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In Spite of All the Danger (7/13)

Title: In Spite of All the Danger
Chapter Title: Day Tripper
Wordcount: 974 this chapter
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Sam, Dean, OMC with appearances by Castiel and Ruby Warnings: None
Spoilers: None so far. It's set late season 4 so there will possibly be eventual mentions of what's gone on before
Disclaimer: If you recognize the character, it's not mine
Summary: The brothers, in the course of a simple salt and burn, meet up with a stranger who conveniently needs to be rescued
A/N: This is my first Supernatural fic so please be kind. I'm a little nervous regarding its reception. Thanks to my beta just_ruth
Song on YouTube: Day Tripper--The Beatles

One: Dear Prudence
Two: You Can't Do That
Three: Help!
Four: Happiness is a Warm Gun
Five: It's All Too Much
Six: Getting Better

If Alan hadn’t already been sitting, he would have fallen into the chair. This was going to be bigger than Samhain? He remembered the story; it had been a favorite to recall growing up. But now, this story never made it into even the Apocrypha. He was just as much in the dark about this as they were.

“Wait, I’ve got it.” Sam pulled out a county map they had picked up after lunch. “There are seven towns that kept coming up.” He marked them in red. He then connected them in a weird pattern that looked like a seven-pointed star. He looked straight at Castiel when he was done.

“This is not good,” the angel said with what Alan thought was a tinge of fear in his voice.

“What is it?” Dean asked as he sat on the edge of his bed and looked at the map.

“The Seal of Babalon,” his brother answered.

“The Mother of Abominations.” Castiel was thoughtful. “She would fit the prophecy.”

Wait a minute, they don’t confront the Whore of Babylon until later, after Lucifer. “Is this the same as the Whore of Babylon?” Alan needed to know.

“It could be,” Sam replied. “The seal as well as the spelling with a second ‘a’ instead of a ‘y’ is due to Alistair Crowley, an English mystic and occultist who created his own religion. He set her up as a Mother Goddess based on a single passage in Revelations. Whether it’s the same or not, I can’t say.”

Dean looked at the angel. “What do you think, Cas? Is it the same?”

“As Sam said, it is hard to tell the difference. The two are connected, but may only be two aspects of the same being.”

“Oh, that was so not helpful.”

“No matter if it’s with two A’s or a Y, we still need to stop it. If I may offer a plan?”
Dean shrugged.

Alan continued. “Now, we know they lost a point when you got Prudence. Odds are, they’ll need to replace her soon. We just have to salt and burn all but one and then wait for our demon to arrive.”

“And how do we salt and burn five in time, that is if we can even locate them?” demanded Sam.

“You leave the how to me,” Alan said with a smile. “You just locate the remains.”

“You gotta play to your strengths, Sammy.” Dean couldn’t help but smile. “What about me?”

“You and I are going on a little trip.”

“I will try to learn more from the prophecy.” Castiel left.

Dean stood, put on his coat and headed for the door. “C’mon. I’ll even let you pick the music.”

“Wow. I’d take him up on that offer, Alan,” said Sam as he plugged in the laptop. “I don’t think he’s ever done that before.”

“It’s not necessary.” He loved this part. Alan rested his hand on Dean’s shoulder and took him to the one place Dean knew he had backup.

Alan heard the shotgun being pumped and his hands went up in a reassuring position.

“Why don’t you tell me what the hell you’re doing here before I aerate your sorry bodies with iron?” demanded a gruff voice.

“Bobby?” Dean turned slowly.

“Dean?” Bobby Singer lowered the gun. “What the hell are you doin’ here, boy? Heard you and
Sam were in Connecticut.”

“Sam’s still there. We actually stumbled onto a damn seal and we have to burn five bodies by tonight.”

“Sam thinks it could be the raising of Babalon.”

Bobby raised an eyebrow in Alan’s direction as Dean helped himself to a beer. “Who’s this guy?”

“A time traveler from the future. Apparently, he’s supposed to help us.”

Alan held out his hand. “Alan Kelly. An honor to meet you, Mr. Singer.”

“Yeah, sure,” said the older man as he shook Alan’s hand. “How the hell d’ya get here?”

Alan held up his left wrist and pulled back his sleeve to reveal his machine. “This. I just set the coordinates.”

Dean eyed him thoughtfully. “You didn’t have Bobby’s coordinates and I never saw you use that.”

Alan really didn’t want to tell Dean what he could do because of Sam’s…issues, but he also felt bad holding back. “You caught that, huh?” He sighed. “If I concentrate on a person or a place, I can go there.”

“You brought us here with your freakin’ mind?” Dean glared at him. “You didn’t think that was something you should’ve shared with us? You have demon blood in you too?”

Silence reigned as the three men stared at each other, not knowing what to say. Bobby looked a little freaked out about the whole thing. Maybe it was because everything they had seen with abilities turned out a little less than pure. Even Sam had to drink demon blood to build his strength.

Alan decided on the straightforward way. “Have I done anything to show that I’m against you? No. Yes, I have powers that I was born with but didn’t come to until some years ago. My brother has them too, to a varying degree. Look, I didn’t want to tell you because of what you’ve been through with Sam. As far as I know, mine do not derive from demons.”

“What if it does?” said Dean. “What if you’re just a plant and Cas and his buddies interpreted the prophecy wrong?”

“Dean, has Castiel ever been wrong about a seal?” Bobby asked.

“No.” Dean was sullen, the initial fight having drained. “He’s just withheld information.”

“Maybe there’s something else he’s withholding.”Bobby looked in his direction. “Alan, mind if I give you some tests?”

Eight: Devil in Her Heart


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