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It's a Gift (3/?)

Here's the next installment. Explanations and link to Alan's original fic are in the previous post. Enjoy

Chapter One
Chapter Two

Shawn followed the mysterious Alan Kelly into the police station. As he was the one who usually burst into the station, it was rather strange to see someone else do it.

Kelly strode through, barely saying a word, yet Shawn saw all eyes follow him. The man’s whole attitude changed and he became an officer inspecting the troops. Maybe he’s like a spy or something which is why he has so many IDs.

The Chief met them flanked by Jules and Lassie. “Mr. Spencer, Mr. Guster, so glad you could join us.” She looked at Alan, waiting for an introduction.

“Sorry, Chief. This is my stalker—“

“Col. Alan Kelly.” He held out the same ID wallet and spoke in a British accent. “I’ve come to observe Mr. Spencer.”

“Did you know about that accent?” Gus whispered to him.

“No, but it’s cool.”

“I’ve never heard of this organization,” said the Chief as she eyed Alan suspiciously.

“Very few know of our existence and even less know what we do. It’s better that way.”

“And why are you observing Spencer?” Lassie wanted to know.

“Possible recruitment. We find that those with a more flexible attitude and outlook fare better.”

“And how did you find out about Shawn?” asked Jules.

“We scan all media looking for stories and people out of the ordinary. Shawn’s record was impressive and I was nominated to be the one to test the waters, as it were.”

“We met and talked at the Psych office and I thought it would be okay if he sat in on the case,” Shawn put in, hoping to sway the Chief’s mind.

“I will not interfere with your case or voice my opinions unless asked.”

Shawn could see the women weakening. I have to ask him for lessons on that English accent. Girls always fall for a guy with an accent. Lassie, on the other hand, was still holding out. Shawn couldn’t figure out why as he thought the detective would be happy to see the back of him.

“Very well, Colonel, you may observe Mr. Spencer during this case,” Vick agreed. “However, at the first sign of interference, you will be banned from this station and any scene involved in this case, no matter your security clearance. Am I clear?”

“Message received and understood, ma’am.”

The Chief opened her mouth to admonish him for calling her that but closed it and let it pass. It has to be the accent.


Shawn stood against the wall as Lassiter questioned Neil Corman, mid-twenties and newly-promoted to middle management, a position that gave him a key to the door and the alarm code. A quick look at his wrinkled clothes told Shawn that the man lived alone and either didn’t know how to iron or didn’t care.

Neil answered Lassie’s questions with the nervousness of a man afraid of loosing his position, not of guilt. He kept rubbing his hair and Shawn saw little pieces fall to his shoulders.

[Shawn, ask him if he’s met somebody new. A guy like that could easily fall prey to a seduction.]

Shawn looked at the mirror. How the hell does he do that?

[It’s a gift. Now ask.]

Shawn put a hand to his head, acting out a vision. “I see a party at a bar. Your friends took you out to celebrate your promotion. While they’re on the dance floor, you stay at the table nursing your drink. Then someone joins you, saying you look lonely. You slowly begin to talk, finding out you have the same interests. You even exchange phone numbers and plan to meet up again. Which you did.”

“Wow, you’re good.” Neil was astounded. “That’s exactly how it happened.” He looked at Lassiter. “I’ve been trying to get in touch with her for a week, but her phone’s out-of-service.”

“Did you and…”


Lassiter jotted the name down. “Did the two of you sleep together?”

“What?” Neil was flustered. “That’s personal.”

“Look, I can have you for obstructing a police investigation so just answer the question.”

Gus stepped forward. “Neil, you’ll need to excuse Det. Lassiter’s temper. He’s been at this all day and you have the first real lead. There’s a chance that Janine used you just to get the alarm codes. Unless you did something illegal, this won’t reflect badly on you.”

Shawn caught Gus’s eye and nodded. He then looked at Neil and knew the man was torn. Should he be chivalrous and defend the woman or get even for her using him. Getting even won.

“Yeah, we did. That was the last time I saw her. She was gone when I woke up.”

“Did you ever go to her place?” Lassiter asked.

“No. We usually met at our destination. Sometimes she’d just come over to my place and we’d watch movies or the ballgame.”

“Do you have anything of hers at your place?” Shawn asked. “I might be able to pick up something about her by touching it.”

“Not until we’ve dusted, you won’t. I think we should send someone to his apartment in case she comes back for something.” He said it like it was his own decision but Shawn knew it was directed at the Chief. “Mr. Corman, we’ll need you to put together a picture of Janine for us.”

“Wait, I might…” Neil pulled out his phone and pulled up a photo of himself and a cute redhead. “I should’ve realized it was too good.”

Shawn walked closer and peered over Lassie’s shoulder. She did seem a little out of Neil’s league, the kind of girl that never would have given him a glance under normal circumstances. She had deep auburn hair just past her shoulders in that careless windblown style. Her eyes were hazel and she had a light sprinkling of freckles across her face. Definitely very cute—for a burglar.

“When it comes to pretty women, no man thinks straight,” said Lassie, somewhat sympathetic. He stood. “Now we need to get this to the tech lab. We can get them to trace some of the numbers.”

“Whatever you need.”

Lassiter opened the door. “McNab, take Mr. Corman to the tech lab.”

“Yes, sir.” McNab led the man away.

Shawn and Gus joined him in the hall. “Very impressive, Lassie. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you could relate to the experience.”

“I may not have the best record when it comes to women, but at least I haven’t been used to commit a felony.” He stormed up the stairs.

“Boy, try to be nice…”

“Mr. Spencer.” Shawn turned to the Chief. “Nice work in there. We can run the phone numbers and photo. In the meantime, I want you over at Mr. Corman’s apartment to see what you can sense.”

“Sure thing, Chief. Care to ride along, Jules?”

Shawn caught the glance she shot at Alan. “As tempting as that invitation is, Shawn, I need to stay here and re-question all the employees with access to the safe deposit vault. They might have had new relationships too.”

“Your loss.” Shawn walked upstairs to the lobby. He heard the Chief say something to Gus, most likely about being cautious not to contaminate the crime scene and a host of other things that would only impede his process. He needed to impress Alan and be seen worthy of this overseas job. Top secret organization, Shawn Spencer, Double-0 Psychic. He smiled.


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