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Time's Glory: An Stargate fic (1/2)

Title: Time's Glory
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Characters: SG1, SGA, OCs (The TOC)
Word Count: 7763
Rating: PG-13 ?
Notes: This is the sequel to "Count Time" and "Long Time Coming" in which SG-1 meets up with Col. Alan Kelly, a time traveler from the future, and his team. His stories can be found here: The TOC Files. This takes place during season 2 but there are no specific spoilers except perhaps for "Coup d'Etat". After that it kinda becomes AU as I took awhile to finish it. There is a third with the possibility of a fourth if I get some ideas.


"Time's glory is to calm contending kings,
To unmask falsehood and bring truth to light"
Shakespeare, "Rape of Lucrece"


Elizabeth rested her arms on the railing and gazed at the Gate, marveling at how something so innocuous could change the course of so many lives. She sighed as she enjoyed the peaceful moment as they were so infrequent. When she wasn't trying to deal with imminent catastrophe, she was monitoring the off-world missions and keeping track of friends and foes.

What the hell? In less than it took her to blink, two men appeared in the Gateroom. There had been no light like that given off from an Asgard beam and the Gate hadn't activated. It was a new and possibly dangerous technology. She was just about to call for Security when she noticed one of the men wore an SGC uniform. The other was unfamiliar. As the SGC man slowly turned she recognized the face and smiled. "Dr. Jackson, what brings you to Atlantis?"

"Dr. Weir. Elizabeth. It's good to see you. I was on a mission last time you were at the SGC. Though how you could pull yourself away... This place is amazing."

"It is, isn't it?" Elizabeth knew that Daniel would go on indefinitely if given the chance. "You still didn't answer me."

"I brought him," said the other man.

"Oh, sorry. Dr. Elizabeth Weir, Col. Alan Kelly."

Elizabeth got a better look at the man as they shook hands. He was just about six-feet tall with an athletic build. His sandy brown hair was a bit longer than the normal military cut but it looked good on him. His eyes were a deep emerald green that held some amusement like he was the only one who knew the punch-line.

"Have we met before, Colonel? Your name is familiar."

"I don't think so, Doctor."

Then she remembered. "You helped SG-1 on a mission four years ago."

"I forgot you read the files," said Daniel.

"One of the more sensational ones, too. I mean, time travel?"

"Believe me, we were all a bit skeptic to begin with," said Daniel. "As a matter of fact, Sam, Teal'c, and Col. Mitchell are still in the future."

"Daniel," Col. Kelly warned.

The archeologist reigned in his enthusiasm. "I'd better not say any more. I might let something slip."

"If you gentlemen would care to follow me, I'd like to introduce you to some of the expedition members and then we can find you some quarters."

As she walked, Elizabeth spoke into her comms unit. "Will Col. Sheppard, Dr. McKay, Dr. Beckett, Teyla, and Ronan please come to the briefing room? We have visitors." She led them up the stairs past the control center for the Gate and a large number of the city's systems. The technicians looked warily at the new arrivals before turning back to their work.

"Sam would love to take a look at this," commented Daniel.

"Col. Carter joining you?"

"In a couple of days," answered Col. Kelly. "Along with the rest of SG-1 and my team."

"You have a team as well, Colonel?"

"Alan, please. And yes. We're very similar to SG-1 in a way. I'm sure the others at the briefing will have questions and I'd rather explain it all at once."

"Of course. Right this way."


Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard was ready to enjoy a little downtime. He had his beer, some popcorn, and War and Peace. Sitting back on his bed, he opened the book to page 26 and read one line before he heard Elizabeth's voice calling him to the briefing room. Visitors? It's too early for the Daedalus to be back and I doubt any of our allies want to associate with us right now. He closed his book, swung himself off his bed, and then headed up to meet the visitors.

He met up with Rodney just outside. "Any idea what's going on?"

"I'm just as much in the dark as you are, Rodney. I was just trying to get some reading done."

"Reach page 30 yet? I, on the other hand, was trying to run some diagnostics to improve the interface between our technology and the Ancients'."

John sighed inwardly at Rodney's not-so-subtle bragging. Yes, the man was brilliant, but he came with an equal dose of arrogance. All he needed was to be firm and Rodney would stop rambling. "I'm sure you'll be back to your diagnostics before too long. Well just have to make a show of some sort and then they'll go."

The briefing room door was open and he could see that he and Rodney were the last to arrive. Elizabeth, Teyla, Beckett, and Ronan were sitting at the table with the two visitors. One in civvies--denim shirt, grey pants, bomber jacket--was around 6-foot and carried himself like he was military though the hair was even longer than his own. He then looked at the other and recognized him from his brief time at the Ancient outpost in Antarctica. "Dr. Jackson."

"Is the rest of SG-1 here?" asked Rodney eagerly. Practically everyone knew he had a thing for Col. Carter.

"John, if you and Rodney would take a seat, we can make introductions and get the briefing underway."

John took his seat between Teyla and McKay.

Elizabeth began. "Some of you know Dr. Daniel Jackson from the SGC. He is largely responsible for this expedition."

"I really don't think--" Dr. Jackson started.

"Our other guest is Col. Alan Kelly who has assisted SG-1 in the past. I'll leave it to them to explain their presence."

Dr. Jackson coughed a little nervously. "I'd just like to say that I'm glad to have finally made it here and would love to take the time to examine all that you've found. As for how I got here, it wasn't through the Gate or via Daedalus. This is where I need you to suspend your disbelief." He took a deep breath. "Col. Kelly is from 300 years in the future and has the ability to time travel."

John could not believe what he was hearing. Granted, a couple of years ago he would have scoffed at aliens and the Lost City of Atlantis. He surreptitiously looked at everyone around the table and the only one who didn't seem too stunned was Elizabeth. Could she have known about this already? It's the only explanation. Of course! She was in charge of the SGC at one point. She must've read the mission report.

"It's a theoretical impossibility!" blurted Rodney. "The energy needed is massive and--"

"Dr. McKay, you're talking to the wrong person. I don't know how it works; only that it does. I've been to Bosworth Field, Elizabethan London, and I flew in World War I."

John couldn't help himself. "What?"

The colonel looked at him. "Sopwith Camel."

John was impressed. From all he had read, he knew those were difficult to handle. "So what are you doing here?"

"SG-1 helped us defeat an agitator who turned out to be Ba'al. I was placed on sick leave so I thought I'd bring Daniel here as a thank you."

"Were you wounded in battle?" asked Teyla.

"I was shot with a staff weapon. I had a reaction to the medication Dr. Lam gave me and it got infected."

"They kept him sedated for two days to get a head start on the healing process," put in Dr. Jackson. "He's only been awake for about four hours."

Wow! If I'd been in a hospital for two days after a serious wound, I'd just want to veg on the couch. John could see Ronon was looking at the colonel with the closest thing he had ever seen to admiration. He was so stoic it was hard to tell.

"We'll try to make your stay as restful as possible, Colonel."

"Thank you, Dr. Weir. I'm sure I can find a few things to interest me here."

"That's it!"

All eyes turned to Beckett. "What?" John asked the doctor.

"The Competition," he stated looking at Kelly. "It's been bothering me but now I know why you're so familiar. You were in The Competition."

"What? That sixties band?" asked McKay.

"Congratulations, Dr. Beckett. It took Daniel a lot longer to come to that conclusion."



Teyla looked at the visitors, trying to get a feel for their character. She had heard Dr. Daniel Jackson's name spoken with both respect and admiration. For, as she understood, he was the one who discovered the Gate address to Atlantis. He was also a soldier, helping to destroy many of Earth's enemies. She could tell, however, that first and foremost he was a scholar.

The other, Col. Kelly, was most definitely a soldier. She could see it in the way he held himself, seemingly relaxed but constantly alert. Though she knew none of the incidents he listed from Earth's history, the list itself was impressive.

"It must be difficult going into the past, knowing what's to come."

"And not to say a word. That takes willpower," said McKay.

"Why wouldn't you say what you know?" questioned Ronan.

"In the times Alan visited, to claim to know the future was viewed as heresy and it could get you killed. Even nowadays not many would believe," explained Dr. Jackson as the scholar emerged. "Even so, to try and change the past would completely erase the future."

"That's why we're called the Temporal Observers," said the colonel. "It's the first rule."

"What's the second?" Sheppard asked.

"I don't think we've come up with that one yet."

Teyla knew she was going to enjoy spending time with the new arrivals.


Rodney could not believe it when he saw Dr. Jackson in the briefing room. His first instinct was to look around for the rest of SG-1. Usually wherever he was, she-they weren't far behind.

And as for the colonel. Time travel. A likely story. His hands itched to get a hold of his time machine, though. Ugh, that sounds so B-movie. I'll just call it his temporal device. Yeah, that sounds much better. "Hey, how did you know I was Dr. McKay?"

"Dr. Weir called you Rodney."


"I guess it couldn't hurt to say."

"Are you sure, Alan?" asked Dr. Jackson. "I just thought you might want to contain it or something."

"I'm not going to give out any details so don't try to pry anything out of me. Everything and everyone associated with this expedition are well-known in my time. It's acquired near-mythic status."

Rodney's chest puffed up at that thought. They probably studied him alongside Einstein and Keppler.

"Dr. Beckett's study of Wraith biology was groundbreaking."


"Sorry, Rodney," said Sheppard in mock sympathy. "Looks like medicine won after all."

Rodney looked over at Carson who was sitting up a little straighter. Well, maybe he needs a little boost. Me, I know my work will live on.


Hearing that his work would be considered groundbreaking, Carson sat up a little straighter. He now had his own ammunition that would be sure to quiet Rodney. Whenever he felt he wasn't getting anywhere on his research, he'd remember this moment to help him keep going. The look on Rodney's face would make him smile as he did so.

He also wouldn't mind trying to get some of the colonel's blood to attempt to discover why he had a reaction to basic antibiotics. He would probably have to be sneaky about it. As the city's chief physician, he would need to check the progress of his wound, make sure he was healing properly. That would be the best way to go about it.

"How did you get to be The Competition?" he asked.

"It was a lark, basically. It was for my brother Evan's birthday that we went to Hamburg to meet the Beatles. We became friends and when we met them again in London 1963, they talked us into recording. Simple really."

"So you can just take these machines and go when and where you like?"

"I'm the only one who can use it anyway. After a nasty incident, the inventor added a little something that makes it respond to the original wearer's biochemistry. Besides, we can return before we're missed."

"How are your missions chosen?" asked Elizabeth.

"There's a committee made up of both Government and Military officials. I don't know what criteria they follow, but they choose the missions, and believe me, they're not always the most peaceful. The French Revolution, Battle of the Boyne, 12th century England, World War I. On top of that, I still have to fly regular missions."

"I'd never know if I were coming or going," commented Col. Sheppard.

"I'd probably have a nervous breakdown," said Rodney.

"As this is meant to be a fact-finding tour for Daniel, I'm closing the floor."

"Very well," said Elizabeth. "We'll find your quarters where you can stow your gear and then we can start the tour."


Ronon watched as everyone filed out of the briefing room. McKay tried to get close to the new colonel to get his hands on the machine. To Ronon, the concept was like something out of the myths and legends he had heard as a child. To see it as something real was strange, but he wasn't doubtful of the possibility. The man was here after all.

Even though Sheppard and Weir vouched for Jackson, who in turned vouched for Kelly, Ronon still felt they could have some ulterior motive or they could just have something against him. He would take his time assessing them, waiting for some outward sign of acceptance. Only then would he befriend them.


Daniel couldn't believe it! He had finally made it to Atlantis! Granted, he wouldn't be able to use the excuse anymore, but that was a minor concession. He tried to take in everything as they walked the corridors to the living quarters.

"Daniel, you'll have time to examine everything at your leisure later," said Elizabeth with a slight laugh.

"I know. I just can't help it. To have searched for it for so long only to find it and not be able to go..."

"You'll just have to make a video for Jack," said Alan as he tried to shake off McKay.

"Oh, like he taped his trip?"

"A camcorder would have stood out in the early 1900s. Besides, were you the least bit interested in seeing the Cubs win the Series?"

"Not really, no." Daniel reached into his bag and pulled out his camcorder. He immediately turned it on Elizabeth. "Smile."

"Why don't you save it for the tour?" she said.

Daniel turned it off and replaced it. "Good idea. Don't want to waste the batteries."

"We've a number of different batteries," put in McKay. "I'm sure we could..." His voice trailed off after receiving a glare from Elizabeth.

"Thanks, McKay. I'll check into that for backup."

The room they gave him was quite spacious, similar to a hotel suite. "I could get spoiled by this."

"As long as you don't tell Gen. Landry of our accommodations," joked Sheppard. "Then everyone'll wanna come here."

"And before you know it, there goes the neighborhood," said Alan as he rejoined them.

Daniel set his pack down on the bed and removed his vest. There was no need for it here.

"Are you ready?" asked Elizabeth.

"I don't think you really need to ask that," said McKay as Daniel hurried through the door.

Partway down the hall he realized he forgot something. He held up his hand, turned and headed back to his room to grab his camcorder.


Alan was impressed with the condition of the city. After being abandoned for so many years, the members of the expedition had done a marvelous job of getting it up and working. Going by its size, there was no way it was completely occupied.

In his time it was a bustling metropolis, a sought-after resort. There had been a time after the knowledge of the Stargate had been lost that coming out to the Pegasus Galaxy was a long journey, not one to be taken for a weekend getaway. However, once the engines were revamped, travel time was reduced by something like 75%, it was opened to tourists.

"Is the tour boring you?" questioned Sheppard.

"Sorry, my mind was elsewhere. Actually, I was thinking of what it will look like."

"Better or worse?"

Alan mimed buttoning his lip.

They continued on and Daniel was full of questions regarding what they had discovered pertaining to each room or general area. Then they arrived at the jumper bay and it was Alan's turn to be full of questions. Even though they weren't much to look at, he knew there was advanced technology inside. He just itched to go in one.

"Amazing," said Daniel. "We found one of these on a mission and it was fitted with a temporal drive."

"What? You're saying the Ancients had the ability to time travel?" That was the first Alan had heard of it.

"What happened to the jumper?" asked Elizabeth.

"You know, I'm not sure. It's probably in Area 51 or something."

"You don't know what happened to it?" McKay was indignant. "I would think that S-Col. Carter would be tearing it apart to find out how it works."

"I don't think it ever happened," Alan interrupted. "I don't remember ever hearing about time travel experiments at this time."

"You've said the future can change. What if they find it and use it now?"

"It could be but I doubt it." The day was finally catching up to him. "I think I had better get some rest. My brother'll kill me if I don't take care of myself."

"He's tried before," joked Daniel.

"This time he'll have backup in the form of Shannon and Eric."

"Your brother tried to kill you?" questioned Ronon.

"We didn't know we were brothers at the time." He headed for his quarters. "If you really want the story, Daniel can tell you. I'm dead on my feet."

"Rest well, Colonel," said Teyla.

Maybe it wasn't the smartest thing, rushing off like that after getting out of hospital. He really was beat. Maybe just a little nap and I'll be fine. At least Daniel is having a great time. I doubt he'll sleep for days.

Upon reaching his quarters, Alan collapsed on the bed and was asleep in seconds.


Elizabeth was getting coffee in the mess when she spotted Col. Kelly having breakfast. "Sleep well, Colonel?" she asked with a smile.

He looked up. "As I slept for almost 14 hours, I think that's a silly question." He motioned for her to join him.

She sat across from him. "Perhaps you weren't ready for all that walking we did yesterday."

"It could just be that I needed sleep. I haven't had some downtime in awhile."

"Daniel said we should leave you alone. He checked on you himself a couple of times."

"I take it he didn't sleep at all last night, making use of the city's archives, pulling an all-nighter."

Elizabeth smiled. Everyone knew that once Dr. Jackson found something to intrigue him, he wouldn't sleep. As the story went, that was how he deciphered the symbols on the Stargate. "So you slept for him as well."

"So it would seem." He finished his coffee.

"I don't mean to tell you what do to, but I think you should pay Dr. Beckett a visit."

"I was already thinking that. I won't be able to tell him what medications I'm on and if he were to examine my blood, he might find certain things he shouldn't."

"I'll come with you to make sure his professional curiosity doesn't get the better of him."

"Thank you." He stood and carried his tray over to where the bins for dirty plates and utensils were placed. He paused and looked out the window onto Atlantis and the ocean. The look on his face was something like longing.

"It's quite a sight, isn't it?"

"It looks so tranquil. All I need is a lounge chair and a pitcher of beer and I'd be happy."

"You don't get much time to unwind? I would have thought that you could go to some tropical paradise to relax."

"The last time I was on a tropical beach, I was being chased by pirates. My breaks start out promising but they never seem to end that way."

"I'll take that as a warning."

They walked to the infirmary and were practically pounced upon by Carson. "You're looking much better, Colonel."

"I got in a full night's sleep."

"And part of the day from what I understand."

"Carson, Col. Kelly has stressed to me how important it is that you do not use any blood samples for research. I know it's hard to contain your curiosity, but anything beyond checking on his infection could reveal something we're not meant to learn."

Carson was crestfallen but he hid it behind his professionalism. "Very well, Dr. Weir. There is one thing I would like to test for, however."

"The gene? I would think so if you ignore any other 'discrepancies' you may find."

"You want to test to see if I carry the Ancient gene?"

"It would be interesting to know if it still exists in the future," commented Carson in a somewhat pleading tone.

"OK if you take the path of least temptation."

Once they were settled, Elizabeth moved on to check Rodney's progress. John found her and walked alongside. "Did you want something?"

"I want to follow up a lead on Ford."

"Every lead we've had has fallen apart. How do we know he's even been there?"

"We won't find out until we go, will we?" He looked at her as if daring her to say no.

She knew she couldn't refuse. She shared a sense of his guilt in thinking they had somehow failed Ford by not expressing their concern and compassion for his condition. If they could find him and bring him back to Atlantis, she knew there was a way to help him. "Very well."

"Great! Thanks! You tell Rodney and I'll get Teyla and Ronon!" He rushed off down the corridor.

Elizabeth shook her head as she entered Rodney's lab.


Rodney looked up as Elizabeth walked in shaking her head. "Elizabeth," he stated in greeting.

"Rodney. How are you progressing?"

"Quite well, actually. Another few hours should let me know if I'm on the right track."

"You'll need to put that off for a bit. Col. Sheppard has requested to follow up a lead on Ford."

"He would interrupt my work for a possible wild goose chase." He set down his handheld. "When do we head out?"

"Within 30 minutes I should think. He ran off to tell Teyla and Ronon before we could discuss departure."

"I'll just need to set things up so they'll function while I'm gone."

"Come to the Gateroom when you're ready." She left.

Rodney sighed. Being part of Sheppard's team cut in drastically on his lab work. It was amazing he got anything done at all. He didn't mind the scientific challenges provided on off-world missions. It was the danger aspect that dampened his enthusiasm. He didn't cope well with fear. He had a tendency to hyperventilate which led to passing out.

I bet Kelly only passes out due to medical reasons like exhaustion or trauma. I have to get a look at that machine of his though. I need to see how it works. But if I do, it could affect everything I do from then on, not something that is good for the continuum.

He looked at his supposed assistants to see who he could trust to keep an eye on his project while he was gone.


Daniel was having one of the best times of his life--or lives. The information stored in the archives was massive. Maybe he could somehow get it copied so he could take it back to the SGC, which, of course, would mean more sleepless nights.

There were a number of archivists each set to translating their own section so there would be no danger of overlapping. The woman who was there at the moment had proven to be quite proficient and a great help.

He felt more than saw someone new enter the room and sit across from him. He marked his place with his index finger before looking up to see Alan grinning at him. "You're looking much better."

"I'm great, thanks. Carson wanted to run a gamut of tests, but Elizabeth and I talked him into only testing what was necessary."

"Did he consider testing for the Ancient gene necessary?"

"Yes, he did. Made him take a swab of saliva. No extra blood for him to examine." He leaned forward to peer at the items spread across the table. "Have you found anything of great import?"

"Nothing truly earth-shattering, no, but fascinating just the same. I don't want to bore you--"

"Thank you."

"So I'll tell you that what I've translated so far mostly revolves around daily life on Atlantis and their interaction with other planets."

"So nothing on ascension or the Wraith."

"Not yet, but the archivists and translators here are making great progress so it shouldn't be long until we do find something."

"Since you seem to have this in hand, I'm going to see if I can find Sheppard and get a ride in a jumper."

"Typical pilot," commented Daniel to his back before resuming his translations, immersing himself to the exclusion of all else.


Teyla sparred with one of the soldiers who wished to learn to fight with Athosian fighting sticks. They were proficient in the technique but she could not find anyone outside her own people who knew the art, the finesse of their use.

After vanquishing her challenger, Teyla turned to towel herself off and saw Col. Kelly standing, watching. "May I help you?"

"I'm sorry. I was looking for Col. Sheppard." He picked up a set of sticks and touched them with great reverence. "These are remarkably versatile weapons. He twirled one in his hand. "Good balance. May I?"

"Are you sure you're ready for such activity?"

"I think I can manage it. We'll start easy and see how I do."

"Very well." She picked up her set and approached him. "First we bow to acknowledge the honor of the confrontation." She bowed her head as she spoke, lifting her eyes to see that Kelly did the same. She then took up a ready stance.

Teyla started off slow to see how well he could handle the fighting sticks. She then picked up speed and came at him from both sides, making sure to avoid his right side where he was injured. Still he blocked all her advances. "You are doing quite well, Colonel. Are you sure you have never fought with these before?"

"Quite sure."

"How are you feeling?"

"Ready to take it up a notch."

Teyla added spins and feints as well as more speed. He met and blocked every blow like a master. He then unexpectedly took the offensive, raining down blows on all sides. Before long, he had disarmed her and had both sticks crossed at her throat.

"Well, that's something I never thought I'd see." Sheppard was leaning in the doorway. "Granted, Ronon did it by brute force, but this was amazing."

"I have a knack with weapons," Kelly said as he lowered the sticks and bowed. "I merely watched Teyla's moves and adopted them to fit my style."

"No wonder you joined the military." Sheppard turned to her. "Teyla, we're off to track down another lead on Ford."

"I will be ready in ten minutes." She paused in the doorway. "Thank you, Colonel."

"Thank you for not treating me like a invalid."

With a nod, she continued on to her quarters to change and prepare for the mission.


John looked at Kelly. "Ready to go?" When the man only stared at him, he continued. "I promised you a ride in a jumper, didn't I?"

"I was thinking just a little jaunt around the planet, not off-world."

"As you're basically along for the ride, I would like you to stay in the jumper until we check things out. Elizabeth would have my hide should anything happen to you, let alone what SG-1 would do."

"I think I can manage to stay out of the way."

They arrived at the jumper bay and boarded Jumper 1. "I've got to go talk with Elizabeth but it shouldn't take long. I don't want to sound like I'm talking down to you, but--"

"I won't touch anything no matter how much my curiosity nags me." To prove his point, he sat on his hands.

"Great." John left for the Gateroom knowing he could trust Kelly to keep his word.

They met at the control room and Elizabeth started. "Before I forget, I want to let you know that Dr. Beckett's test show that Col. Kelly does not possess the Ancient gene."

"And you're telling us why?"

"Weren't you just the least bit curious, Rodney? To see if there are those in the future who possess it?"

"All it would have shown is that one man possesses it. It hardly proves that his whole civilization does."

"I'll bet Beckett was disappointed," said John. "He was so eager."

"I think that was more about the other tests he wanted to do." She then got down to the topic at hand. "I want you to treat this as a basic search-and-rescue mission. Anything beyond that, contact Atlantis is you are able. If not, use your discretion." She looked pointedly in his direction. "The Wraith still believe Atlantis is destroyed and we cannot afford to lose that advantage. If you can't bring Ford home, bring us a step closer."

"I know the drill," he said. "We'll do our best."

When the team arrived at the jumper bay, Kelly was waiting outside. "What's the matter? Why aren't you inside?"

"I was hearing this weird buzzing that was driving me mad."

"What's he doing here?" demanded Ronon.

"I said I'd take him for a ride in the jumper." He entered the ship and stood still. "I don't hear anything."

"Sheppard, this is a mission, not a joyride. We shouldn't be taking him with us."

"The two of us already talked it over. He's going to stay in the jumper until we check the place out. Once we know it's OK, he can join us."

"And what has Dr. Weir said to this?" questioned Teyla as she joined him in the cockpit.

"Uh, nothing." He powered up the ship as the others took their seats and buckled in.

"Because you didn't tell her," said Ronon.

"If it's going to cause such a problem, you can always take me for a ride later."

"It's a basic recon mission that might turn into search-and-rescue. Besides, it's not like you're a civilian."

Rodney looked at Kelly. "Still hearing that buzzing?"

"A bit. It's not as bad as it was."

"It could be the electronics affecting you somehow."

"Has anyone else had the same reaction?"

"Not that I'm aware of."

"Maybe enough exposure to it will build up an immunity," John said as the ship lowered to the Gateroom.

"I hope so." He looked at the open Gate in front of them. "I don't think I'll ever get used to this."

"Do not the Gates exist in your time?" asked Teyla.

"Oh, they exist. The knowledge of how to use them was lost. I wouldn't be surprised if Col. Carter is trying to remedy the situation."

"If anyone can, it's her," declared Rodney.

"Did you just pay someone a compliment?" asked John as they materialized on the other side.

"Well, since I'm not there..."

John landed the jumper in a field outside the nearest city and engaged the cloak. "OK, let's go explore."


Ryan Kelly stood at attention in Gen. McGuire's office knowing it should be his brother standing there getting a tongue-lashing, not him. But no, once Alan learned that the general public had discovered the existence of the TOC due to bringing SG-1 to the present, he scarpered, declaring he was taking sick leave.

"Now I know you knew nothing of your brother's decision but I have to make it look like I'm upbraiding someone." The general took a seat behind his desk. "I think we all got carried away by seeing SG-1 that we were a bit lax in security." He motioned for Ryan to sit. "Do you have any idea where he went?"

"Only coordinates. We're to meet him there."

"Would I be right in assuming it's in the past?"

"He hinted to Dr. Jackson that it would be something he would enjoy, so I'd say that's a good guess."

"He can make friends with just about anybody."

"Even his enemies have a grudging respect for him."

"Speaking from experience?"

"Oh, definitely. I had the perfect setup until he got involved."

"I'll just have to have something waiting for him upon his return. Perhaps a week-long press junket. You know how he hates that."

Ryan grinned. "Sounds perfect, sir. If he asks me how it all went, I'll try to make him think it's all been settled." He stood. "I had better go check on the others, sir. I know they want to join Alan and Dr. Jackson."

"Very good. Remember, not a word."

Ryan zipped his lip before saluting and leaving. He never thought he'd be plotting pranks with a general. With a smile on his lips, he contacted Shannon. {Where are you?}

{With Teal'c and Cameron. Hernandez has them flying again.}

(And Sam?}

{Eric's taken her to see the Gate enthusiasts to help them get it working again.}

{OK, you get Teal'c and Mitchell to my rooms on the Base and I'll get Sam and Eric. It's time to go meet Alan and Daniel.}

Because of what happened, he had been called back to the Base while Eric and Shannon played guide and guard for SG-1. Shannon was still on the Dreadnought and Eric was at the World Institute of Technology.

He homed in on Eric's machine and appeared beside him. "How're things going?"

Eric looked up from his handheld. "Seems to me that the techies have a good grasp of what Sam's been saying. It's way beyond me, though. What did McGuire have to say?"

"He yelled a bit and said we should have known better." Ryan decided not to share his secret.

Sam saw that he had arrived and came over. "Ryan, it's good to see you."

"And whole, as you can see. Do these guys have a good enough grasp of things that you can leave them to it?"

"I believe so. Is it time for us to go?"

"Plan is to meet the others at my quarters on the Base before going to the coordinates Alan gave us."

Sam said goodbye to the technicians then walked back. "Gentlemen, I'm ready."

Ryan put out his left arm while Eric put out his right. "I'll do the driving," Ryan said and set the coordinates.


Cameron Mitchell was enjoying himself way too much. These ships handled like a dream. Everything back home would feel clunky in comparison. Plus he was flying in space!

Shannon's voice came over the radio. "Sorry, Cam, it's time to come back down. We've got to meet the others."

"Sure thing." That could only mean it was time to join Jackson and Kelly. He steered into the bay and landed with only a couple of bumps.

"Not bad," said Hernandez. "After a few more lessons, you'd be ready for the Rangers."

"Thanks." Cam removed his helmet and shook hands with his teacher. Shannon and Teal'c were waiting for him. "Now that's a ride!"

"Indeed. If we had such a ship in our time, we would easily defeat the Goa'uld."

"That's something you can only speculate on. Let's get your gear and then we'll be off."

They walked to the quarters that had been set aside for them. Shannon kept stressing that they could only take what they came with--no extras allowed. While he and Teal'c were putting on their vests, she placed a call to Adm. Kotsovitch to let him know they were leaving.

"It was an honor having you aboard the Dreadnought, gentlemen. Give my regards to Col. Carter and Dr. Jackson."

"Will do, Admiral." Cam couldn't help but salute him. Probably just made his decade. That was the least he deserved for how he handled the insanity that broke out when the news spread of their presence.

He took hold of Shannon's right arm while Teal'c took her left and they were back on the Base. Sam, Ryan, and Eric were already there.

"Everybody have everything?" Ryan programmed his machine. "Gather close." And they were whipped off again-

To arrive in a large room to find automatic rifles aimed at them. "Whoa!"


Shannon's first thought on seeing the guns aimed at them was Great, what has Alan dropped us into? She followed the lead of the others and mover her hands away from her body to show there was no harm intended but it was not surrender.

"OK, guys, I don't think that's necessary," said Cam.

A major approached them. "Col. Mitchell. Col. Carter. Teal'c." He motioned the men to lower their weapons. "You, uh, surprised us."

"Your reflexes are quick."

"Thanks, Teal'c. We've had some experience."

"Maj. Lorne, I'll take over from here." A woman with dark hair somewhere in her __s came down a wide set of stairs. Shannon felt a bit left out because the others seemed to know her. "Welcome to Atlantis. I'm Dr. Elizabeth Weir and I am in charge of the expedition. SG-1 I know, so you must be Col. Kelly's team."

Ryan made the introductions. "Maj. Shannon Flynn, Maj. Eric Rader, and I'm Capt. Ryan Kelly."

"You're related to the colonel?"

"He's my brother."

"Then I should tell you he had a checkup today and he's healing nicely."

"That was part of the reason for his coming here," Shannon said. "He also knew we'd check on him when we got here."

"What was the other reason?" asked Maj. Lorne.

"That would be bringing Jackson here," put in Cam. "At least this means I won't have to keep hearing how he missed Daedalus that first trip."

"Where is Daniel Jackson now?" questioned Teal'c.

"He's practically been living in the Archives since he arrived," Dr. Weir told them.

"That sounds like Daniel," Sam smiled.

"I'll take you to him. Perhaps we'll find Col. Kelly on the way."

Shannon opened her mind to see if she could sense Alan. Nothing. "He's not here."

"Are you sure?"

"Shannon, Alan, and Ryan are telepathic," Eric informed her. "If she say's he's not here, he isn't."

"He must have slipped aboard the jumper with Col. Sheppard's team."

"Unless it was by invitation. I wouldn't put it past John."

"Being a pilot, I wouldn't put it past Alan to have asked for a chance to fly in the jumper," commented Eric.

"It's a recon mission so there shouldn't be any trouble," said Dr Weir.

" 'Shouldn't be'?" Shannon was concerned by that phrase.

"Col. Sheppard's team doesn't have the best luck when it comes to run-of-the-mill missions," put in Maj. Lorne.

"Sounds familiar," said Cam.

"We'll know when they make their scheduled call."

Dr. Weir took them into the hallway and pressed a panel on the wall. A door slid open revealing a room about the size of a lift. It was too small for all of them so Dr. Weir took Ryan, Sam, and Cam first. The door slid closed on them. When Maj. Lorne opened it, they were gone. Teleporter. It has to be. She, Eric, and Teal'c joined the major inside where a lit panel seemed to show a lit model of the city. He pressed a finger to a section and, after a second or two of lightheadedness, the door slid open and the others were waiting.

"The Archives are just down here." Dr. Weir led them down the hall.

Shannon still couldn't get over the fact that this was the legendary Atlantis. She had gotten the story from the others after Alan and Daniel had gone. It would explain why nobody could find the ruins.

When another door slid open, Shannon knew they had arrived for it had that library feel. All that was missing were the actual books and the smell of leather. Sitting at one of the many tables was Daniel, bent over parchment.

"Jackson!" called Cam.

"Oh, hi, guys. You made it."

"It appears you have found all that you wished, Daniel Jackson."

"It's all fascinating from an archeological perspective, but I still haven't found anything regarding ascension or the Ori."

"Anything of the Wraith?" asked Dr. Weir.

"A few mentions of them existing but nothing on the war." He looked around. "Have you seen Alan yet?"

"He's gone on a mission with Col. Sheppard," Eric answered.

"He did mention something about a ride in a jumper."

Shannon went over to Daniel and looked at the items before him. "Does this shed any light on their time on Earth?"

"I forgot you were an historian."

"It's easily done. I don't exactly look the part."

At that moment, Shannon heard Dr. Weir say, "I'll be right there." She looked at the rest of them. "We've an incoming message--from Col. Kelly."


Alan poked around the back of the ship while he waited for the all-clear from Sheppard. After about 30 minutes, he had checked all the storage cabinets in the limited area. He sat on one of the bench seats and the buzzing started again. He stood and staggered into the cockpit hoping it would lessen, but it grew stronger. In a fit of anger he slammed his hand down on the control panel.

The buzzing stopped to be replaced by something else, a presence in his mind. It was different from when he spoke with Ryan and Shannon, but there was something there. It wasn't invasive, it wasn't probing, it was just there.

Somehow knowing it wasn't dangerous, he turned his attention to the others. They should have contacted him by now saying it was okay. He didn't want to try calling them in case they were in a tight spot. That only left calling Atlantis, but he didn't know the Gate address. At that very moment, the DHD began dialing itself. It was the ship that had melded with his mind! It had read his thoughts and dialed the Gate!

"Atlantis, this is Kelly. I haven't had any contact from Sheppard or his team since they left a little over twenty minutes ago. I plan to follow their intended path to see if I can find some sign of them."

"Col. Kelly, this is Dr. Weir. Your team and SG-1 have arrived. Would you like them sent as backup?"

Now they arrive! "Give me about another hour. If you don't have any contact by then, it would be a good idea. My team should be able to home in on me once they get here."

"Good luck, Colonel."

Alan ended the connection to Atlantis then went to the back of the ship where he equipped himself with a couple of sidearms, tucking one into the waistband of his pants as a backup. He also took some spare clips and put them in his jacket pocket. The jumper lowered its ramp and he slowly walked out. When he was on the ground, he turned as the ramp closed, hiding all signs of its presence.

"That is so cool."

He then set off in the direction he saw the team take. The path joined a dirt road which he followed, not meeting another soul. There wasn't much noise coming from the surrounding fields either. For something that looked like a farming society, one would expect cows and sheep, or something.

The dirt became large, flat stones reminiscent of Roman roads. It was here that he saw his first locals. A trio of men dressed as laborers were driving a horse-cart in his direction. He nodded at them and smiled as they went past. He turned to continue and felt a blast hit him in the back and he fell to the ground unconscious.


Sam looked at Dr. Weir. "Is there anything we should do to prepare?"

"I'll need to get you a pilot. Only those with the Ancient gene can operate the jumpers."

"Yes, I remember. Col. Sheppard must have given Alan the address for this type of situation."

"Good thing, too," put in Daniel.

"No, Alan would have come here himself if there was no other way," said Shannon.

"You will be able to home in on him like he said, right?"

"We can home in on his machine or his thoughts," Ryan answered.

"Then I think we ought to get you some weapons." Dr. Weir began to walk away.

The man at the controls immediately turned to his computer. "I'll pull up a list of available pilots."

"Very good. I'll take our visitors to the armory."

"So, assuming things went south, who do you think would have taken them?" questioned Cam.

"Aside from the Wraith, I believe there is only one enemy we have encountered that would go out of their way like this to capture one of our teams," Dr. Weir informed them. "The Genii. I only wonder if Sheppard and his team were the intended targets.

"They are the people who attempted to take over Atlantis during the hurricane, are they not?" asked Teal'c.

"Yes. Because John was mostly responsible for their failure--with help from Rodney, Teyla, and myself--they would do anything to get him."

"What exactly was the mission?" Sam wanted to know.

"During the siege by the Wraith, one of Sheppard's men, Lt Ford, nearly died at the hands of one of them and in the process became addicted to an enzyme secreted by a gland. It gives him super-human strength and speed. He fled the city believing we wanted to hurt him. Ever since then we've been searching for him."

"So the Genii got word of this and set up a trap, giving a false report of a sighting knowing Sheppard couldn't pass up the chance," concluded Eric.

Sam wondered if ticking off potential allies was a particular knack of male Air Force colonels.


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