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It's a Gift (7/?)

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six

A short installment this time. Sorry.

Shawn was getting used to Alan joining them in the Psychmobile. It was still a little weird that the man could pop into his mind any time he wanted. He closed his eyes and tried to think very dull thoughts.

“Do you think it’s one of the women?” Gus asked.

“It’s a strong possibility,” answered Alan. “We could be getting close to the mastermind.”

“Good point. The other investigators didn’t make the connection we did,” Shawn added from the back seat.

“You’re saying that some guy hires people to go out with managers in order to get information on how to break in?”

“Exactly, Gus. He probably pays them enough to move on or to keep quiet.”

“But we’ve got their photos circulating,” Gus said, catching on. “He was afraid they’d crack so he killed one of them.”

“Of course this is all supposition,” said Alan. “You need to give the police a bit more to go on.”

“They’ve worked with less.”

“Hey, Alan, can I ask you a favor?”

“Sure, Shawn.”

“When I have a ‘vision’, please try to act fascinated or interested.”

“To do otherwise would blow my cover.”

“Well, as long as you don’t blow mine.” He looked out the window and saw a couple of patrol cars. “I think we’re here.”

Gus parked the car behind Lassiter’s and they all stepped out and jogged to the apartment building entrance.

“I hope there’s no blood,” Shawn heard Gus mutter.

“He’s never been able to handle blood,” Shawn informed Alan as the officers recognized him and let them pass.

“That makes you very courageous,” said Alan. “Doing what you do when you can’t stand the sight.”

“I’m getting better.”

“Now he can make it four minutes before tossing his cookies.”

They followed the sound of police voices to a second floor apartment. For once, they didn’t have to sneak onto the site without Lassiter knowing. Shawn was assaulted by the smell of blood the moment he crossed the threshold. He was surprised the Super Smeller even made it this far.

Anne Wright was lying facedown in the living room, gunshot wound to the head.

“Execution style,” stated Lassiter.

“But what connection could she have to the mob?” asked Jules.

The notations from all the interviews flashed through Shawn’s mind. “The bonds belonged to Enzo Jacaruso.”

“’Jackknife’? That Jacaruso?” Gus gulped.

“Local crime boss?” Alan asked.

“No one’s been able to pin anything on him,” replied Lassiter. “The DA’s office has been trying to get him for ages. If we can link this to him…”

Shawn knew that Lassie was looking for that one case, the one that would make him a legend. This case just might be the one.

“It would make sense,” Jules was saying. “He needed to make her an example. He probably already has the bonds, why else would he kill her?”

“The only other explanation is that she gave up her friend Janine,” said Shawn. “We have to find her before she follows Anne.” They all stared at him. “Okay, no pressure.”


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