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Ripping Time (7/7)

Title: Ripping Time
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: All original as explained in the notes
Word Count: 1669
Notes: This was dreamt up years ago when there was still talk of a theatrical release and before the new series. A friend and I got to talk of casting and came up with Ioan Gruffudd as the Doctor and Natalie Portman as his American companion Nora. Since we were writing this between the two of us, we had to wait for a reponse from the other before we continued. Anyway, once done it sat in my computer waiting for a bit of polish. Ray (my co-author) had also done a pic of Nora and the Doctor that I wanted to find before posting but it's lost somewhere. If I do eventually find it, I'll edit the post to include it. I will be posting in parts as it is rather long. If you find anything wrong, please let me know!

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six


The transmat beam ebbed away from the Doctor's and Nora's bodies. The Doctor slipped his arm in the crook of Nora's arm and walked to their hotel. Little did they realize, a glowing ball of hate floated behind them.


Bram awoke with Jenny beside him. He couldn't believe what wonderful things happened last evening. He couldn't believe that Jenny would be so powerful, so aggressive. It were her suggestion for him to stay the night, and he was always taught there be only two types of women, but if anybody accused Jenny of being the second type, he would clock them in the mouth. He intended to marry Jenny. If he were fool enough, he'd ask her this very day.

"Good morrow, dearest, Bram."

"Good morrow to you, Jenny."

He kissed her and felt lightning surge through his body.


Douglas looked at the others. They were not happy. Somehow the Doctor and Miss Nora had arranged with Rockefeller a pass to witness the as the Doctor called it "humanity's first breach of the fifth dimension."

The elevator ground toward the lower levels. The policeman and his woman, the crimson-haired creature, exited.

"Bram is it not, good day to you, Sir."

"It is."

Bram's grin puzzled Douglas as did Jenny's sweet smile.

Mateo and Etienne just snorted as they walked by.

"Dooglas, can you not work the buttons and begin. I am--how you say on egg-shells."

"Our other guests have not arrived yet. The good Rockefeller himself for one."


The elevator lowered yet again, and this time the Doctor and his girl stepped out onto the floor.

"Sorry to keep you waiting," the Doctor grinned. "Nora took forever to get dressed."


"Take a seat, my dear." The Doctor patted Nora's hand ushered her to her seat. "So, where's the show?"

"Doctor, if you'll kindly wait."

"At a guess, I would say the Doctor is not used to waiting."

Rockefeller strode in without his coterie from the dockyards.

Joseph smiled and gripped the lapels of his pocket. Mateo and Etienne stood beside him. Armand took his place and looked as though he had swallowed a whole canary. Douglas smiled. He had won the draw of straws.

"Gentlemen and ladies, since man noticed the shadow of a sundial, he has wondered if might not the shadow be turned back. Well, gentlemen and ladies, this day we shall have an answer."

Armand stingily gripped the sheet and pulled it away.

"Armand, you bastard."

"What is that Dooglas? I cannot hear you. My monkey ears must be filled with fluid."

"Shut up. It doesn't matter. Gentlemen and ladies, I give you mankind's first time machine."

A glass octagon attached to cables that spread into the carapace of a brass engine shined.

"I'm a little curious, Mr. Rockefeller. What is your interest in time travel?"

"Come, man. Think of it. Put a penny in the bank. Move forward in time. Imagine the compound interest on that penny."

"That's a lot of pennies, isn't it, Nora."

"Indeed it is."

The octagon opened, and Nora rose from her seat. Bram spoke around Jenny.

"Doctor, what's wrong with, Nora?"

Douglas wondered that himself. He had only met Nora for a brief moment, but he could easily note the robotic movements.

"Oh, nothing. Must have been something she ate."

Nora moved forward in that strange gait.

"Nora, honey? Is everything all right?"

"Bram, get your gun ready just in case."

"Nora? You mean, it killed Nora?"

"Ssssh, the party's about to begin."

"Hey, miss. Please, take your seat."


Lightning crackled from Nora's fingers around Mateo. The small man shot off the floor and over the brass console.


Etienne rushed over to his fallen brother.

Bram drew his gun.

"Good, now protect Jenny at all costs."

Nora stepped into the octagon. It closed, and lightning crackled from her body, which twisted and writhed, until Nora became a ball of glowing hate. The thing floating in the octagon of glass cackled as it crackled.

"You have been beaten, alien! Your bitch I carved last night! Her screams were delicious! She shouted out your name, but you were not there to hear her cries! You were not there to rescue her!"

"Who said I needed rescued?"

Nora's voice arose from behind them. She and a potato-faced monster stepped out of the glass pneumatic capsule. Douglas could hardly believe his eyes. Did the thing in the tube call the Doctor alien?


"Oh, but it is, Rutan. The Sontarans were kind enough to allow me the use of their cloning technology. Sadly due to my unique DNA structure, the only candidate viable for the chop was my dear old chum, Nora."

The Doctor worked the controls. Douglas thought this extremely odd given that the man couldn't possibly know how to work them. Alien, he called him. I heard that.

"So, you see, Rutan. You killed a cloned-shell of Nora. A cloned shell with a simple synthetic brain that I cobbled together in a fortnight. I gambled that you had enough anatomy practice that you wouldn't bother to examine Nora-two's brain. If you had you would have found nothing that could emit a single intelligent or emotional thought. It was motor only. Sort of like a soft, bumpy car." The Doctor grinned.

"Doctor!" The more animated Nora blushed as she joined the Doctor at the console.

"I'm ancient and honorable, but not dead, Nora. Even Nora-Two's screams were programmed. I hope they pleased you. We were laughing as we heard them. Nora in fact did her own screams and we just slipped them into her larynx. Stupid of you to miss that."


"Actually, Rutan, ol' gal, you've been snookered by the world's finest mountebank of time, and the only thing you've won, puddin' is Turtle Wax."

"What were those co-ordinates, Sirsk?"

"Seven, zero, twenty, four, eight, five by seven, zero, six."

"Ta-ta, Rutan. It's not been a pleasure."


The light in the octagon blazed fiercely and cast shadows across the room.

When the light faded, the creature was gone. The machine still hummed, and the Doctor turned to face him.

"I wager this machine has one last trip left in it before it loses steam. If you really want to breach the fifth dimension, Douglas. Now is the time."

Douglas glanced at his fellows. Etienne was too concerned with Mateo who was just miraculously gaining consciousness. Joseph was stunned where he stood, and Armand had curled into a fetal ball. It was he who had to take the step for science. He would do so without hesitation.

The Doctor grinned.

"Good-bye, Douglas. Good luck."

Douglas stepped into the octagon, and he could feel the flow of time ripple through him. What had they wrought? Would it be wondrous or diabolic? Would he be the same man? Would he be something else? He did not quite understand what happened this evening, but he knew that the Doctor would not allow him to enter octagon were it not safe, were it not right. Were it not---


Is--Is he dead, Doctor?"

"No, he's just on a wild trip, Jenny." He grinned and took the hands of Jenny and Bram. "Good lives to you. Come along, Nora."

"Good-bye to you both. Take care of each other."

Nora joined the Doctor and Sirsk in the pneumatic capsule. With a whoosh they were traveling in the glass tube beneath the earth. A very loud explosion shook and echoed through the glass.


"Oh, don't worry. That's just chaos taking care of the mess those scientists had made. I should really have given them invites to the club. Jenny and Bram are fine." He smiled. "A little charred but fine."


"Fare thee well, Doctor. Nora. A gift from the Sontaran Empire."

"Thank you, Sirsk. Is this what I think it is?"

"It is. Blorsht Bird and Valian. Enough for a month."

"Oh, and here are the parts you need." The Doctor handed over a suitcase marked with the banner "Eton or Bust." "I told you I'd find some lying about."

"So you did. Perhaps, we'll meet again."


Nora followed the Doctor into the TARDIS.

"All right. I knew the plan up to a point, but where did you send the Rutan."

The Doctor turned away from the console and grinned.


The Rutan sensed its surroundings. They looked familiar.

"Exiting warp disruption...now," blared the voice above him.

The ship quivered then settles.

"No! This cannot be!"

"Centurions, this is the Commander--"

"Enemy alert! Aft bow! Enemy alert!"

"We've been hit!"

The Rutan screamed as the domed walls burst. It threw up an electrical field, but it knew such a tactic was futile. It saw the armament burst. Fire rippled from the containers. It smelled its skin sizzle.



Nora rounded the roundeled hallway and entered the control room. She noted the rise and fall of the central column, and the warm hum of the ship.

"Oh, I feel so much better now. That getup was killing me."

"You didn't show any obvious signs of pain," The Doctor said as he poured over the controls.

Nora flopped onto a comfy chair and swung her leg over the arm.

"When to next?"

"A short hop, and then a real vacation."

"Why not actually look for trouble, then we might actually land somewhen pleasant."

"You know, that's a splendid idea, Nora. Splendid."

The central column stopped, and a bell like that of an egg timer sounded.

"You don't have to come if you don't want to. I really just need to pop in and pop out."

"Better I go with you. You get into so much trouble without me."

She followed the Doctor out into darkness. The Doctor's flashlight remedied that problem and illuminated a series of skulls. The Doctor picked up one of the skulls.

"Missing link. Humankind never finds it."

"You are a caution, Doctor."


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