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In Spite of All the Danger (10/13)

Title: In Spite of All the Danger
Chapter Title:With a Little Help from My Friends
Wordcount: 1,014 this chapter
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Sam, Dean, OMC with appearances by Castiel and Ruby
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None so far. It's set late season 4 so there will possibly be eventual mentions of what's gone on before
Disclaimer: If you recognize the character, it's not mine
Summary: The brothers, in the course of a simple salt and burn, meet up with a stranger who conveniently needs to be rescued
A/N: This is my first Supernatural fic so please be kind. I'm a little nervous regarding its reception. Thanks to my beta just_ruth
Song on YouTube: With a Little Help from My Friends--The Beatles

One: Dear Prudence
Two: You Can't Do That
Three: Help!
Four: Happiness is a Warm Gun
Five: It's All Too Much
Six: Getting Better
Seven: Day Tripper
Eight: Devil in Her Heart
Nine: I Feel Fine

Alan waited with Dean while Jo grabbed a bag from her bedroom and threw in some items. The apartment didn’t seem to have any personal touches, but, as she was a hunter, she probably wouldn’t be here long. Dean was nosing about the kitchen and soon found a bag of peanut M&Ms which gained a new home in his pocket. Alan smiled.

Jo joined them, bag slung over her shoulder. “OK, I’m ready. Where did you park? I didn’t see the Impala.”

“We came a different way,” Dean said.

Jo raised an eyebrow.

“Do you trust me?”

“Yeah. You saved my butt more than once,” Jo said.

“Well, it is one of the world’s greatest assets.” He gave her a cocky grin, whatever happened earlier forgotten. “Alan is our transportation. He can get us back to Connecticut in no time. Literally.”

They both looked at him. How could he explain to Jo what he did without her freaking out like Bobby did? “I can teleport,” he blurted out.


“I can go places using my mind.”

Jo looked at Dean. “Are you sure he’s not a demon?”

“Sam and I did all the tests and then Bobby did some of his own. He’s human.”


“Yeah, he’s okay. A friend told me he was a good man.”

“Hello? Standing right here.”

Jo ignored him. “So tell me, why the multi? What’s going on? I want some more details before I go with you.”

“You’ve packed your bag, though. Doesn’t that mean you’re already coming?”

“Dean, tell her. She should know what she’s getting into.”

Dean and Jo glared at him and Alan backed away, hands up. Dean knew Alan was right and gave Jo the Readers’ Digest version. “We need to burn five bodies tonight in order to stop a demon from breaking a seal.”

Jo was quiet as she absorbed everything. She seemed to be taking it rather well. Maybe because she knew Dean trusted him as did Bobby—to a degree. “I think we have some graves to dig.”

Alan thought of Sam, using him as an anchor so they’d arrive wherever Sam was. Then they were all crowded into the boys’ hotel room.

“Wow, that was amazing! Hey, Sam, Bobby.” She sat at the bottom of Dean’s bed. “So, who’s gonna fill me in on the details?”

“You didn’t tell her?” Sam looked at his brother.

“I said we were doing a multiple salt and burn and needed the help to stop a seal.” He popped some M&Ms into his mouth.

Jo looked at all of them. “OK, guys, what’s going on?”

Sam and Dean avoided her gaze so Bobby cleared his throat. “A demon is planning to raise Babalon and needs certain spirits to do it.”

“And you know which spirits?”

“Sam figured it out,” Alan said. “He realized the points of the seal rest on certain towns in the county.”

“Yes, but it was Alan’s idea to salt and burn the backups forcing the demon to one spot,” said Sam.

“Did you get the locations?” Dean asked.

“I was stuck with the last two, but Bobby made a few phone calls that got us information that led to the graves.”

“Nothin’ to it. They’re so used to genealogical searches and history students that they give you pretty much anything as long as you know what you’re askin’.”

“Sounded to me like it was the flirting that did it,” said Sam with a smile.

“It wasn’t flirting,” the gruff hunter denied. “It was being polite.”

“Yeah, sure it was. Dean could take lessons.”

“That good, huh?” Dean grinned. “You’ve been keeping secrets, Bobby.”

Alan could see everyone was getting a little punchy. “Let’s get out of this cramped room and get some lunch. I don’t know about the rest of you, but Dean’s hungry. He’s been eating nothing but M&Ms all morning.”

They all tromped out into the light flurry of snow that was just starting to fall. “Oh, this’ll make digging fun,” groused Bobby.

“Something else you’d rather be doing?” Sam questioned.

“Maybe got a hot date with your lady friend at County Records?” teased Dean.

Bobby smacked him on the head. “No, I don’t. You idjits don’t have my bad back.”

Jo looked at Alan as they entered the restaurant. There was no way they were entering that conversation.

They settled in a corner booth. When the server came, they all ordered lunch except for Jo as she had just had breakfast. Sam then pulled out a map and marked the gravesites. “We have to decide which one we’ll leave.”

They switched to history as the meals were served, Alan and Sam doing most of the talking.
Dean pulled the map closer and examined the marks. “Here,” he pointed after the server had gone. “It’s isolated enough that no one’ll get in the way and we won’t have to worry about explaining anything.” He bit into his cheeseburger.

“Sounds good,” agreed Bobby. “No we have to figure out who goes where.”

Jo set down her coffee and eyed the map. “These three look close together. Dean could drop two of us off and take the third.”

“And I can take the other before continuing to mine.”

“I’ll take Jo and Bobby,” Dean announced like he was picking a team in gym class.

For just the briefest second, Alan could see a look of disappointment on Sam’s face. “Great, that gives Sam an opportunity to fill me in on all the embarrassing stories about you as a kid. I’m sure he’s got loads.”

Dean looked at Sam. “You wouldn’t.”

“I would. Bobby, you’ll have to tell Jo some good ones.”

“I’ll make sure and ask him,” she said with a smile at Dean’s discomfort.

They finished eating and headed back to the hotel to split the provisions. It still amazed Alan that this was what these people did for a living. Until he was at college, Sam knew no other life, just a poor kid looking through the window at a normal family life. Appreciation would come too late.

Eleven: Dig It


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