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Long Time Coming --SG1/TOC Files (1/2)

hTitle: Long Time Coming
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Characters: SG-1, OC (Alan Kelly)
Word Count: 6021
Rating: PG-13 ?
Notes: This is the sequel to "Count Time" in which SG-1 meets up with Col. Alan Kelly, a time traveler from the future. His stories can be found here: The TOC Files. This takes place during season 9 but there are no specific spoilers except perhaps for "Ex Deus Machina". There is a third with the possibility of a fourth if I get some ideas.


Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell walked with Gen. Landry down the corridor towards the general's office. "So, what you're trying to say is that there hasn't been any word of the Ori--or Ba'al?"

"No, sir. All's quiet on the Terran front." He smiled at his own little joke.

Landry stared at him unamused. "Get with your team and see if we can anticipate their next move."

"Whose, sir?"

"Either. Both."

They entered the general's office to see a man near forty in olive fatigues stretched out in the visitor's chair. His shoulder patch sported an unfamiliar insignia. He looked to have gone without sleep or just suffered a major fight-maybe both. He acted very at home as if this weren't his first time at the SGC.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my office?" the general demanded.

The man looked up dazed. "Hunh? Oh, guess I missed Jack."

OK, not many guys in uniform will call Gen. O'Neill by his first name--he won't let them. That said a lot for him, plus the fact he was English.

"By a few months! Now answer my question."

"What about Daniel? He hasn't run off anywhere yet, has he?"

He was saved from the general's wrath by the entrance of Jackson. "Excuse me, General, I was wondering if--" He spotted the man in the chair. "Alan? What are you doing here? I mean, it's great to see you but--"

"You know this man, Dr. Jackson?" Landry asked.

"Yes, sir. We met four years ago on P4J-739."

The man called Alan stood and nearly fell over. He was either on something or he was wounded. "You okay?"

He gritted his teeth. "I'm all right. I need your help." He looked at Jackson knowing where his support was.

Jackson in turn looked at Landry. The general sighed. "We will hear your story but I want the doctor to examine you first."

"Yes, sir." He gave a salute.

"Can you walk? We can call--"

"I'm fine, Daniel, though a little assistance won't go amiss."

Jackson went to his left side and Cameron went to his right. Alan winced as Cameron put his arm around him for support. "Let me guess--this is the side with the wound."

"Yeah, it's not too bad unless I move." He tried to move his left hand closer. "Daniel, I need to..."

"Oh, sure." Jackson ducked out from under Alan's arm.

Cameron then noticed what he had thought was just a watch was really some elaborate timepiece, like those multi-function sports watches. Alan then fiddled with some of the settings. Cameron felt a little dizzy and when he looked up he saw they were in the infirmary. "What the hell was that?"

"It's a long story," Jackson said evasively as he helped Alan onto an examination table.

Cameron went to the closest phone and paged Dr. Lam to the infirmary. She appeared not five minutes later, coattails flapping. "What is it, Colonel?"

"Friend of Jackson's got himself hurt."

"I never would have guessed." She carefully removed his jacket then took surgical scissors to his shirt. "This looks very nasty."

Jackson took a peek. "That looks like it's from a staff weapon. But I thought you said..."

"That's why I need to talk to you."

Dr. Lam gently touched the wounded area. "I'll clean it, put on some ointment and then bind it. It will hurt but it shouldn't get infected. I'll also get you some antibiotics and painkillers."

"I doubt I'll need those."

"Just take them anyway. You never know."

"Thank you, Doctor." He held out his hand to Cameron. "We haven't been properly introduced. Col. Alan Kelly."

Cameron took his proffered hand. "Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell."

"I heard your story, Colonel. Makes impressive reading. It would have to be in order for you to get to head SG-1."

Cameron knew he was doing this to keep his mind off the pain of his wound. "Thanks. Sorry I can't say the same about you."

"Daniel, didn't I make mention in your reports?"

"The unedited version," Jackson answered. "There were some things we felt were 'need to know'."

"Ah, then I guess we'll need to remedy that fact since you'll be on my turf."


Alan was saved an immediate explanation by Gen. Landry's page calling them to the briefing room.


Hank Landry looked up from his phone to see the three men had gone. How had they disappeared so quickly when one was wounded was anyone's guess. Going by Jackson's word, SG-1 had worked with the mystery man before. He just needed to pull up the correct mission report. He looked down at the intimidating phone on his desk with all its buttons. Some days he just missed a rotary phone.

Next to one of the buttons was a label marked "WALTER". He pressed it. "Walter, can you get me an SG-1 mission report from four years ago? P4J-739."

"Yes, sir. I'll have it on your desk within 15 minutes."

While he was waiting, Landry thought on the man who had so easily gotten into the SGC without identification and without any alarms going off. Add to that the apparent ease with which he took over a general's office. There had to be more to this story.

Walter knocked on the open door. "I have that mission report, sir." He laid a thick folder on the desk.

"Walter, you know everything that goes on here, right? Do you remember when they went on this mission? Did they have any outside aid?"

"Oh, you mean Col. Kelly?"

"What can you tell me about him?"

"Very likeable, sir. He saved then-Col. O'Neill's life."

"Do you know where he's from? He's not NID?"

"Oh, no, sir. If that were the case, Gen. Hammond would have locked him right up."

"Thank you, Walter."

"Yes, sir." Walter left.

Landry leaned back in the chair and read the mission report. It read like a normal file until he came to a certain passage. He snorted in disbelief before re-reading it. "From the future?" Hammond and SG-1 were convinced when the events of 9/11 unfolded just as he had told them the day before. He then went on to help them capture the Goa'uld Nirrti and rescue the indigenous people of P4J-739. And now he wanted their help. "Walter, call SG-1 to the briefing room!"

Five minutes later Col. Samantha Carter and Teal'c arrived. "What's going on, sir? Is it the Ori?"

"No, Colonel. I was looking over one of your mission reports from four years ago and I was hoping for some clarification."

"What has happened to make you peruse that report?" Teal'c questioned.

"That would be me."

Carter looked to the doorway, a warm smile on her face. "Alan, it's good to see you again."

"An honor to see you, Colonel Kelly," stated Teal'c.

The man walked unaided--but slowly--to the table and lowered himself gently into a chair. Mitchell and Jackson then took their places. "It's good to be here again. I know Gen. Landry and Col. Mitchell are just dying for an explanation."

Landry met the strange officer's gaze and nodded slightly. He didn't want Kelly to know just how curious he was.

Kelly looked as if he were planning what he was going to say. He took a deep breath and just dove in. "I know Gen. Landry has read the mission report so he knows something of what happened, but Col. Mitchell is a bit in the dark."

"That's an understatement," the officer in question muttered.

"I'm from roughly 300 years in the future. The Goa'uld are spoken of in history classes, treated like you would the Huns--or even the Nazis."

"So you're saying they were effectively wiped out," said Landry.

Kelly nodded.

"But how do you explain the wound?" asked Jackson. "It's definitely from a staff blast."

"In the outer reaches there was someone drawing together all the malcontents and misfits to him, spouting something about forming an army and reclaiming what was once theirs. He was dismissed as a crackpot but then things started escalating and the Military was called in."

"You're a regular fighter pilot as well as part of a time-travel team?" questioned Carter.

"Yep. They usually call me in when things are serious and they need all their pilots. Otherwise the TOC takes priority."

"TOC?" asked Mitchell.

"Temporal Observer Corps. We go back basically as witnesses to see how things really happened. We try not to get involved, but sometimes it's hard.

"Anyway, my team and I got into this guy's base and I saw the staff weapons which I recognized from Lloegr. I dismissed it as minor, thinking perhaps they just found a store of weapons. We got close and I almost had him before I was shot. What I saw next decided me on coming here. He used a hand device like Nirrti did and his eyes glowed."

"Did these soldiers have tattoos on their forehead such as mine?" Teal'c asked.

"No, but I did see some with a tattoo on their right hand."

"Can you draw the symbol?" asked Jackson. "It could tell us what Goa'uld survived."

"Then what? Stop him now before it could happen in Kelly's time?" questioned Landry.

"No, sir. That's the last thing we should do," said Carter. "We have to help Alan identify the Goa'uld and find its weakness."

"I think Col. Kelly has a little bit more in mind," said Mitchell. "He wants us to go to his 'turf'."


Sam was surprised her jaw didn't hurt from hitting the table. That statement couldn't mean what she thought it meant. Just to think of all they could see, all they could learn... "Wait a minute. Isn't that just as dangerous as you coming to the past?"

"Not if I limit what you see. I think I can talk my superiors into allowing it," Alan said as he sketched on the pad in front of him.

"You're going to take us with you without approval?" Mitchell sounded impressed.

"Yeah, well, I really didn't have time to ask."

Sam couldn't help but marvel at the ease with which he talked about how he could persuade his superior officers to do almost anything he asked. His TOC must be very select, very elite. Even Col. O'Neill had to go through channels or risk disciplinary action.

"There. That's close to it, I think. Their hands moved too quickly to get a good look." He slid the pad in front of Gen. Landry.

The general nodded expressionlessly before sliding it over to her. The finished symbol was about the sixth try, the others scratched out. The symbol itself was simple and it was hard to believe it represented someone so evil. "Ba'al," she stated.

"If anyone could find a way to survive 300 years, it would be him," remarked Daniel.

"Indeed," agreed Teal'c. "Perhaps he used a sarcophagus as Hathor did."

"Or it could be another clone," put in Mitchell.

"That would have to take into account a couple of things," Sam said. "He would have to have found a way to preserve the original tissue or a way to prevent cellular degradation from clone-to-clone." The others took on a glazed look familiar from whenever she started talking science. "If he is a clone, each successive line 'blurs' from the original; it doesn't take 100%."

"Like making a copy from a copy," Alan said, catching on. "It looses something in the transfer."

"Right." She looked at Gen. Landry. "Sir, do we still have a copy of Ba'al's message?"

"Regarding his wish to be left alone and his subsequent threat? I believe so. I can have Walter--"

At that moment, Walter walked in with the video in question.

"This was the first we had heard of Ba'al since his defeat at Dakkara. He has made himself the head of a multi-national corporation, thus tying our hands," Sam explained to Alan.

"Is this the original or a clone?"

"We've no idea. That's not something you can tell by looking."

Gen. Landry started the video and they all looked at the screen. Sam still found it strange hearing a normal human voice coming from that mouth. It was typical of Ba'al to offer an olive branch in one hand while his other was on a detonator.

"Yeah, that's the guy."

"Well, I guess we have a mission," grinned Mitchell.

"I can't just let you go off for Lord only knows how long without any form of contact."

"I can have them back five minutes after we leave," Alan told the general. "Not even long enough to miss 'em."

"You can't argue with that, General," said Mitchell.

"I suppose not. Very well then."

"Great. Let's get our gear and head out."

"I can't come all this way and not take the time to see Jack. Give me twenty minutes?"

"Sounds good enough. Jackson, why don't you go and keep him from letting slip any important information?"


Daniel wasn't sure what he was looking forward to most: seeing Jack or traveling with Alan. He just knew he hadn't been this keyed-up since before his aborted trip to Atlantis. "Do you need the coordinates?"

"I actually programmed them in ages ago thinking I might make it back. I just don't want to pop in if he has company."

"We could always call him and ask."

"Such a simple solution!"

With a smile, Daniel phoned. "Hey, Jack. You have time to talk?"

"Yeah. Just going over some damn paperwork. I swear for every file I finish, five more take its place. What's up?"

"We got some intel on Ba'al and thought you might want to know."

"Is the source reliable?"

"Very much so. Hold on a sec." He made a point of sounding like there was something needing his attention. "Jack, I have to get back to you."

"Don't forget. I know how easily you get distracted."

"Soon, Jack. Promise." He hung up the phone. "He's alone."

"Nicely done. Let's go."

They stood close together like they were crammed in a phone booth and Alan pressed a button on the device he wore on his wrist. Barely a second later, they stood in Jack's office in the Pentagon. "That soon enough?"

Jack stared at them both, his hand resting on the phone. Then he stood and came over to them. "Kelly! How ya been?" He held out his hand.

Alan shook it. "Not bad, Jack."

"Aside from the staff wound."

Alan glared at him.


"Hi, Jack."

Jack looked back at Alan. "Staff wound?"

"Yeah, not too bad. Dr. Lam fixed me up."

"I take it you're the source Daniel mentioned."

"Yep. I came here to recruit SG-1."

"What do you need them for?"

Alan related his story once again. "I'm sorry you can't come too."

"Hey, you get to take my team to the future but not me? Hell, Ba'al and I go way back."

Daniel knew Alan was going to have an argument on his hands. "Granted, the people in Alan's time would just die to meet the famous Jack O'Neill, do you really think it fair to Mitchell to take this opportunity from him?"

"Yeah, well..."

"Besides, there will be certain constraints placed on what they can see and where they can go so they don't learn anything that could change the future. I don't think you'd take too well to that, Jack."

Alan almost had him. All he needed now was the closer.

"We'll keep you in reserve, Jack. Should anything happen, you'll be the one to save the day."

"You do have a point." He looked at Daniel. "I'll want a full report. And I mean full."

"You got it, Jack."

"Hey, Kelly, do you have any departing words of wisdom?"

Daniel watched as Alan searched his memory. "Nope, nothing comes to mind."

"Good. I would have worried if you had something prepared."

"You take it easy, Jack."

Daniel waved as they disappeared.

Mitchell waved back. "Perfect timing."

"Yeah. Ever since I got my new watch, I haven't been late."

"Maybe we should get Jackson one."

"That would increase my ability to research," he replied slowly thinking over the possibilities. "But it would take the challenge out of it."

Walter stuck his head in the door. "Just a reminder, sir. Five minutes to the weekly status report from Atlantis."

Sam and Teal'c entered the briefing room. "Daniel, here's your gear. You might want to check."

"Thanks, Sam."

"And how did you find O'Neill?"

"Buried in paperwork and hurt that he's missing out on this trip," Daniel replied. "Alan convinced him that he was our backup should anything go wrong." He then faced Alan. "Why did Jack ask if you had any departing words of wisdom?" Then it struck him. "You knew about my ascension, didn't you?"

"I knew you had the choice ahead of you and knew all you needed was simple advice. I just didn't know if you'd remember."

"Oh, I did just at the right moment."

"Good." Alan smiled. "All right then. Gather close everyone."

The last thing Daniel saw was Gen. Landry's concerned face as he watched from his office.


Alan brought them to the antechamber of the war room. "OK, please don't touch anything. I know you're really curious as to what is past those doors, but I'll be in deep trouble if you did." Guilt usually worked and this was no exception.

"Fine. We'll sit here on our hands and let our imaginations run wild." Daniel let his actions mirror his words.

The others slowly did the same. Alan knew they'd be up and looking at everything the minute he was gone.

He pressed his thumb to the sensor beside the door. Upon recognition, it slid open and he found himself in the midst of controlled chaos. A number of large monitors on the walls displayed everything from star charts of the region under contention, the position and condition of each Alliance ship, to comlinks with different officers.

He wasn't noticed which was a good thing because he needed to find the one officer who would understand why he did what he did and support him. One of the junior officers rushing past bumped into his side, causing a new rush of pain.

"Colonel, word came to us that you had been wounded. Hurt much?"

"Right now, yes." He saluted. "What have I missed?"

"We had to pull back from Saphon. I don't know how this guy does what he does. With one swipe of his hand, he sends soldiers flying from across the room. It's unnatural."

"I know what he is. I've seen this stuff before."

"Do you know how to stop him?"

"Myself, no, but I know people who do so I brought them here."

"Do you have to be so cryptic?" the general asked as they weaved through the maze of people and office equipment. "It's highly annoying."

"Really? I find it amusing."

"You said you knew what he was. Care to explain?"

Alan stopped. "He's a Goa'uld, sir."

Those near the two officers stopped what they were doing and the hush soon spread. It was then that people noticed Alan.

The general took Alan by the arm and pulled him to what passed for isolated in the busy room. "You can't be serious! They died out ages ago. There's no one around now--aside from you--who's even seen one, let alone fought one."

"Around now," Alan repeated.

"You mean you... They're outside, you said?" The general's face lit up. "This is wonderful, amazing. They're legends. To actually meet them... How will this effect the timeline?"

"I think if we limit what they see and don't tell them anything they can't figure out themselves we should be okay." He looked at his mentor. "So I have your okay?"

"Sure you do. Just introduce me to them and I'll get clearance issued for them."

They went out to the antechamber where Mitchell and Sam immediately came to attention upon seeing a senior officer. Teal'c and Daniel were a little slower to rise. Alan could see the general was as excited as a pilot before his first mission. "At ease."

"Allow me. Gen. Ciaran McGuire, may I present Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell, Lt. Col. Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson, and Teal'c-SG-1."

"It is an honor. What you have all done for this planet is nothing short of amazing. Why, you're legends. When Alan came back last time and told us, we couldn't believe it."

"Sir, I think that's more than enough for now."

"Yes, of course. My apologies. Let me take you to my office where we can talk freely." He started out of the room.

Teal'c, Sam, and Daniel followed. Cameron looked to Alan. "Are you sure this guy's a general?"

Alan couldn't help but smile. "One of the best fighter pilots we've ever had. I know he didn't act like it just then, but for him it was like meeting Manfred von Richtofen or Charles Lindbergh."

"Whoa. Did you just compare meeting us to meeting the Red Baron?"

"He was nothing to write home about. Shooting him down wasn't that hard." He ignored Mitchell's stunned face. "C'mon. Let's catch them up."


Teal'c walked with Colonel Carter and Daniel Jackson down the wide corridor behind General McGuire. In Teal'c's mind, he fell somewhere between O'Neill and General Hammond both in age and attitude. Physically he was tall and lean which indicated he was fit despite no longer on active duty.

There were a few soldiers in the corridors, some who stared out of curiosity and some who were too intent on their work to even notice, It was a good thing he chose to wear the cloth cap that covered the symbol of Apophis on his forehead. A thought then came to him. Colonel Kelly stated that the Goa'uld were no more, but what of the Jaffa? Granted, without symbiotes, there would be no true Jaffa left. That did not mean the way of the Jaffa was no longer followed. He then wondered if that would fall under one of the things he would be unable to question.

General McGuire stopped outside a door some distance down the corridor. "I'd like to thank you for agreeing to help us."

"We're only returning the favor," replied Daniel Jackson. "Besides, how could we refuse the opportunity to visit our future?"

The door slid open and the general ushered them inside. "Of course you realize that your exposure will be strictly limited so as not to influence future decisions."

"Yes, sir. Alan informed us of that condition." Colonel Carter took a seat in one of the chairs facing the desk.

"Good. Now once Colonels Kelly and Mitchell arrive, I'll begin the briefing."

There was a moment of strained silence as no one knew just what to say. Teal'c noticed a photograph of General McGuire with Colonel Kelly as a younger man. "You have known Colonel Kelly for many years."

"All his life. His father and I were in the same squadron and he chose me to be Alan's godfather. I've done all I can to help without actually telling him what to do. I helped him bypass the Academy's waiting list but after that he really didn't need my connections. Not until almost seven years ago anyway."

"It sounds like he had an exemplary career. What happened?"

"He tried to expose corruption and was forced into retirement after his words were twisted to make him look like the guilty party. I think it was because of my lobbying that he was even given that option."

"I take it that since he has been reinstated that the guilty party was found," said Daniel Jackson.

"Yes. That also marked the start of the Temporal Observer Corps."

Teal'c's admiration of Colonel Kelly increased greatly after hearing of his perseverance. Many would have let such an experience overwhelm their will and moral strength. The colonel, however, accepted what had happened and learned from it.

At that moment the door slid open again and both colonels entered the office engaged in conversation. They stopped when they noticed everyone looking at them. "What?" asked Colonel Mitchell.

"I was just giving our guests a brief background," said General McGuire.

Colonel Kelly seemed to know there was something more to it. "But what background?"

"General McGuire has been telling us of your career," Teal'c informed him. "It proved most illuminating."

Colonel Kelly looked at his superior officer, perhaps knowing exactly what had been discussed. "Well, with that out of the way, we can talk strategy."

"The base the Goa'uld has taken over was one of the smaller Alliance outposts. There has been a Military presence there since the late 21st century but as far as I know, it holds no critical advantage," stated General McGuire. "Our ships have pulled out of weapons' range and have been maintaining a stationary orbit from which they can monitor communications as well as any arrivals."

"Does the planet have a Stargate?" asked Daniel Jackson. "That would allow his followers to move unnoticed."

"It might. Much of the information regarding the locations and addresses of the Stargates was lost. Unfortunately, interest in the Gate system was lost as well due to the expansion into the universe by way of ships."

"That would certainly give Ba'al an advantage since it would seem he is the only being who knows how to use them. It would also draw more followers if they believed him capable of using forgotten technology."

"We can use that to our advantage as well," stated Colonel Mitchell. "If he thinks no one else knows how to use the Gate, he won't have it guarded and we can go right in."

"We can get some fighters to provide some diversion so we can sneak in," Colonel Kelly supplied.

Colonel Mitchell looked at him. "I thought you were a pilot?"

"I've flown hundreds of missions but I've only been through the Gate twice. Well, three times if you count when I was unconscious."

Colonel Carter smiled. "I'd take the unusual over the mundane any day."

"Interesting that what's mundane to some of us is unusual for the others."

"Indeed, Daniel Jackson. It seems that humanity has not lost its curiosity or adventurous spirit."

"Great. My team'll join you giving us a grand total of eight. A nice number for a strike team."

"Your team?" questioned Colonel Mitchell.

"Oh, you thought I was a solo act?"

"Of course!" declared Colonel Carter. "The band! That was your team!"

"Well, two out of three. I guess you could say we'd be the equivalent of you. Do you agree, sir?"

General McGuire agreed. "Very much so. The first team organized around a top secret Government project exploring worlds. That could describe either team. They're on the Dreadnought and you can go join them and talk strategy with Adm. Kotsovitch. Just give me a little time to notify him of your arrival."

Colonel Kelly grinned. "Sure thing. My quarters on the Dreadnought in five minutes." He then programmed the small device on his wrist. "Thank you, sir. All right, gather 'round." SG-1 clustered about him as close as they dared. "Here we go."


Shannon Flynn was worried. All their people had returned from the planet and there was still no word from Alan. It was not like him to stay out of communication if he could help it. Everything she was hearing wasn't helping any either. Like the heroic idiot he was, Alan put himself in the front line of attack and actually made it to Canaan's command center. Those who made it out described the fighting as fierce. She had also heard the rumor that Alan had fallen-wounded or dead, no one knew. There was also something on the planet that prevented them from getting a proper read on his machine. "He's got to be down there," she muttered.

"There is another somewhat obvious alternative," came an English-tinged American accent. "He used the machine to escape."

She turned to face Eric Rader, Alan's best friend and a fellow member of the TOC. "But where? Why didn't he come back to the ship? Even if he had gone home, he would have sent word."

"If he was wounded, maybe he was unable to contact us. He could be unconscious or something."

"Yeah, I guess." She then felt a tingling in her head that always came right before a telepathic message.

{Shane, bring Eric to Alan's quarters. It's urgent.}

Alan's twin brother Ryan definitely sounded excited. "C'mon, Eric. We've got to meet Ryan."

The two of them raced down the corridors as quickly as they could without actually running. There was no need to attract any more attention to themselves. When she reached they door, she experienced a slight moment of hesitation. What if it's bad news? The laugh from inside pushed away her fears. She opened the door, ready to tear into Alan for not calling. She quickly noticed that, aside from Ryan, Alan was not alone. Four well-armed strangers were staring at her, one of whom was a woman with short blonde hair. There were two men of a similar age, both with close-cropped brown hair. The major difference was one had glasses which gave him that scholarly look. The last was the most disconcerting. He was tall, black, and bore a gold emblem on his forehead. He never seemed to blink.

"C'mon, Shane. Out of the way." Eric nudged her aside and walked into the room. "Good to see you're okay but you could've called. Some of us were worried."

Shannon knew he had rolled his eyes in her direction.

"Sorry, but when I realized what we were up against, I knew we needed help."

"You went back to get them." Taking in the weapons, Shannon knew about how far back he had gone. She then remembered what had happened to him during what was supposed to be a routine, dull anthropological mission. "Here we were thinking you were dead or being tortured and you went back to your friends at the SGC."

The moment she said that, Eric's demeanor changed to that of a flustered fan meeting his idols. "My God, you're SG-1! This is amazing!" He looked at them in turn, going down the line identifying them.

The one she now knew to be Cameron Mitchell looked at Alan. "Is this going to happen every time?"

"Sorry, yeah. You're legends."

The scholar, Daniel Jackson, looked at her. "You don't seem as impressed as they do."

Ryan answered for her. "Shane didn't grow up on the same stories as we did. She's kinda new to the era."

"Area?" asked the woman, Samantha Carter.

"He said 'era'," said the black man, Teal'c. "You are not native to this time."

Shannon sighed. "No, I'm not. Long story short, my new neighbor was being pursued through time by a madman and I got caught in the middle."

"But would this not affect the timeline?" questioned Teal'c.

"Believe me, I was quite surprised that Shannon was allowed to stay. It was discovered that there were no anomalies following her 'removal' so they didn't have a problem."

"That must have been overwhelming," said Mitchell. "I know I'm finding this a little difficult."

"Oh, but we made a few other stops beforehand. Help me out here," she said with a look at Alan. "Jamaica 1665, Boston 1775, and..."

"Valley of the Kings 1922."

"King Tut's Tomb," said Daniel Jackson, awe in his voice. "You were actually there?"

"We talked our way onto the team. Shannon and I will have to talk with you later."

"Thanks, I'd appreciate that."

"Gen. McGuire told us you had been framed for murder," said Carter. "I guess this was the madman chasing you. Whatever happened to him?"

Ryan raised his hand. "That'd be me."

"OK, you tried to set your brother up for murder?"

"It was a done deal. He was wanted. I was actually proud of that. Thing is, we didn't know we were twins until about five years ago."

"Uh-huh." Mitchell turned to Eric. "What's your story?"

"Nothing so elaborate. I was just a deserter and a mercenary."

"There's nothing like diversity," commented Daniel.


Pieter Kotsovitch sat at his desk, battle plans and reports strewn across its normally immaculate surface. This Canaan, as he called himself, was like nothing he had seen before: a bizarre mix of psychotic and genius. Just when he thought he had the battle won, Canaan would come up with something near-suicidal that worked.

He wondered why he had been chosen to head the fleet in this sector. He knew it wasn't due to seniority; there were others ahead of him on that list. He was no great tactician either; no one would be able to convince him of that argument. It could be that the top squadrons of the Star One Rangers called the Dreadnought home including the best pilot ever to come out of the Academy.

The small screen on his desk beeped and his ADC appeared. "Sir, there's an incoming call from Gen. McGuire."

"Thank you, Porter. Put it through."

The screen changed to show McGuire's jovial face. "Pieter, how're you holding up?"

"Fine, Ciaran, considering. Overall morale is low. No one seems to know how to go about this."

"I've got good news for you then. In a few minutes, go to Kelly's quarters."

"That man has the devil's own luck. His reappearance should cheer things up."

"He's brought some experts who will help you deal with Canaan. They already have a plan in mind that will just need to be hammered out."

"What aren't you telling me?"

"Quit asking questions, Pieter, and just go to Alan's quarters. You'll know everything then." He signed off.

Curiosity piqued, Pieter rose from his desk and left his office. The living quarters were only the next level down so it wouldn't take long. Knowing Kelly, it would be something huge and unexpected. He couldn't do anything by halves.

As he raised his hand to knock, he heard voices coming from inside. It seemed his team already knew of Kelly's return. "Come in, sir," came Kelly's voice.

Pieter walked in to see the TOC sitting around chatting with people who were strangers to him. Upon a second look, he realized he did know them, just never thought he'd meet them. "McGuire told me I'd understand the reason for the secrecy when I got here."

The members of the TOC stood, none of them fully at attention but that didn't bother him. He felt a relaxed ship helped all his people do a better job. "Relax, everyone. This is rather an informal meeting. Col. Kelly, how are you doing?"

"Well, sir. A little tired, but that's expected. Sir, allow me to--"

"No introductions are necessary except on my part. Admiral Pieter Kotsovitch. An honor to have you aboard the Dreadnought." They all resumed their seats. "After we discuss your plan, perhaps we can arrange a quick tour for you. After all, it wouldn't do for you to come this far only to see a pilot's quarters."

"That would be great, sir," said Mitchell.

"Let me set up the call with the other ships." He walked to the monitor on Kelly's wall and dialed the bridge. "Almeida, set up a conference call with all the ships and patch it through to Kelly's quarters please."

"Yes, sir. Shouldn't take a few minutes." The screen went dark.

"Now, when the conference begins, there will be something of a reaction to your presence."

"We've had a little taste already," commented Daniel Jackson. "I think we'll be able to handle it."

"I believe you can. I just want you to be prepared." Kotsovitch was amazed at how well they were taking this. He knew they had gone twice into the past but this was when they knew what to expect. He had a feeling that if it weren't for Alan SG-1 would probably be more nervous than they were.


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