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Is There a Psychic in the House (4/?)

Title: Is There a Psychic in the House?
Genre: Crossover, Gen
Fandoms: Doctor Who, Psych
Characters/Pairings: Shawn Spencer, Juliet O'Hara, Carlton Lassiter, Burton Guster, Henry Spencer, Karen Vick, Buzz McNabb, Amy Pond, Eleventh Doctor, Shawn/Juliet
Rating: So far, all audiences
Word Count: 714
Summary:Not long after "Yang 3 in 2D" Shawn is relaxing outside the office when he strikes up a conversation with a pretty young redhead. Then he gets called on a bizarre murder case that just might have to do with aliens.
Notes: After my last story, I had people asking for Shawn to meet the Doctor, so here it is. It follows It's a Gift and A Psychic Detective's Investigation in Wales. Both include and original character and the second is a Torchwood crossover. You don't have to read them to enjoy this, but you might get more out of it.

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Amy knew that if she were an alien, she would have chosen to come to the sunny climes of California over rainy England any day. But what was the reason for their presence? Was it by choice or were they stranded? Well, whatever the reason, she knew the Doctor would fix things.

Shawn had surprised her with that confession. Yes, he had been unnerved at the crime scene, but for a man to actually admit they were scared, it had to be a big deal. She also wanted the happy, fun-loving Sawn to come back because that seemed to be the “real” Shawn.

She looked at the two men and saw that the Doctor liked him immediately, despite the surprise that the detective had already known about him. They both seemed to have magpie minds, distracted easily by anything shiny. It would be quite a job, keeping both on track.

They reached the exhibit and Shawn began to look around like he had at the house. That could be how he was “psychic”; he had one of those photographic memories and was just very good at deductive reasoning. She couldn’t understand why the police hadn’t cottoned on yet—or maybe they just didn’t want to.

“There’s got to be something about this stuff that caused a man to be murdered.” Shawn stared through the Plexiglass. “They all look the same to me. I’ll have to bring Gus by to look at this stuff.”

“Who’s Gus?” the Doctor asked. “A geologist?”

“His best friend,” Amy answered. “A bit of a science geek.”

“More than a bit.”

The Doctor was paying particular attention to a group of speckled stones. “These are out of place. Right now, I can’t figure out why.” He groaned and smacked his head. “Too much stuff in here!”

“Let’s head back to my office. I don’t want to be here when Lassie and Jules show up.” He looked at his watch. “Which will probably be soon.”

“Lassie and Jules?” The Doctor looked to Amy.

“The detectives on the case. She’s his girlfriend,” she answered, swaying side-to-side.

“No, she’s not.”

“Oh, come one. I know the way you looked at each other. Don’t need to be a psychic to see that.”

“She’s a detective, you’re a consultant. No fraternization is my guess.” The Doctor looked at Shawn knowingly.

“My own fault, really. When I first started, Lassie was dating his partner and I outed them. She transferred out, Jules transferred in. Now that we’re finally together after five years, we can’t tell anyone at the station.”

“Five years?” Well, she wasn’t one to talk, having known Rory practically her whole life.

“I’d ask her out but she never took me seriously. The night I went on my first date with a high school crush, Jules told me how she felt. Not long after Abigail and I broke up, Jules had a new boyfriend; a rich handsome boyfriend who bought a hotel on the Amalfi coast for her. She left him for me.”

“Now that’s love.”

“Right. I’m as romantic as the next guy, but I thought you said we had to leave.”

Amy scoffed at that remark. Not the romantic part because the Doctor was, kinda, but at the “as the next guy” part. The Doctor was nowhere as anything as the next guy.

“Um, I don’t have room for both of you on the bike.”

Amy grinned. He’s fishing for a ride in the TARDIS.

“No problem, I’ve got transport outside.” The Doctor strode towards the exit.

Amy and Shawn quickened their pace to keep up. She was now seeing the hyper five-year old Shawn as he plied her non-stop with questions about the TARDIS. Those military friends of the Doctor didn’t keep many secrets. It sounded like he knew more about the ship that she did and he hadn’t even been in it!

Outside, Amy told him to grab his bike and Shawn ran over and wheeled it back to where she was standing. “C’mon, this way.” Amy led Shawn around to the side of the building where the TARDIS was waiting.

“This is so cool! Alan and Jack weren’t lying!” He moved ahead. The front tire of the bike pushed the door open. “Holy…”

Amy laughed and followed Shawn inside.

Chapter 5


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