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Crossing the Veil (3/?)

Title: Crossing the Veil
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Ten, Jack, Martha, Donna
Word Count: 419
Rating: G (I believe)
Spoilers: Forgot to mention before but casting for TW2 and DW4. References to "Army of Ghosts/Doomsday" and "The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords". This particular part references "Utopia".
Notes: This was sparked by a challenge over at dwfiction but when the idea came to me, I didn't have the list of criteria in front of me so it don't quite fit. The idea wouldn't die and so here it is. In order to have it done for Halloween, I'm posting it as I get it typed. I've only written Jack before so I apologize if the characters are a bit off. I aim to have this done by or on Halloween.
Disclaimer The characters all belong to the BBC.

Crossposted about. Again, my apologies.

Martha had to wipe her eyes from laughing so hard. Donna seemed to be the idea match for the Doctor. She was more likely to slap him than become smitten. If her stories were anything to go by, she could run her mouth off just as much. She sighed. Talking about things like this almost made her want to go with him again but she knew she wasn’t ready. Not just yet.

She stood and wiped off her slacks. “Let’s go and see if we can help the Doctor and Jack with…whatever it is they’re doing.”

“Don’t tell me you understand him when he starts spouting off,” Donna said, rising. “I usually have to slap him to get him to stop and explain in English,”

Ha! I was right! “Most of what he goes on about, no one from here and now would understand anyway.”

“Mr. GQ doesn’t seem to have a problem. This was his idea, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah. Jack is from the 51st century.”


Martha smiled and approached the two men. “Anything we can do to help?”

Jack looked up and gave Donna a welcoming smile but didn’t say his usual ‘hello’. Had the Doctor warned him off it already?
The Doctor blinked at them as if he had forgotten they were there. “Um…well, ah…”

“If you and Jack have it under control, just say so. I won’t feel hurt.”

The Doctor had the good grace to look ashamed. “We just have to, ah, calibrate the TARDIS to the Torchwood equipment. It’s rather delicate.”

“Well, let us know when you do need us.” Donna took Martha by the arm. “C’mon, it’s not often I get to explore a secret organization.”

When they were out of hearing, Martha stopped. “You’re with the Doctor. You see secret organizations all the time.”

“Yeah, but I think they don’t want us to know what they’re doing. Sometimes he doesn’t tell me stuff until it’s too late ‘cause he knows I’d try to stop him.”

“But what do they have in common? They…” She remembered that first conversation on Malcassario. Jack mentioned Canary Wharf and the list of the dead. Then there was the mention of parallel worlds. The veil between worlds. “No, it can’t be!”

As she rushed back to the room, she heard Donna behind her. They were too late to stop the experiment. The room was engulfed in a bright white light. When it faded, there was a third person with Jack and the Doctor. A blonde. “Rose.”


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