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It's a Gift (13/13)

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Chapter Twelve

Shawn wondered if he had been a cat in a previous life. This basking in the sun was great. Then there was that whole nine-lives thing. Dad was telling Alan some embarrassing stories of his childhood and Shawn just let it wash over him. He was not going to argue with his dad over little stuff like that today.

“So, what made you save Shawn? Won’t that mess up the timelines or something?”

“Dad, what are you talking about?”

“Who trained you, kid? I saw the same stuff and came to my own conclusions.”

“Let’s just say that wasn’t the date on his obit,” Alan said as he savored his coffee.

“So I must do some amazing stuff if you actually came back to ‘observe’ me.”

“You know I can’t say anything. It would influence your actions.”

It was at that moment that Gus arrived and all talk of the future stopped. Instead, his dad moved the conversation to music and 60s bands.

“Dude, he’s talking like he was there and he can’t be much older than us,” Gus whispered.

“Maybe it’s a hobby. He’s British and you know that’s one of the few cultural exports the country’s known for. Well, that and period drama.”

“That is so shallow, Shawn. What about--”

Shawn put up his hand as his phone rang. “Sure, Chief. We’ll be right there.” He ended the call. “She’s ready.”


Shawn hesitated signing. “You’re certain he can’t wiggle out of this?”

“He held you at gunpoint in front of witnesses,” said the Chief.

“But the--”

“The evidence in his pocket that you pointed out ties him to the burglaries,” Juliet cut in.

“What about--”

Ballistics matched the gun he held on you to the bullet that killed Anne Wright.”

“Sorry you lost your mob arrest, Lassie.”

“Why all the questions, Shawn?” asked Gus. “Just sign.”

“I didn’t get to do my big reveal this time.” He looked at Alan. “It’s always awesome.They never know what hits them. It just feels so strange without it. I’m at a loose end.”

“I’ll give you some loose teeth if you don’t shut up and sign,” muttered Lassie.

“Now is that any way to talk to a fellow detective?”

“How is it, Spencer, that you can be even more annoying after having a gun to your head?”

“It’s a gift,” he said as he signed with a flourish and could hear Alan’s stifled laugh.

“Believe me, I’ve tried to send it back,” explained his dad.

“Are you going to be staying in town now that the case is over, Alan?” asked Jules.

“I haven’t decided. If I do, I’ll check into a hotel so as not to take advantage of Henry’s hospitality.”

“I won’t mind. It’ll give me a chance to cook for you.”

“What about that job?” questioned Gus. “Will you be taking Shawn with you?”

“I think he’d fit in well and I’d take him to see the place if he wants to.”

A dozen eyes looked at him with varying degrees of intensity. Gus didn’t want to lose his best friend. Lassie wanted him to take the job just to get him out of his hair. Who told him that buzz cut looked good? The Chief waited patiently while Jules looked at him with hope, practically wishing him to stay with her eyes. Alan just waited with a smile and Shawn wondered if he knew his decision. It was his dad’s look that decided him. His dad had pride in his eyes and knew that if Shawn went, it wouldn’t be because he was running away, but to something.

“Sure, why not?”


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