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In Spite of All the Danger (8/13)

Title: In Spite of All the Danger
Chapter Title: Day Tripper
Wordcount: 609 this chapter
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Sam, Dean, OMC with appearances by Castiel and Ruby
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None so far. It's set late season 4 so there will possibly be eventual mentions of what's gone on before
Disclaimer: If you recognize the character, it's not mine
Summary: The brothers, in the course of a simple salt and burn, meet up with a stranger who conveniently needs to be rescued
A/N: This is my first Supernatural fic so please be kind. I'm a little nervous regarding its reception. Thanks to my beta just_ruth
Song on YouTube: Devil in Her Heart--The Beatles

One: Dear Prudence
Two: You Can't Do That
Three: Help!
Four: Happiness is a Warm Gun
Five: It's All Too Much
Six: Getting Better
Seven: Day Tripper

Sam had gotten used to the silent comings and goings of Castiel, but it was strange to witness Dean and Alan leave literally in the blink of an eye without angelic assistance. Dean, being Dean, would be able to take care of himself no matter where they ended up.

He returned his attention to the computer. His first attack would be through the court records. Some of the women in question were after the Revolution and might have a better shot of being found. Now, he just had to go to the county site first…

“I haven’t heard from you, Sam. You could give a girl a complex.”

“Ruby, what are you doing here?” He kept his eyes on the screen, refusing to look at her. It didn’t help that he was still aware of her presence, could sense her every move.

“Why do you think I’m here? You can’t just go cold turkey. You need a top-off.”

“No. Dean--”

“He’ll be gone long enough. I waited until they left.” She ran a hand along his arm in a seductive caress. “So, that’s the new guy.”

Sam closed his eyes and clenched his teeth, releasing his breath slowly to control himself with temptation so close. “What do you know about Alan?”

“Just that he’s a new player. He’d pop up on the radar in spurts before disappearing. Rumors are that he could be one of Azazel’s.”

Could he be? Azazel said there were other generations of “special” children. Could he have gone 200 years into the future? “What makes her think that?”

“You just witnessed it yourself, Sam. He took your brother away with a thought.”

“But Cas said he was a good man.”

Ruby scoffed. “Do you believe him after all the angels have done to you, the way they’ve treated you?”

“They brought Dean back…”

“For their own purposes. C’mon, Sam, you know what you have to do to stop Lilith.”

Sam was torn. He knew that Ruby’s blood made him strong enough to finish off demons, yet he remembered that this was what was expected of him, this was what Azazel “created” him for. The worst thing was the revulsion he had seen in Dean’s eyes. “No.”

“You’re making a big mistake.” Ruby stood. “You know how to reach me.”

The moment she left, Sam exhaled and stretched. He had started to hate it when Ruby showed up unexpectedly. He knew she waited until he was alone, but he always felt that Dean would come in and find them. He had to gain control and try to find a way to use his abilities without demon blood.

He tried to concentrate on the task at hand but began to worry about Dean being with Alan. He knew demons never told the full truth, they always held back something—much like angels. Alan seemed to know about them which could be explained by being from the future, but there were certain details—his love of books and research, Dean’s need for burgers and pie—that no one outside family or close friends would know. That wasn’t the stuff a hunter would write in a journal. “But it’s exactly what an author would put in a book.”

He looked at the clock on the laptop and saw that he had lost half an hour. To banish his wayward thoughts, Sam buried himself in the county records once again. This was his strength, like Dean had said. He knew where he stood with archival documents. They didn’t twist words or manipulate, they only gave the facts. Right now, that’s what he wanted, needed.

Nine: I Feel Fine



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