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It's a Gift (4/?)

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

“So that’s who you work with.” Alan was in the front passenger seat at Gus’s insistence. “Lassiter seems the only one adverse to your ‘abilities’.”

“He’d throw an I-Told-You-So Party if he ever got the proof,” Gus said. “I keep telling Shawn he has to be careful but he doesn’t listen.”

“Sometimes poking a sleeping lion is so tempting,” Shawn commented from the backseat.

“You’d better have a long stick. If you do it enough times, the lion is bound to wake.”

Shawn leaned forward between the seats. “You know you can drop the accent now. There’s no need to stay in character when it’s just us.”

“This is my real voice, Shawn. I thought meeting a mysterious British man in your office was too cloak and dagger.”

“Well, it was a House-worthy performance ‘cause I didn’t even suspect.”

“And you’re good with accents?”

“Good? I’m known for my accents.”

“Known for doing them poorly,” Gus scoffed. “Remember Chad?”

“Gus, don’t be a piece of lint on the hard candy of life.”

“Chad?” Alan had to know the story.

“He had to go undercover on a Spanish soap and it was atrocious.”

“I don’t think ‘atrocious’ is the word you’re looking for,” Shawn commented.

“Oh, it’s the one I wanted.”

They pulled onto the street where Corman lived and Gus pulled in behind the patrol car. “Looks like we beat Lassie. C’mon.” Shawn reached for the door.

“Wait, if you go in there, you’ll contaminate the scene,” Alan warned. “Besides, you have an audience. They’ll see you and report it.”

“What do you suggest we do? Gus isn’t very good at distractions.”

“I’m good at distractions—I’m just not good at lying.”

“Which is the main component of distraction.”

“Are you done? Geez, the stories do not do you justice. What you need is a reason to be there. Perhaps the cops over there happen to ‘see’ something and investigate. You offer your help.”

“Wow, that is good. I can sneak around the back, let them see my shadow, and then double back and join them for the fun.” Shawn reached for the door again.

“No. I can do it quicker and quieter.” With a thought, Alan teleported to the yard surrounding Corman’s building and made sure the officers in the patrol car saw him. Done, he then teleported back to the car where Gus and Shawn just stared open-mouthed.

“How did you do that?” Gus questioned.

“It’s a gift.”

“C’mon, they’re moving.” Shawn got out of the car and headed across the street.

Alan looked at Gus. “Keep schtum. I don’t want this getting out.”

“Not a problem. I’ve kept Shawn’s secret for three years.”

“Good. Let’s get after him before he ruins this plan.”

Alan and Gus rushed across the street and found Shawn as he watched the two officers.

“Did you two get lost crossing the street?”

Gus ignored Shawn with all the practice of a lifelong friend. “What happened?” he asked the officers.

“We spotted a possible intruder and called it in before coming to investigate,” one of them answered.

“Well, as the Chief sent us over, we could help you look,” said Shawn as he tried to act innocent.

“The Chief said no one was to go near the apartment until Det. Lassiter got here,” replied the second. “Especially you.”

“It’s nice to be singled out.”

“What in the name of sweet justice is going on here?” Lassiter demanded in a whisper that verged on a shout.

“We spotted an intruder, sir.”

“So you thought you’d have a little coffee klatch to discover it? Did it ever occur to you, McNeill, that the perp could use this to his advantage? You and Ortiz do a quick perimeter check then get back to the car and watch in case someone comes while we’re up there.”

“Yes, sir.” McNeill and Ortiz left.

Lassiter glared at the three of them. “You couldn’t stay put until I got here, could you? You could have ruined crucial evidence.”

“We only crossed the street after Ortiz and McNeill,” Shawn said in defense. “I thought we could help.”

“The Chief seems to think so. Inside. And don’t touch anything without gloves!”


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