’s enough, Shawn. I think Arthur has the point.”

“I had no idea you were so passionate about it.”

“My dad was never one to express positive feelings or even say he was proud of me. Teaching me was his way of spending time with me.” He couldn’t believe he was sharing this much with a virtual stranger, but who was he going to tell? “It took me until just a few years ago to really appreciate it. You’re not going to use this in a story, are you?”

“It sounds rather intriguing, but it’s too similar to Holmes for me to try.”

They arrived at a modest-looking house, a little less posh than the one the night before. The scale of the building was a little smaller and a bit dingy. The front door was opened by a young woman somewhere between his age and Amy’s. Her dark brown hair was pulled back by a clip, leaving it hanging down her back. Her skin was practically flawless, with just a dusting of freckles across her nose and cheeks. Her eyes were a really deep green straight out of a Crayola box. Her dress was simple and probably what was referred to as serviceable – the kind to work in, not look pretty. It failed.

“Sir Arthur, how lovely to see you again.”

“Madame, a pleasure as always,” he said as he took her hands. “Too bad it is under such circumstances.”

“Please, it’s just Sophie outside of séances and personal readings. Please, come inside.”

Sir Arthur removed his hat and motioned for Amy to enter first. He went in next followed by Shawn and the Doctor. The entry hall was spotless, every piece of wood and silver polished within an inch of its life – if it ever had one. The pride of home was so evident, it made Shawn admire Sophie even more.

“Miss Sophie Bell, allow me to introduce Miss, Amy Pond, Mr. Shawn Spencer and the Doctor.”

Everyone exchanged greetings and handshakes. Shawn noticed Sophie’s was firm and her hands were a little rough from the housework he already knew she did.

“’Doctor’? Is that a professional name?”

“Of sorts,” the Doctor responded. “It’s been so long since I used the name I was born with, so it has become my name.”

“I quite like it.” She led them down the hall and slid open the pocket doors to a small parlor. “I haven’t held another séance in here since that night. It was just to unnerving and I was afraid to attempt it again, And then when I learned of poor Mr. Hegston…”

“It’s quite alright, Sophie,” said Amy as she comforted the woman. “These three together will be able to find out what happened.”

Sophie smiled at the hope Amy offered. “And what about you?”

“Me? I keep them in line.” She looked over at the Doctor before turning back to Sophie. “Why don’t you and I have some tea and you can tell me all about it.”

“That would be nice.” Given a purpose, Sophie stood and led Amy to the kitchen.

“Smooth,” commented Shawn as he watched the women leave.

“Yes, I never really was any good at handling emotional women,” said the Doctor as he pulled out the sonic screwdriver and began to scan the room. “Staring down kings, emperors, megalomaniacs, they’re easy compared to a crying woman.”

“I know,” Shawn agreed. “You’ll do anything just to get them to stop.”

“I believe it is inherent in females for just that purpose,” said Sir Arthur. “From the moment they are born and all through their adult lives.”

“That is an interesting theory, Arthur. I might have to test that sometime.” The Doctor shut off the sonic and checked the readings. “Faint, but I believe the same.” He looked at Shawn. “Your turn.”

Shawn stepped into the room and saw the coating of dust which was out of keeping with the rest of the house. Not only did she not hold anymore séances in here, she had avoided it all together. He checked for wires along the walls and floor, but there was nothing. Without touching the chairs or table, he peered under the table for any switches but found nothing. Either she hid it well or she was the real deal. It was as he was backing out from under the table that he saw the scorch marks on the carpet. They weren’t large, but they were spaced about as far apart as a pair of shoes.

“What is it?”

“You might want to take a look at this, Doctor.”

The Doctor ducked his head under the table on the other side of the chair. “What?”

“Burn marks.”

The Doctor touched the carpet and then brought his finger to his mouth and licked it. He then moved his tongue against the roof of his mouth as if determining the ingredients. “This must have been Mr. Hegston’s seat.”

They both backed out from under the table and stood to examine the chair itself. The seat was slightly burned as well.

“What does this mean?” asked Sir Arthur.

“It means that our alien entered Mr. Hegston and there was an energy discharge. And if this is what happened when it entered, I can only imagine what happened when it got out.” He made a face. “Not pretty.”

“Are you saying these…beings are killing people?”

“Not intentionally, Arthur. It just needs to communicate and my guess is that it can only do so directly.” He tapped his head. “Though why he chose Hegston over Sophie is the question.”

“Why is that pertinent?”

“Because there are no switches or levers at the table to create a ‘manifestation’,” said Shawn. I really like that word. Man-i-fes-ta-tion. “She’s the real thing.”


Amy walked back to the kitchen with Sophie and watched as the woman filled the kettle and set it on the stove on automatic pilot. As the kettle was on the boil, she sat with Amy at the small table and offered her some homemade shortbread. “How long have you known Sir Arthur?” Amy asked before she took a bite. It practically melted in her mouth. “Oh, my God! This is delicious!”

Sophie gave a small smile. “Thank you. I met Sir Arthur about three years ago when he came to one of my séances. He introduced himself when it was over and told me he was impressed with my results. He joins whenever his schedule will allow. When did you meet him?”

“Last night.” Amy relayed the story of their meeting. “He said you’d be willing to talk to us about what happened.”

The kettle boiled and Sophie began to prepare the tea and sat back down. “So you believe this has happened to others?”

“And will happen again if we can’t figure out what’s happening. That’s why I need you to tell me about that night.”

Sophie stared at her tea cup. “It started off as normal. All the guests sat around the table and I explained what might happen.”

She paused to sip her tea and Amy didn’t push.

“I went into my trance in order to connect to the other planes. Now that I think on it, it felt different somehow. I can’t quite put it into words,” she said, anticipating Amy’s question.

“It couldn’t have felt too different,” said Amy. “You continued.”

“I suppose not. I kept my eyes closed as I tried to get to the spirits, but they were proving elusive. I did sense a presence in the room and opened my eyes when I heard gasps from the guests.”

Sophie took a deep breath and Amy put a hand on her shaking one. “It’s okay. Take your time.”

“There was an entity, a mist that floated around the table. There was no true form; it moved like fog, tendrils reaching out. It then just seemed to flow into Mr. Hegston through his skin. He…shuddered for a moment and then was fine. I offered to call a doctor, but he refused. I should have insisted.” Her voice broke.

“What could you have said? I didn’t know Mr. Hegston but I’m sure he would have thought you were fussing because you’re a woman.”

“You’re right. That is what he would have said. Thank you for listening, Amy. I don’t think I would have been able to speak in front of the others. She made a small “o” with her mouth when she realized what she had said. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean…”

“It’s all right. They both can be a little demanding when looking for answers. Are you ready to go back?”

They walked down the hall and Amy could see that Sophie had regained her composure which made her feel better as well.

The men were in the parlor but stepped out at Sophie’s hesitation. The Doctor slid the doors closed. “How are you feeling, Sophie?”

“Yes, thank you. Did you find anything that could help you?”

“A few things,” answered Shawn.

“The Doctor believes you had best restrain from holding any further séances until this matter is settled,” stated Sir Arthur. “If you need any help, please call me.”

“That is very kind of you, Sir Arthur.”

“Do you have a pen and paper I can us?” Amy asked her.

“Certainly.” Sophie showed Amy to a desk in the corner of the living room. Some loose sheets of paper were resting on the blotter along with a fountain pen. Of course. No biros. She scratched out her phone number. “Shawn?”

“What?” She raised an eyebrow at him. “Oh, yeah.” He rattled off his number and she jotted it down.

“There are our numbers so you can reach us.”

“So many digits,” Sophie remarked.

“Since we travel, this way calls are assured of reaching us,” said the Doctor.

“How clever.”

“Yes, isn’t it.” The Doctor ushered them towards the door.

“Call us if you remember anything,” said Amy in the doorway.

“I shall. Thank you again.” Sophie stood in the doorway for a few moments before closing the door.

Sir Arthur looked down the street. “We’ll have a better chance of catching a cab down this way.” He pointed with his walking stick.

“Perfect. It will give Amy enough time to tell us what she learned from Miss Sophie Bell.”



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