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Crossing the Veil (2/?)

Title: Crossing the Veil
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Ten, Jack, Martha, Donna
Word Count: 640
Rating: G (I believe)
Spoilers: Forgot to mention before but casting for TW2 and DW4. References to "Army of Ghosts/Doomsday" and "The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords".
Notes: This was sparked by a challenge over at dwfiction but when the idea came to me, I didn't have the list of criteria in front of me so it don't quite fit. The idea

wouldn't die and so here it is. In order to have it done for Halloween, I'm posting it as I get it typed. I've only written Jack before so I apologize if the characters are a bit off. SInce these

two bits were a bit shot alone, I put them together. I aim to have this done by or on Halloween.
Disclaimer The characters all belong to the BBC.

Crossposted about. Again, my apologies.

Donna was left to her own devices as the Doctor went to talk with the GQ cover and the black woman walked slowly about the room. She went to the window and found herself looking out at the Thames. Her mind flashed back to a couple of Christmases ago when it had been completely drained. She could see the flood barrier where she and the Doctor had laughed in giddy release. It brought a crooked smile to her lips.

Ever since refusing to travel with him that time, she had begun to look at the “broader picture”. She had also read up on those examples he had mentioned of recent alien incursions. Now she knew what happened here. She understood.

She turned back and saw the Doctor and GQ were rattling on about something. She couldn’t see the woman—Martha, he called her. She walked deeper into the room and saw a pair of legs sticking out from behind a desk. Donna crouched down beside her. “Look, I’m sorry about earlier. It’s not that I didn’t know what you were talking about, it’s just that I didn’t
know what to say.”

Martha opened her hand to show a dangling gold earring. “This was hers.”

Donna then listened as Martha talked about her cousin who had died that day. “We could’ve been twins, you know? We used to milk it at the clubs.” She sniffed. “We were gonna go out a couple nights later but--” She took a deep breath to get herself under control and wiped her eyes. “Here I am going on and I don’t even know your name.”

“Donna.” She sat down on the floor. “He’s not one for introductions.”

“No, never when there’s something interesting to attract his attention.”

“You traveled with him too?”

“Yeah. I left him after that whole thing with Harold Saxon.”

“He does have a knack of pissing off people in charge, doesn’t he?”

“People in general, I think.”

After a slight pause, they both burst out laughing.


The Doctor heard the sound of women’s laughter. The last time a current and former companion got together and laughed, he had been the cause.

“I bet no one’s laughed in this room since…” Jack let it drift. “It’s kinda nice. I wonder what they’re laughing at.”

“Let’s just check those calculations.” He did not want to talk about it in front of Jack.

“Oh, ho, it’s you! They’re laughing because of you! I’d love to listen in on that.”

“I’ve been caught in the middle before.”

“Martha and someone from an earlier regeneration?”

“No, it was Rose.” He remembered Rose and Sarah Jane laughing so hard they were doubled over. Oh, how he missed the sound of her laughter. It was so contagious.

“So who’s the redhead?” Jack was looking over to where Donna and Martha were now sitting, heads together.

“Jack,” he warned.

“What? I’m not saying ‘hello’. You might want to think of making introductions yourself instead of leaving it up to me.”

The Doctor sighed. “Donna Noble. She was getting married on Christmas Eve when she was transported to the TARDIS.”

“The bride who disappeared in a glowing light! I saw the video. The only explanation I could come up with was Huon energy.” The Doctor opened his mouth to respond but Jack wasn’t done. “So she was there when you defeated the Racnoss. You knew her before Martha.”

“Jack, we don’t have time for this. We need to run the numbers again before keying them into the TARDIS.” He kept his eyes on the paper in front of him and tried to block out Jack’s
annoying grin.

Looking at the equations in front of him, it was possible to pull this off. He had the technology to augment the field. The only question was duration. Would this be permanent?


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