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Ripping Time (6/7)

Title: Ripping Time
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: All original as explained in the notes
Word Count: 2149
Notes: This was dreamt up years ago when there was still talk of a theatrical release and before the new series. A friend and I got to talk of casting and came up with Ioan Gruffudd as the Doctor and Natalie Portman as his American companion Nora. Since we were writing this between the two of us, we had to wait for a reponse from the other before we continued. Anyway, once done it sat in my computer waiting for a bit of polish. Ray (my co-author) had also done a pic of Nora and the Doctor that I wanted to find before posting but it's lost somewhere. If I do eventually find it, I'll edit the post to include it. I will be posting in parts as it is rather long. If you find anything wrong, please let me know!



"Rutan-Vermin. This is what you had in mind for the human female, was it not? Scum. She is innocent and unarmed. Your dishonor leaves a pungent scent."

He dragged the Rutan into the changing room and threw him against the wall. The Rutan froze like a freshly discovered arachnid against a mirror.

"You may be a clone, Sontaran, but the insolent contempt I have encountered before. Your kind have died screaming before my feet as I bathed them in lightning."

The Commander clenched his three fingers into a fist and drove it through the Rutan's chest.

"You seek to upset my mission." The Rutan twisted his human disguise's face into a grin. "You will fail. The secret of time travel will be the Rutan's to command, and we will destroy the Sontaran Empire before it even began."

The creature began to glow and shift before his tiny eyes. It drew in its human disguise and turned into a blazing ball that disgusted him on the level of instinct.

"There will be another time, Rutan-Scum."

"I look forward to killing you, Sontaran."

The Rutan rose out of the changing room. It hugged the high ceiling far from the distracted eyes of humans and crackled along the length until presumably it found an open window. It was unfortunate that the equipment he needed to neutralize the filth did not survive the trip back through time. In his favor, the insulation of his armor had protected him from the Rutan's charge, and he was certain that the Rutan did not know about the Doctor. When he discovered the Time Lord's presence, the feeling of its shock and terror would be delicious.

A knock to the door drew his attention. He adjusted his muffler and opened the door. A small, human female took a step back and looked up.

"This is the woman's changing room, S--Sir."

The woman had courage. He could have if he wished broken her, but she faced him as a warrior would. He smiled.

"Forgive me. I am seeking my mate."

"Oh, I--I see." The woman swallowed. "Well, no men are allowed back here."

"Then I made a mistake." He touched the brim of his broad-brimmed hat. "Good-day."

He moved past the woman and out of the changing room. He decided that it would be best to follow the sisters of the Detective Bram. They seemed to be included in the Rutan's plan. His duty was to the Sontaran Empire. It was vital to keep the vermin from attaining the secrets of time travel, but he also had a duty to honor. Sometimes both duties served each other.


After another sumptuous meal--the Doctor was starting to feel guilty about these repasts--he found himself looking out at the window. Not for the first time he wondered why it was that every malevolent species seemed to fancy ruling or destroying the Earth, even the planet's own people occasionally had this desire. The earth was of course the Doctor's favorite planet. His love for it stemmed from its diversity and its astonishing ability to provide excitement or something to appreciate in every tick of the clock. Perhaps this also made his home away from home a target.

"Penny for them, Doctor."

"Oh, just wondering how you lot managed to crawl out of the muck."

"Oh, you can't fool me, Doctor." Nora smiled. "You had a wistful smile on your face."

"Did I?"

"Yes, you did. You weren't thinking ill of my people."

"You know me well, Nora. I appreciate that, you know. That you're willing to overcome your feeling of the unknown and pal around with me."

"Silver-tongued Time Lord." She grinned. "No wonder Grace practically leapt out of the creek and started flapping in your pan."

"Speaking of which." The Doctor slipped the locket from his watch pocket. "Are you sure this is the best way?"

"Yes, I'm sure."

"Is it--Is it from experience, Nora? I wouldn't have liked to think that I--"

"You never did." Nora closed her eyes and she looked down at her feet. "I did have a crush on you, Doctor, when you were--different. I'm glad I didn't learn about Grace then, but when you changed--no offense, Doctor, but it's just something I couldn't--process. I mean intellectually when you explained about regeneration, I didn't have a problem. Emotionally and as a human, I had some things to think about."

"I understand." The Doctor smiled. "Thank you for being honest with me."

"Yeah, sure. You know, Grace knew you immediately. She knew you, and I figured it out. Even before you changed she fell for you."

"Well, I dunno about that. She did kill me, you know." He dropped the locket on the seat where he had been resting. "Come on. There are far more important things other than our feelings to investigate."

"Suits me. Using a gun that sprays virus point blank at a Dalek is easy. Sharing your soul is hard."


The Doctor took Nora's warm hand and led her down the stairs of the Monahan residence.

The Doctor removes Nora's coat from the peg and holds it out for her.

"Why thank you, suh. You are the gentlemen."

"I do like to consider myself a Renaissance man," the Doctor grinned as he held open the door for Nora. The wind was bracing.

"Which way? No, wait. Let me guess. The alley."

"Good guess."

"It's either the alleys or the sewers. It can never be a spa or salon."

"It's not like I pick these places, Nora."

"I swear, Doctor, sometimes I think you do."

The Doctor took the lead and crossed the street. He was aware of Nora's closeness behind him. Time Lords were mildly telepathic. They could if they concentrated very hard sense somebody else with mild telepathic abilities. This ability of course was nearly useless. It certainly never saved him from being hit on the head by a cudgel wielded by some obtuse Ogron or such.

"Amazing. I did not hear you at all, Doc-Tor, and your companion I only heard a moment ago," the thing in the alley hissed. "Impressive for a human. Can this be Sarah Jane Smith?"

"No, Sarah and I parted company a long time ago. I will tell her that you send her your love."

The Doctor entered the alley, and the moon cast its light on a huge, stocky figure that could only made of pure Sontaran.

"Ah, a joke. To whom else do I have the honor of addressing?"

"This is Nora Barrows. You apparently know me."

"Indeed. Five times you have defeated the Sontaran Empire, Doctor, but they were fools of an inferior caste. I am Commander Sirsk of the Sontaran Timecraft Toral. I and my crew have come from the future to stop the Rutans from interfering from Terran history."

A horse and carriage clip-clopped and rolled by.

"We shouldn't be discussing things like this so openly," Nora said.

"Your companion is correct, Doctor. If you will permit me, I know of a more secure area to talk of our common enemy."

"By all means."

The Doctor saw the silhouette of the Sontaran fidget, and then lights of green and red glowed against his armor and the trenchcoat concealing his battle gear.

A familiar sensation of nausea heralded a stranger glow around he and Nora. Fortunately, she too was familiar with Transmat technology, although judging by the look on her face, perhaps not yet acclimated. The Doctor grinned.


"Ohhhh, my stomach."

"Buck up, Nora."

He gazed around. They have quite an audience. The Sontarans raised their arms out, curled their fists and slammed them hard against the leathery armor sheathing their chests.

"Hail the Doctor! Bringer of Light to the Sontaran Empire!"

"That's a new one."

"After so many defeats at your hands Doctor. The Sontarans decided to implement new genetic material into the clone stock. These genes included a higher intellectual capacity. One that allowed us to overthrow our stupid, warlike ancestors. The Sontaran Race is still dedicated to eradicating the Rutans, and protecting our personal history, but we have reconsidered our stance on the other species in the cosmos."

"If you can't beat them, join them."

"Just so. It has been most satisfactory, and personally gratifying to be the honorable creatures we once were. If you both will follow me."

The Doctor stepped off the platform, stuck his hands in his pockets and took a gaze around the room, and it was round. The dome curvature surrounded circular equipment that looked far more advanced than any of the nasty, dull machinery in any of the other Sontaran crafts he had the misfortune to visit.

"You're a star, Doctor."

"Well, we knew that of course."

The Doctor smiled and followed Sirsk out of the Transmat bay. He swooped around a curve that led to another Sontaran using a laser beam to solder the curved wall of the hall.

"We attempted to shoot down the Rutan before it made an incursion. Unfortunately, the damage we received from the initial time travel followed by defensive fire damaged our ship."

"Which is why you need our help..."

"Correct, Doctor. Our armory was destroyed. From past experience, the creature knew where to hit us. Personal weaponry is nigh useless on their energy fields."

"Indeed. They lost a few tricks as the years fell."

"But if the Rutan can travel through time--"

"It cannot. The Rutan we face is from this time. It believes and we have led it to believe that we are also from this time. The signature of our ship would be undetectable by its sensors. They would falsely categorize as a Sontaran Battleship. We are far more. The Sontarans are a very old race, No-ra. It seeks to steal the secrets of time travel to eliminate us."

"Not good for anybody."

"Exactly. It chose this point in time because the humans will perfect time travel at this point."

"The stuff they don't teach you in history books."

"Experience is the best education, Nora."

They followed Sirsk to a large room where Sontarans, identical every one, sat and conversed over drinks and food.

"Please, sit. I will have refreshments delivered and we may discuss a battle tactic."

"Good. Now, exactly what types of armaments are available to us?"


"Weren't you paying attention, Doctor? The Sontarans lost their armory."

"Just so. I was hoping with your advanced knowledge you may be able to use our personal weapons."

"I'm not a sorcerer."

"That is not exactly true from the reports I have gathered."

"Flatterer." The Doctor smiled.

"Ah, the Blorsht Bird and Valian. Please, enjoy our hospitality."

The Doctor looked at the steaming purple avian with four wings and two sets of legs. The Valian looked the color of grass. He glanced at Nora. Her face blank, her skin white as a cloud.

"This looks scrumptious." The Doctor took the knife and sliced off some meat. He popped it in his mouth. "This is scrumptious! Nora, close your eyes, open your mouth and taste."

"Oh my, god!"

"Well, small wonders in the strangest of places."

"It is not a handsome bird when alive, but dead it serves a good purpose. Try the Valian. The year I am told is perfect."

"Indeed it is." The Doctor made quick work of the bird on the platter and split the slices among them. "Now, let's see what we can do with what we have. What do we have besides a well stocked kitchen?"

"Departments you mean?"


"The damage was mainly to our engines. This caused a chain reaction that destroyed our armory. I will have to think twice about putting all the guns in one place. A tactical error."

"Not to worry about that, everybody makes mistakes."

"Yeah, we're all--oh--that is we're all--what are we all?"

"We are Sontarans, and this error will be bred out of our stock."

"No. Don't do that. You learn from your mistakes. That's why I was always able to defeat--Did you say stock?"

"Yes. What of it?"

"This is a mission vital to the Sontaran Empire, correct?"


"If something happened to you and your crew, what would the rest of the survivors do?"

"Breed us again."

"You have clone stock aboard this ship?"

"Of course."

"And the equipment for making clones?"


"The Rutan has been making duplicates of everybody else for himself."

"Indeed, he tried to take the red-haired sister of Bram Monahan."

"If you stopped them, you have more than my thanks."

"Awwww. The Doctor's kind of sweet on her."

"Shut up, you." The Doctor smiled. "It would have been like dissecting a puppy."

"Eeww. Thanks for that picture, Doctor."

"It needs somebody close to the project to infiltrate. Well, I say that we give the Rutan what it wants."


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