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Is There a Psychic in the House? (6/?)

Title: Is There a Psychic in the House?
Genre: Crossover, Gen
Fandoms: Doctor Who, Psych
Characters/Pairings: Shawn Spencer, Juliet O'Hara, Carlton Lassiter, Burton Guster, Henry Spencer, Karen Vick, Buzz McNabb, Amy Pond, Eleventh Doctor, Shawn/Juliet
Rating: So far, all audiences
Word Count: 690
Summary:Not long after "Yang 3 in 2D" Shawn is relaxing outside the office when he strikes up a conversation with a pretty young redhead. Then he gets called on a bizarre murder case that just might have to do with aliens.
Notes: After my last story, I had people asking for Shawn to meet the Doctor, so here it is. It follows It's a Gift and A Psychic Detective's Investigation in Wales. Both include and original character and the second is a Torchwood crossover. You don't have to read them to enjoy this, but you might get more out of it.

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Amy watched as Gus opened his laptop and connected to the internet. She was still fuming at being dismissed like that and she found it hard to see Gus so accepting of it. “Do you always do what he says without argument?” she asked.

“Hardly ever. Most of the time, it’s because he’s gonna do something stupid. He knows I don’t like murder scenes and he gets distracted doing research.” Gus looked up at her. “Most people think he just bosses me around and manipulates me, but I know how to handle him, probably better than anyone else--including his dad.”

Properly chagrinned, Amy apologized. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. I’ve know you barely an hour and I’m already criticizing.”

“Don’t worry. Lots of people don’t get why I’m friends with Shawn.” He typed away. “If you dig around Shawn’s desk, you should find his laptop. Though, why he has one is beyond me.”

With a smile, Amy went over to Shawn’s desk and began to search the drawers for the laptop. The guy had a hodge-podge of stuff crammed into every available space. Under a pile of squeaky toys and action figures she found what she was looking for. Thankfully, Shawn didn’t use a password and she was connected in no time.

Amy looked at the connections Heidecker had -- universities, museums and other organizations -- to see if they could provide a motive for the murder. The majority of his colleagues had turned their backs on him because of his ridiculous theories. It reminded Amy of that one guy on that TV show, something about pyramids. And, if she remembered correctly, that guy was proven right.


Amy looked at Gus. “What?”

“He sure had some wild theories. The best is that there was another civilized race living on Earth before humans. He thought he found the proof in some rocks in Wales, of all places. When the tests came back negative, he said they were running the wrong ones. He said the same about life on Mars.”

“So you think he found his proof and someone killed him to keep it secret?”

“Either that or they wanted the publicity themselves.. We had a case like that with astronomers.”

Amy looked at the “Friends of the Museum” page. “Hey, there’s a comment here by one of the guys who knew Heidecker. He said he would withhold support and boycott the museum if they kept Heidecker as a speaker. Sounds like a possibility to me.”

“Me, too, but Shawn’s taken my car and I’m not about to take his bike, especially with a passenger.”

“Great. We’ve got a lead with no way to follow it.”

“We could always take a taxi,” Gus volunteered.

Amy sighed with frustration. No one since Sherlock Holmes used taxis to solve crimes. If she knew how to drive it and if she knew the way, she’d take Shawn’s motorbike herself.

The front door slammed and Amy looked up as an older man strode into the office. He was wearing a suit but still had a nice tan. He was also a little bald. He didn’t see her, but went straight for Gus.

“Gus, what is going on? First, Shawn shows up at a crime scene with a college girl and suddenly leaves. Now he’s called the Chief asking permission to see it again with a specialist? What’s gotten into his head this time?”

Amy was amazed that someone talked with that many italics.

“Mr. Spencer, this is Amy Pond. She and her friend, the Doctor, are helping with this case. Amy, this is Henry Spencer, Shawn’s dad. He works as a liaison with the police department.”

Amy waved. “Hello.”

Henry sat in one of the soft chairs in front of the window. “Do you have any idea what he’s doing?”

“Not exactly. He said the Doctor was a specialist so they went to the crime scene to see what they could find out about Heidecker’s work. Amy and I were doing research and found our own lead.”

“And what’s that?”

Amy stood and headed for the door. “We’ll tell you on the way.”

Chapter 7


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