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Title: A Psychic Detective's Investigation in Wales
Fandom: Psych/Torchwood/TOC Files
Genre Crossover
Summary Shawn goes with Alan to Cardiff and learns that aliens are real
Follows It's a Gift
Author's Note This is unbeta'd and something that's been floating in my head since halfway through the previous story. I tried to make it clear for those who didn't know both fandoms. If anything is confusing, please let me know.

Alan stood back with Andy as both Shawn and Gwen did their thing. Since he didn’t have to bother with his “visions”, it looked like Shawn was just walking through the scene. Alan, however, knew that Shawn’s eyes were taking in everything. Gwen walked the room as well, scanning with a hand-held device, the purpose of which eluded Alan.

“How do you know Gwen?”

Alan looked at Andy and saw the policeman’s gaze as it followed Gwen. Not as innocent a question as he wants it to appear. “I fell through the rift and helped Torchwood catch an assassin before making it back home.”

“So you met them all.”

“Well, I already knew Jack which is what kept me from being locked up.”

“If you fell through the rift, how did you leave? Gwen said it’s only a one-way trip unless you know how to control it.”

“I’m a time traveler, Andy.”

“Way to sugar coat, dude,” said Shawn from across the store. “You could’ve eased him into it.”

“Not everyone can make that connection.”

Andy looked to Gwen who had stopped to listen to the conversation. “Did you know?”

“Ianto had to look him up in the Archives. He had almost as many notes as the Doctor and Jack.”

“They had a file on you? Dude, that is so awesome!”

“Shawn, it was because they thought I could lead them to the Doctor.”

“Him again. You’re gonna have to fill me in on why he’s such a big deal.”

“Maybe when we’re not in the middle of a murder investigation.”

“There are definitely traces of alien tech,” Gwen said. “It’s strongest here.”

Alan held up his wrist. “You’re probably getting this.”

She held the scanner up again. “That’s it. Even so, there is residual energy in spots you haven’t been. He must have been a dealer.”

“Black market alien artifacts? Gus would love this. How do they get them?”

“They collect by word-of-mouth and there are even some who will venture into the Hub—well, the remains of the Hub—and bring out what they can.”

“What did you get, Shawn?”

“Two people come in to do a deal and he tries to gyp them. One holds a gun on him while the other searches. They find the disruptor and struggle. It goes off, scrambling the victim’s insides. They run out. A third person comes onto the scene, possibly intending to make a deal as well. He sees the victim suffering and shoots him—mercy killing.”

Alan still was amazed at how Shawn could put forth a probable scenario like that just from looking around the room. Any was open-mouthed.

Gwen, however, had a question for him. “Where did he keep the black market goods? If he did business here, he had to have a place to keep it.”

“Sorry, didn’t I say?” He leaned against one of the shelving units and it slid easily across the floor exposing a door. “Secret room.”

“Nice work, Shawn,” Gwen said as she walked past him into the room. “This is definitely his treasure trove and we have to confiscate it.”

Alan walked in behind her. Three of the walls had floor-to-ceiling shelves, each shelf neatly lined with devices and artifacts. The fourth was home to a desk and computer.

“This is evidence in a police investigation!” protested Andy.

“You called me and this is definitely a Torchwood case now.” She turned away from Andy and looked over the shelves. “I do not look forward to entering these into the system.”

“He’s tagged each one with a date and location,” Alan said. “There’s another set of number that could be anything.”

Shawn walked around Andy who was now taking photos of the room. Alan saw his eyes dart from the shelves to the desk. “Inventory. The numbers must represent clients.”

“Right, so now we need the computer, too.”

“Gwen, is there a part of the Archives, of the Hub, that no one can reach?”

“There is a section of the sub-levels that’s blocked. I don’t know how safe it is, however.”

“’S all right. With Shawn helping me, it won’t take long.”

“Did you just volunteer me as a pack animal?”

“Probably one of the only times someone will want you to act like an ass.” Alan couldn’t hide the smile.

“Do we have to move all of it right away?” Shawn asked.

“We can’t let any of it fall into untrained hands,” Gwen replied.

“Not even to take care of the killer?”

“You want to pull a sting?”

“Get word out that someone has taken over the guy’s business dealings. If they killed him to get his stuff, they’ll come after the next one to have it.”

“It could work if we monitor it properly. It can’t be me or Andy because they’ll sense we’re police. Maybe Rhys could.”

Andy scoffed. “Rhys as a black market dealer? Please.”

“I guess that leaves me and Alan.”

“No, it just leaves me. You may not give off ‘cop’ like Andy and Gwen, but you still aren’t right for the part. We need someone intimidating and, well, it just isn’t you.”

Shawn made to argue but changed his mind. “Okay, but I won’t let you do it alone. I’ll be your trainee, apprentice, go-for and general dogsbody. Though, why a dogsbody? Why not a cat or even a ferret?”

“Shawn, are you done?” Alan asked him.

“Yeah, I think so.”

“Okay, so we’ll take the larger and more dangerous pieces to the Hub and leave out a few teasers to tempt our killer. We’ll meet back and Gwen’s to work out a more detailed plan.”



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