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Count Time (An SG-1 fic)

Title: Count Time
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Characters: SG-1, OC (Alan Kelly)
Word Count: 6502
Rating: PG-13 ?
Notes: This is my first Stargate fic that isn't a crossover. However, it does involve an original character from my own stories located here: The TOC Files. I've placed it during season 5 sometime after "Rite of Passage" but before "Meridian". I hope you like it and I already have a sequel in the works. I also want to thank Leanne for being my beta; catching typos, tense changes, and helping me fill in the blanks!

Count Time

We should count time by heart-throbs. He most lives
Who thinks most, feels the noblest, acts the best
James Phillip Bailey, "Festus"

It had recently come to the attention of the Committee that there once were a number of planets whose cultures mirrored ancient Earth civilizations. These planets had been visited and cataloged at the turn of the 21st century, but no one had actually lived among them to get a true feel for the society. The members of the Temporal Observer Corps, though not anthropologists, were the only people capable of making the journey. Each member of the TOC would venture to one of the planets and observe & perhaps join in the culture should they be allowed, recording every little aspect of daily life.

Thus Alan found himself as part of a hunting party based on pre-Roman Celtic society. Upon his arrival, he was welcomed with great hospitality as outsiders were quite rare. He didn't stand out from them in any fashion which is probably why they accepted him so readily. He was a smidge under 6-foot, with short brown hair and green eyes. He might be a little older
than some of his fellow hunters but he wasn't old enough to be considered an elder just yet. His affinity with weapons was looked on as a blessing from Cernunnos. The warriors each wished to challenge him to sport with swords or bows. Sometimes he'd even let them win. Language wasn't much of a barrier. That was something else with which he had a knack.

On their return from a successful hunting trip a few months after his arrival, they arrived to see the village in chaos. Some of the huts were burning and women, children, and the elderly were being rounded up by things in armor Alan had never seen before. They were soon surrounded by the warriors and their weapons were taken from them. They were then forced to stand in front of the village's communal hut. Alan had a gut instinct that there was no way out of this without any sort of bloodshed. These aliens--for there was no doubt that they weren't from the planet--were here to pillage and most likely take slaves.

A dark-haired woman stepped out from the hut and Alan was struck by her cold beauty. There was a haughtiness in her harsh features that both attracted and repelled. She was dressed in exotic Indian garb with a beaded headdress that accentuated her kohl-lined eyes. She walked along the line of hunters, examining them all. As she ran a hand along the chest of Diarmuid, a young hunter, Alan flinched. Something about her struck him as cold and reptilian. She stopped in front of Alan and when she looked at him he felt like the prey of a cobra caught in its gaze. He felt her trying to rummage about in his head so he slammed the door on her.

Surprised, she pulled away. "You are not like them." With her deep reverberating voice, Alan recognized her as one of the Goa'uld, a race long since dead. His cobra analogy was very apt. "You are of a more-advanced culture than these people. I have seen no other Tau'ri. I know of no other foolish race who would venture to an unknown world alone."

Alan held his tongue but glared at her defiantly, which was his downfall.

"Take him and strip him to the waist, removing all personal effects. I have the ideal punishment for you. It will also keep the natives in line."

The guards in armor yanked off his jacket, shirt, and beaded necklace made by the elder women of the village. Lastly they removed the device from his wrist. He kept quiet for if he made a fuss, she would know it was something important. He was then taken to the center of the village and a thin metal cuff was placed on his right wrist. He felt a slight tingling. A
second cuff was placed on his right ankle chained him to a pole limiting his movement.

"You will all do as you are told or you will join in his punishment," the female Goa'uld announced. Alan gave a subtle nod and the elders acquiesced. He wouldn't have their punishment or subsequent deaths on his conscience.


The Stargate on P4J-739 was activated and moments later the four members of SG-1walked through. The MALP transmissions had shown signs of some development: Bronze Age according to Daniel. Jack knew that as a planet has a Gate, there was a chance of encountering the Goa'uld so he made sure his teamed stayed alert.

After walking close to 15 minutes through woods, they arrived at a small village and Jack knew instinctively that something was wrong There was no movement, no day-to-day activity, and no sound. In the center of the village was a small shelter seemingly thrown together last minute out of scraps of wood and thatch. As they got closer, they saw a man lying there, a chain connecting him to a pole. He didn't move at their approach.

Carter knelt and checked his vitals. "His pulse is steady and his breathing is deep but slow. I think we need to take him back. He's just weak."

"Don't you think we should find out why he's chained up first?"

"How can you do that?" demanded Daniel. "He's obviously too weak to answer questions and there's no one else here."

"He is in no condition to harm anyone. We can secure him and ask questions as his strength returns," added Teal'c.

Jack gave in. "All right. Undo the cuffs and we'll head back to the Gate."

The cuffs refused to budge and Teal'c had to use his staff weapon on the chain. As they prepared to lift the man, he mumbled something. They didn't catch it until he repeated himself. "Circle the wagons."

The guy had to be from Earth in order to use such a reference. How the hell did he get here? Who were the "Indians"?

Jack and Daniel lifted the man while Carter took point and Teal'c the rear. The man tried to talk again.


"Conserve your strength," Daniel told him. "We'll take you back to our base and do what we can"

They dialed the Gate and returned to the SGC. Gen. Hammond was waiting for them at the base of the ramp. "Who is he?"

"Don't really know, sir. But either he's from Earth or he's an alien with a love of Westerns," Jack answered as he watched the medics take the man to the infirmary.

"I'm sure you'll explain that to me at the briefing."

"And a few other surprises."

"I just can't wait."


Carter followed the gurney to the infirmary. Something besides the obvious about the man presented a puzzle. He seemed familiar somehow. She put that aside and concentrated on removing the band. While Janet set up IV, took blood samples, etc., Sam gave the simple band a cursory examination. It was too small to fit over his hand. She couldn't see a seam or
joint so she put on a pair of latex gloves and felt for one.

"Sam, you need to find a way to remove that. I don't know how long he has left."

"I'll have to bring in some equipment. Maybe there's a frequency I can use."

"As long as they don't interfere with the monitors, go ahead."

Sam ran to her lab and grabbed a couple of instruments. Upon returning to the infirmary, she used a handheld sensor on the band. It was emitting a small charge. "Janet, do you have something I can use for insulation?"

"I can check. What do you need it for?"

"I was thinking of overloading the circuits by using the defibrillator. I just need something thin enough to slip between the band and his arm."

Janet returned with some heavy duty rubber gloves that fit perfectly. With that in place, Sam ran clips from the defibrillator to the bracelet. On a low charge, there was no reaction. She gradually increased the power and soon there were small sparks. She switched it off and pulled out the sensor again. There was no activity. The band then unclasped
itself and fell off.

"I'll monitor and let you know of any changes. Right now you had better go to the briefing."


Hammond watched as his flagship team entered the briefing room. As always, Teal'c entered first. O'Neill sauntered in next followed by Dr. Jackson a few moments later. Carter surprisingly rushed in last.

"I'm sorry, sir," she said as she slid into her seat. "I was in the infirmary."

"What do you have to tell us?" Hammond asked her.

"I managed to remove the band. I put it in a sealed container for further study."

Hammond sensed she has something to add. "And?"

"I don't know what it is, sir. He just seems familiar. Like I've seen him before but can't place where."

"I thought it was just me," added Jackson.

"With both of you thinking you know him, that should narrow down the search. Now, what can you tell me about the planet?"

"It's about time." Jack straightened from his semi-reclined position. "The Gate is in an open field about 2 clicks from the village where we found our guest."

"And the villagers just let you take the man? No protests, requests for trade?"

"The village was deserted, Gen. Hammond. The only one we saw was the man we brought back."

"Was he left behind because of his weakness?"

"I doubt he would have been chained were that the case. Sir, the village looked to be prosperous following the model of early Britain. They would not have left voluntarily."

Hammond knew to take Daniel's word. "So presumably whoever left him took the villagers."

"It would seem most likely. Since most punishments are meant to be witnessed, odds are, they will be returning," put in Carter.

"As will you once we get more intel on what we're facing."


"Colonel, I will not send any under my command up against an unknown hostile. We will wait until the man in the infirmary wakes up and can be questioned. Understood?"

"Yes, sir," they all agreed with varying enthusiasm.

"Very well. Dismissed." They began to file out. "Oh, Colonel, what did you mean by that comment about westerns?"

"He said 'circle the wagons', sir. To me, that means he knows westerns."

Hammond then wondered on the origins of the man. If he were from Earth, how did he get to P4J-739? "We'll keep an eye on him, colonel. If it's the Russians or the NID, we'll know."


Alan woke to find himself in a real bed confused as to how he got there. He soon realized that he was in a hospital. The night nurse saw that he was awake and gave him some water. It didn't take long for him to fall back to sleep.

When he woke in the morning he saw it was a military hospital and he was the only patient. A female doctor approached him and took his wrist to check his pulse. "Good morning. Feeling better?"

"Loads. A real bed makes a difference."

"You were able to replenish your strength uninterrupted." She kindly warmed her stethoscope before putting it against his chest.

Alan noticed the band was gone "You got it off!"

The doctor smiled. "We couldn't lose you. Do you think you could manage some breakfast?"

"I can't tell you the last time I had solid food."

"I'll have the mess prepare something soft and easy." She hesitated.

"Go ahead. Tell whoever you need to that I'm awake. I'll tell them what I can." The doctor left the infirmary and Alan settled back into the bed wondering if the doctor would let him eat before the questioning began. His interrogators arrived the same time as breakfast. They were quite a mix. There was an older bald man in a pressed uniform that looked like it sported general insignia. Next was a man in green fatigues and a black t-shirt that Alan guessed was about ten years older than himself. It looked like there was a name stitched on the shirt but he couldn't read it. The third was a blonde in blue flight fatigues. The last two were a man near Alan's own age dressed in green fatigues with glasses and a large, bald, black man with a strange insignia on his forehead.

Breakfast was milky oatmeal, tea, and juice.

The older man spoke first. "Son, there are a few questions we need to ask you."

"Who am I and what was I doing there?"

"That'll do for a start," said the second man.

"My name is Alan Kelly. As to how I got there, I don't think you'll believe me"

"I think there are a number of supposedly unbelievable things we'll believe," the woman told him

"If you are unwilling to tell us how you arrived on P4J-739, will you tell us why you were chained?"

"Teal'c why are you letting him off like that?"

Things clicked into place for Alan and he knew he was facing the legendary SG1. He also knew how to get them to stop wondering about him-for now anyway. "She was a Goa'uld. I don't know her name and I don't know what she wanted. She needed to let the villagers know who was in charge"

"Damn snakeheads!" That had to be O'Neill.

"But why not just kill you? Surely that would have proved her point" The older man was Gen. Hammond.

"Warriors and hunters were used to and accepted a quick death as a sign of bravery. The lingering death provided by that band would be the worst way to go." If Alan had had any doubts about which one was Daniel Jackson, that little speech would have dispelled them.

"But why were you singled out?" asked Maj. Samantha Carter, the scientist of the group.

"She could tell I was different. I don't know how. I mean I dressed like them, talked like them, even looked like them."

He wasn't about to tell them that she could sense his psychic abilities.

"Did you hear a name? Can you describe her for us?"

"She was done up like she was from India, right down to the 'third eye' on her forehead. Made me think of a cobra."

"Damn! Sounds like Nirrti. I was hoping we wouldn't see her again." To say O'Neill was pissed would be putting it mildly.

"What could she do with the villagers?"

"She would kidnap them, possibly as slave labor or perhaps for her experiments," Teal'c said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"We'll just have to go back and find out." They looked at him. "I wanna get back at her. Plus those people are my friends." The moment was ruined by a yawn.

"There is no way you're going anywhere until you recover," declared Dr. Frasier.

Hammond ushered the rest out of the infirmary as Alan fought off sleep and lost.


Daniel went back to his lab and did an online search for "Alan Kelly". A number of websites dedicated to a 60s band popped up. One of the members was named Alan Kelly. Out of curiosity, Daniel pulled up a photo that showed a man with identical features as the one in the infirmary. It couldn't be the same man, could it? At that moment he decided to go to town to purchase one of the band's CDs.

Upon his return he headed directly for the infirmary. Jack spotted him and ran up beside him. "Daniel, where were you?

Hammond wanted another briefing"

"I had an important errand to run."

Jack looked pointedly at the bag in his hand. "Sure."

"Bear with me."

Inside the infirmary, Daniel set up a portable CD player and put in the disc.

Janet strode over. "Daniel, what are you doing?"

"Trying to prove a point." He then turned to Kelly. "Thought you could do with a little music in here." He pressed "play" and a light 60s pop tune started.

Kelly only smiled. "Haven't heard that in awhile."

"You don't deny it's you?" Daniel couldn't believe it. The man should look like he was in his sixties not his thirties.

"Why should I? I'm just kinda hurt it took you this long to figure it out."

"Hey, I recognize this song," commented Jack. "What's the big deal?"

Daniel shoved the CD case in Jack's face. "Look at the picture, Jack! It was taken almost 40 years ago!"

Jack did a classic double-take. "Oh."

Daniel turned to Kelly who seemed amused by the whole thing. "There's no way that can be you. Unless..." He couldn't believe it. "Unless you can travel through time."

"Whoa! You've traveled back in time?"

"Repeatedly, Colonel. As well as forwards."

"You're a regular Dr. Who."

"Look, I know you're dying to ask questions. I have a few of my own. Thing is, I'd rather only tell it once. Maybe the others should hear this as well."

Daniel looked at the doctor. "Janet, is he able to get up?"

"If he promises to take it at a slow pace and not exert himself, he should be ok."

"I'll take you to the showers while Jack finds you a change of clothes."

"I'd appreciate that. I don't think you'd take what I have to say seriously if I'm wearing a hospital gown"

Janet brought over a robe and Daniel helped him stand and put it on. He then walked alongside him in the corridors towards the locker room and the showers. "So, what was John Lennon really like?"


Teal'c waited in the briefing room with Major Carter and General Hammond. O'Neill had asked for everyone to meet in order to hear Alan Kelly's story. Not long after O'Neill arrived with Daniel Jackson and Alan Kelly who had showered and changed into base fatigues. Seeing the man out of bed, Teal'c noticed something of the officer about him.

"What made you change your mind about speaking to us, Mr. Kelly?" asked Gen. Hammond.

"I didn't think you'd be willing to believe me before, Gen. Hammond."

Teal'c didn't recall anyone using Hammond's name near Kelly.

"Believe me, it's a doozie," said O'Neill.

"It's not like we haven't done it ourselves," countered Daniel Jackson.

"Not on purpose!"

"What are you talking about?" General Hammond demanded.

"My name is Col. Alan Kelly and I'm from the future."

Teal'c knew he was an officer.

"What proof do you have to offer?" Daniel showed Gen Hammond a plastic case with a photo bearing the likeness of Alan Kelly.

"I will say the likeness is amazing, but that's all it could be"

"I knew you were familiar." Major Carter looked at him, amazed.

"If you can travel in time, how did you come to be on P4J-739?" Teal'c asked him.

"My machine can take me to any place at any time as long as I have the coordinates."

"This is amazing. Just think of all the long-dead civilizations you could witness. All the great historic events." Daniel Jackson was highly enthusiastic.

"I know. My first trip was to the battle of Bosworth Field. Since then I've ridden with Paul Revere; fought pirates; flew in WWI; and acted with Shakespeare."

None of the names meant anything to Teal'c but it was obvious from the looks of the others that it was an amazing list.

"Quite impressive, but still nothing concrete." Gen. Hammond was adamant.

"Can't you take one of us on a little trip with you?" asked O'Neill.

"Unfortunately, my machine is no longer in my possession. Nirrti has it"


"With such a device at her command, Nirrti would be unstoppable." Teal'c did not want to think on the possibilities.

"No one can use that machine but me."

"Still, there is the chance that they could figure out how it works and construct their own," mused Maj. Carter aloud.

"All the more reason for us to go to P4J-739 to stop Nirrti." Teal'c did not doubt that Nirrti was behind what had happened and was determined to stop her from harming anyone else.

"I'm sorry, but without concrete proof of the 'colonel's' story, no one is setting foot on that planet."

Daniel Jackson looked at Alan Kelly. "What if you told us something that will happen in the next couple of days? When it happens the way you describe, Gen. Hammond will have the proof he wants"

Teal'c expected nothing less of Daniel than his ability to mediate in the given situation

"That's fine with me. Let me know the date and I'll see what I can remember. Of course you realize that you can't use the information I give you to change the outcome"

"We're aware of the possible dangers, colonel."

"I just feel I have to say it, Maj. Carter. What's the date?"

"Today is the tenth of September, 2001," Teal'c stated.

"Oh, crap." Alan Kelly ran a hand through his hair in frustration.

"What is it?" Daniel Jackson looked concerned.

"It would be that date. OK, I have your promise that you will do nothing based on what I'm about to tell you?"

They all look to Hammond. "Yes, colonel, you do."

Alan Kelly took a deep breath. "Tomorrow morning at 8:45 Eastern, a passenger plane from Boston will crash into the World Trade Center. At 9:05, a second plane will strike the other tower. At 9:45, a plane will hit the Pentagon. All three planes were hijacked. A fourth was also hijacked, but the passengers fought back preventing the plane from reaching its target, presumably somewhere in DC. Instead, it crashed into a field in western Pennsylvania."

Hammond reached for his phone.

"No, sir, you can't!" It could have unforeseeable effects!" Maj. Carter pleaded.

"An example of possible long-term effects? Let's say there's a young woman named, um, Joan. She marries a man named Tom and has lots of kids, grandkids, and so on. One of those descendants becomes someone really important, a major player in the world. Yet, if you stop the Twin Towers from falling, Joan meets Rick who was meant to die, marrying him instead. This erases the other timeline, the true timeline. Who knows, you might cause me or someone I know to cease to exist."

"And the short term?" questioned O'Neill.

"After tomorrow, the country will be more unified than it's been since Pearl Harbor. Red, white, and blue will hang from every house. Flag decals decorate car windows. The top costumes on Halloween will be firemen and police."

Everyone sat in stunned silence.

Teal'c spoke, breaking the silence. "If such a sacrifice will benefit the human race in the future, then we must let it happen. To play with people's lives would be playing as gods"

"And we know what happens when you play god," Daniel Jackson said dryly.


Jack's sleep was filled with nightmares. He finally gave up trying to sleep at 5:30 and headed for the base. He did not want to watch this news report alone. Upon his arrival he saw the others were already in the briefing room. "Looks like we all had the same idea"

Daniel was nursing a very large cup of coffee. "I really didn't want to watch this by myself. Just Alan's descriptions kept me awake."

"If this is what it's like for him every time he goes back, I'm surprised he hasn't had a nervous breakdown by now," Carter said, taking a seat.

"Just a small one, Major. Time travel was not the cause, however. As for keeping mum in the face of oncoming tragedy, it is maddening, some events more than others." Kelly walked up the stairs, an escort on his heels.

"They do get who is responsible, right?"

"Eventually, Colonel. It takes some years, but he is caught."

"It is almost time," Teal'c announced, eyes on the TV.

Just as Hammond came out to join them CNN's broadcast was interrupted by a "Special Bulletin". "A plane has just crashed into one of the towers at the World Trade Center. It is not known at this time if it was by accident or design." Live feed from New York showed the burning tower and people in the streets looking up.

Carter voiced what they were all thinking. "My God! This is almost surreal."
When the second plane struck there was no doubt that it was a deliberate act. Jack tore his eyes away from the screen. It hurt, watching and doing nothing. He glanced over at Kelly and wondered how he could do it over and over. At least this meant they could go after Nirrti.

Hammond switched off the TV. "I don't need to see anything more to know that Col. Kelly is on the level. I'm sorry that you had to see that again, Colonel."

"I'm sorry that's what I had to use to confirm my story."

"I want you all to try and get some rest. We'll brief at 1100."

They walked down the hall to their quarters while on the base. "I don't think I can sleep," said Carter, her voice shaking.

"Try resting. I can tell you it's very beneficial."

"Are you sure you're up to this, Colonel?" Jack asked him.

"I think I've had enough R and R. And call me Alan."

"OK, Alan. I'm Daniel, that's Sam, Teal'c, and J--"

"Col. O'Neill." He wasn't ready to become friendly just yet.

"With only one of us going by rank, it should cut back the confusion." He stopped at his door. "This is where I get off. I left a wake-up call at the front desk, so I'll see you in a few hours." He entered his room like a suite at a luxury hotel.

Jack decided he would wait and see how Kelly did on the field before coming to any conclusions.


Alan woke refreshed from his cat-nap and ran his fingers through his hair to calm any wayward strands. Out of habit, he looked to his wrist for his machine. It feels so strange not to have it on. Once I get it back, I should take the others somewhere as a thank you.

There was a knock on the door. "This is your wake-up call!" O'Neill.

Alan walked over and opened it. "What service. I never knew I was so special."

"We're doing this for you!"

Alan realized he'd pushed a little too far. O'Neill's nerves were still raw.

"We would be doing the same thing had Alan Kelly been there or not," stated Teal'c.

Jack merely grunted.

They arrived at the briefing room and Alan slipped into a seat diagonally opposite O'Neill which he felt was a safe distance.

Daniel gave a short background on what they knew about Nirrti and her experiments to create the perfect host. It seemed she was trying to increase the percentage of the brain used, ostensibly creating advanced humans with psychic abilities. Maybe that was why she was so fascinated with him.

Alan then filled them in on what he could remember about the number of Jaffa Nirrti had and how often they returned to the village. "Of course I was in and out of it so I really can't be certain."

The mission was given an official "go" by Gen. Hammond. Alan was kitted with the same gear as the others though not as many weapons as Jack was still a little uncomfortable around him. Walking into the Gateroom, Alan stopped in awe. I will be taking an actual trip through the Stargate--conscious! He stood with the others as the Gate was dialed. With a whoosh, a fountain of quantum particles surged from the open wormhole. Alan just stared, amazed.

A MALP was sent through and sent back pictures showing the immediate area around the Gate free of Jaffa. Teal'c and Daniel went through first followed by Sam. O'Neill motioned for Alan to go ahead of him. With a mix of arrogance and stupidity Alan went through backwards, eyes never leaving Jack's face.

Soon he was blinking in the sun of Lloegr. "That's certainly some way to travel"

"It's probably nothing compared to what you do," remarked Daniel.

"There are similarities. I don't know the science behind either. And I don't think I want to," he added with a look at Sam.

"OK, let's get to the village and see what kind of welcome we can arrange." O'Neill started walking.

They arrived at the village and Alan couldn't see any significant changes. They set up a few booby traps including tripwires and tiger traps. When the others weren't looking, Alan slipped a few spears and rakes into a wagon before covering them with hay. After Teal'c left to take first watch at the Gate, Alan realized it was time to let them know of his "talents".


They waited in one of the huts at the edge of the village. Sam watched as Alan rummaged through shelves as if he knew where everything was. "This was your hut," she realized.

"Yes, this was home for a few months." He pulled out some cups. "I'll just get some water from the well." He took up a large urn and went outside.

Col. O'Neill watched him through the doorway.

"You still don't trust him, sir?"

"I'll know where he stands once the fighting starts."

Daniel stopped his examination of the hut. "You can't deny his story. How else do you explain how he got here without a Gate?"

"I'm not denying his story"

"He's just questioning my loyalty," Alan said as he set down the urn and poured fresh water into the cups. "You should know it's not drugged or poisoned; you were watching my every move"

Sam took the cup without hesitation. "Alan, will the villagers fight against the Jaffa?"

"Once they realize they're not alone and the odds aren't against them, they'll gladly join in." He sat on the floor facing them.

She could tell he had something important to tell them.

"If Nirrti gets me--"

"There's no way we'd let her." She didn't even want him to think that.

"Thanks for that, but if she does and there's no way you can rescue me, I want you to kill me"

Sam had heard a similar request from the colonel but found it hard to accept from a virtual stranger.

The colonel, however, did not. "Sure thing."

"But why?" asked Daniel. "Surely you could manage to escape somehow"

"Not if she makes me part of her experiments."

"But she needs someone with..." Sam started.

"Special gifts," Daniel finished.

They both looked at Alan in amazement.

"Will someone please fill me in here?" The colonel's cup floated out of his hand and above his head. He reached out for it and it only went higher. It finally lowered to the floor. He looked at Alan pointedly. "Good thing you didn't pour it over my head"

"I thought about it," Alan grinned.

Sam could only think of what had happened to Cassandra. "The only other time I've seen that happen was due to genetic manipulation"


Sam nodded. "The girl almost died from it. How do you..?"

"It's a bit involved really, but I can give you the Reader's Digest version." He proceeded to tell them of a powerful race from another dimension that had the ability to visit any planet in any period of its history without the use of technology.

Sometimes one of this race would remain--usually out of love--and the ensuing bloodline would have some of the abilities.

"So this is part of your inherent makeup? Amazing. What else can you do?"

"Telepathy, but I've never been able to connect with someone not of the Blood. I can also place myself in someone's head; see what they see, et cetera."

"About this other race. Can you tell me any more about them?"

"From what I've heard, they aren't the Ancients, Daniel. They try not to make their presence known, though, once upon a time they were taken for mystical beings."

"Is there any way you can take us to them?" Sam asked.

"Just to talk with them on all they've seen..." Daniel mused.

"I've only been to their 'world' once and that trip was out of my control. I don't think it'll happen again-not until they need help anyway."

"O'Neill, the Gate has been activated," came Teal'c's over the radio

"How many Jaffa?"

"I count near twenty. It also appears that Nirrti has brought some of the villagers."


"I cannot discern her purpose, O'Neill."

"Yeah. Sorry, Teal'c. C'mon back to the village and remember to stay off the footpath."

They all stood and checked their weapons.

"Daniel, you stay here. Carter, you take the hut across the way. I'll take position over there and Teal'c can come in behind them."

"What about Alan?" questioned Sam.

"Col. Kelly can stay here with Daniel. Someone needs to keep an eye on him," the colonel muttered as he walked away.

Sam was unsure of who needed watching. "Take care. Be careful where you aim!" she called as she crossed the village. From her vantage point just inside the doorway she saw Teal'c arrive and take up position. Now all they had to do was wait.


Daniel watched from the hut's entrance as the others went to their designated spots. He spared a glance at Alan who seemed wired at the prospect of the upcoming fight. It was oddly familiar as Jack got that way too. "You looking forward to this?"

"I want to free the villagers who befriended a stranger. Plus, I want my time machine back."

Daniel couldn't help but smile at his honesty. He soon heard the sound of the Jaffa marching down the footpath. He fell back from the opening and raised his gun noting that Alan did the same.

After Nirrti was about halfway into the village, Jack stepped out to distract them as only he could, giving Teal'c time to come up behind them. Nirrti was furious and the Jaffa opened fire.

SG1 used their zats so they wouldn't hurt the villagers. Daniel was aware that Alan left his position to search for something within the hut. He returned to the doorway and called out something in Gaelic. The villagers fell to the ground allowing SG1 to use their automatics. With a large number of Jaffa fallen, Daniel left the shelter of the hut and they began to close in on Nirrti.

Daniel spared a glance at Alan. Was that a bow and arrow? Alan yelled out something else and the villagers rushed to a cart off to the side and removed weapons. Since Nirrti had her shield up, Daniel directed his fire at the Jaffa.


Teal'c took great satisfaction out of shooting loyal Jaffa. He was also impressed by the native warriors. Alan Kelly was correct: they needed only to know such a battle was possible.

From his position, he saw O'Neill trapped as his gun jammed and armed Jaffa were approaching. He knew he could not get there in time and both Major Carter and Daniel Jackson were engaged in their own battles. It was then he witnessed Alan Kelly rush over, grab a staff weapon from a dead Jaffa and fire without pause. The Jaffa fell dead in front of O'Neill. If Teal'c hadn't known differently, he would have thought Alan Kelly had used one all his life.

Only a few Jaffa remained but they could not stand up against the onslaught from the villagers. Nirrti was soon alone.

"We cannot let her get to the Gate!" Teal'c exclaimed.

Alan Kelly yelled something in an unknown tongue and the villagers blocked her escape. It seemed despite O'Neill's reservations Alan Kelly was a true leader.


Jack looked at Kelly with new eyes. He handled a staff weapon with ease, no hesitation. Of course that only supported his theory.

Nirrti, hemmed in by the villagers and SG1, turned her anger on him, ranting.

Kelly, standing beside him, asked, "These symbiotes heal just about anything short of beheading, right?"

"Pretty much. Unfortunately"

"OK then." He fired an arrow which penetrated Nirrti's shield hitting her in the shoulder.

"Nice shot. Your aim was a little off."

"No, I hit what I was aiming for."

"Jack believes in killing Goa'uld at every opportunity," commented Daniel.

"Because every time we don't, they've come back to bite us in the ass!"

"Not every time, sir."

"OK most of the time. It's still easier just to kill 'em."

"That is how they view the Tau'ri," added Teal'c.

They all walked towards Nirrti, zats at the ready. Jack remembered the last time he saw her at the SGC when they made her save Cassie. Part of the deal then had been to let her go. There was no deal now.

Nirrti glared at them all, her hand over her bleeding shoulder. "You will pay for such insolence!"

Jack wondered if that word was top of the System Lord vocab list. "You're lucky it was him and not me."

"I should have killed you when I had the chance."

"I feel the same way about you, lady."

Carter bound Nirrti's hands behind her back. Kelly reached out and grabbed a bracelet off her wrist. "I believe this is mine."

Nirrti finally realized that the man was the one she left chained up. The look on her face made Jack smile. It was nice to see someone get the better of a Goa'uld.

One of the locals approached Kelly and spoke to him, gesturing emphatically.

"What's going on?" Jack asked.

"It's either they want to return to their people through the Gate or they need to send pigeons through a grate," Daniel answered.

"I do believe it more likely to be the former," stated Teal'c.

"Diarmuid says that we must return through the Gate to rescue his people but he doesn't know the correct pattern."

"Pattern? Is he planning to knit his way there?"

"He must mean the Gate address. None of them know the correct sequence of symbols," Carter informed them.

Jack turned and looked at Nirrti who was now the only one who knew the address.

"Guess it's a good thing he didn't kill her," said Daniel.

Nirrti only looked at them all with haughty disdain.

"She's not gonna tell us now matter how we threaten. And I don't want to make another deal like last time."

"I have an idea. Teal'c, the host is basically a vehicle for the symbiote to use, right?"

"That is correct, Alan Kelly."

"Where do they position themselves? Do they 'rule' from the brain?"

"The symbiote wraps itself around the spinal column, insinuating itself into all aspects of the host, suppressing his or her

"OK then. It might just work. Won't be a tick."

" 'Won't be a tick'? What the hell's that supposed to mean?"

Kelly disappeared in front of his eyes and Jack wondered when he lost control of the situation.


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