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Is There a Psychic in the House? (8/?)

Title: Is There a Psychic in the House?
Genre: Crossover, Gen
Fandoms: Doctor Who, Psych
Characters/Pairings: Shawn Spencer, Juliet O'Hara, Carlton Lassiter, Burton Guster, Henry Spencer, Karen Vick, Buzz McNabb, Amy Pond, Eleventh Doctor, Shawn/Juliet
Rating: So far, all audiences
Word Count: 917
Summary:Not long after "Yang 3 in 2D" Shawn is relaxing outside the office when he strikes up a conversation with a pretty young redhead. Then he gets called on a bizarre murder case that just might have to do with aliens.
Notes: After my last story, I had people asking for Shawn to meet the Doctor, so here it is. It follows It's a Gift and A Psychic Detective's Investigation in Wales. Both include and original character and the second is a Torchwood crossover. You don't have to read them to enjoy this, but you might get more out of it.

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Amy couldn’t believe she was visiting the museum again—and it was her idea! Henry was nice, in a gruff sort of way, letting her have the window and making Gus squeeze in the middle. She could only imagine what kind of father he was to a free spirit like Shawn.

As they sat in his pickup truck, Henry tried to pull information about her past and the Doctor. She kept to the truth as much as she could. She had met the Doctor a couple of years ago. (She couldn’t tell them about the first time when she was seven.) He was a very brilliant, thouch eccentric, man who took her on as a travelling companion and assistant. And, no, they weren’t involved, she was engaged, thank you. “Shawn came up with the idea of me being a student to get me into the crime scene.”

“So you’re not a specialist or a student,” Henry said for clarification.

“No, but I’ve picked up a few things.” She looked out at the ocean as they drove past. “Why is Shawn pretending to be psychic?”

Gus almost choked on the water he was drinking, but Henry played it a little cooler, grippinf the steering wheel a little tighter. “What makes you say that?”

“I’v met a few real psychics and Shawn is nothing like them. If anyone would be in on his secret, it would be you two.” They didn’t say anything. “C’mon, you know the truth about me. The least you can do is reciprocate.”

She could see Henry thinking it over. Gus would follow his lead. “I guess it’s all my fault. Shawn has an eidetic memory and I trained him to use it so he’d become a cop like me. Of course he didn’t, just took off after graduating high school. Thing is, he still used what I taught him to call in tips. Five years ago he was collecting his reward money when Lassiter took him in for questioning.”

“Why if his information was good?”

“It was too good,” said Gus. “They thought he was an accomplice. Shawn, being Shawn, decided to tell them he was psychic to keep from being locked up. Thing is, if they ever find out the truth, he’d be arrested for fraud.”

He takes that risk every day, working with the police even though he might be caught. Amy had a new appreciation for Shawn.

Henry parked the truck and they wnet into the museum. Amy led the way to the exhibit. There were no more than ten people looking at the rocks. “This is it,” she said. “This is what it’s all about.”

Gus’ eyes went wide at the sight. Shawn hadn’t been kidding when he said his best friend was a science geek. “This is an amazing collection,” he gushed. “Normally, you wouldn’t see something like this outside of a major natural history museum.”

“It’s incomplete,” said Henry, standing in front of one of the cases.

Amy and Gus joined him. “They were all full when we were here earlier,” she said. “Why would they remove something from the main exhibit?”

“Maybe because of Heidecker,” said Gus.

“No, they would have shut down the whole exhibit.” Henry looked around. “We need to talk to the curator.” He headed off.

Gus followed Henry. “C’mon, Amy.”

Amy looked around the exhibit. There was something the Doctor said before that had her wondering. She joined Henry and Gus in the search for the curator. For such a small museum, there were quite a number of rooms. They were directed to the curator’s office and found him behind a very cluttered desk. Gus knocked on the open door as Henry strode to the man’s desk.

“What?” the man demanded.

Henry showed the man his police ID. “We’re here about the exhibit. What did you remove and why?”

The curator gave a long-suffering sigh. “I was told that that particular display was wrong.”

“Wrong as in the description was incorrect or wrong as in you shouldn’t have it?”

The man looked at Gus. “A little of both. Apparently, they were loaned to the man in question, who, in turn, included them as part of his donation.”

“So the man who originally owned them asked for them to be withdrawn.” Henry was trying to get things straight, asking yes or no questions.

The curator nodded.

“Was Heidecker either of these men?” Amy wanted to know.

“No, he wasn’t. He came in a few days ago to get an advance viewing of the exhibit, you know, so he could work on his lecture. There was something that unnerved him, but he didn’t say anything.”

“Then how did you know?” asked Henry.

“He just…changed. Got serious all of a sudden.”

“Like he saw something he didn’t expect?” Gus was good at asking the right questions.


“What are the names of the two men?”

The curator looked to Henry. “Um, Thomas Kershaw and Jason Harris.”

“If you remember anything else, call me.” Henry pulled out his card and handed it to the man.

“Sure.” Odds were, the card would get lost among all the other papers covering the desk.

“Thank you, you’ve been most helpful,” Amy said with a smile as they left.

When they got into the truck, Henry started the engine and pulled into traffic without saying a word.

“Where are we going?”

“To the station. I want to look up these guys to see what connection, if any, they had with Heidecker.”

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