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Penumbra (3/6)

Title: Penumbra
Characters: Five, Tegan, Turlough, OCs
Word Count: 2116
Rating: WARNING: This story is rated "R" for gratuitous violence (The first part is the worst and I think they become a bit less as we move on, maybe PG-13)
Summary: The TARDIS arrives in Georgia in 1742 and becomes involved with Redcoats, Cherokee and werewolves.
Notes: OK, this is yet another story version of a sim done by Dr Who & Co. I came in late on this one so the bloodiness was before my time so I want no blame for that. I think Part 1 is the worst in that respect, so stick it out, I think it's worth it. This was begun 10/17/00.

Part One
Part Two


Turlough emitted a low growl and advanced on the Doctor.

The Doctor stepped backwards, toward the door of the library. "Turlough, you don't want to kill me. You must resist this!"

Turlough panted a little. "Hun...gry..."

The Doctor backed away, nearly tripping over a cord, as Turlough advanced, clawed hands raised. The Doctor watched in horror as he saw the boy's canines grow before his eyes. "Turlough! Listen to me! You mustn't do this!" Turlough growled and lunged for the Doctor who dove to the ground as Turlough hit the wall above him and started stumbling for the door of the library.

Turlough whimpered and howled as his head exploded with pain against the wall. He recovered and turned menacing eyes on the Doctor.


The Sergeant walked with Tegan through the TARDIS corridors. Suddenly they heard a wolf howl. "What's that?"

"It's coming from the library! Come on!" She started running with an unnatural speed, though hampered by her heels. She soon reached the doorway to the library with the sergeant on her heels.

The Doctor wrenched open the door hurriedly causing Tegan to stumble backwards, practically falling on top of the sergeant.

"What's this then?" questioned the sergeant. He then stilled and gaped at the half-transformed Turlough who had jumped on his heels and was rounding the library tables en route for the door.

"Get back, you two!" ordered the Doctor.

Turlough stopped on a table top for a moment, staring at his audience. He turned to Tegan as she called out his name and stared into her eyes a long moment. "Hun...gry..." he growled.

Tegan's eyes eyes glowed faintly as she watched him. The spell was broken as the Doctor hurried through the door, closed and bolted it. They could hear Turlough's howls of protest and the thud as he lunged against the door.

"What...what happened to him, Doctor?" Tegan asked as she tried to block out the sound of his claws scratching against the door.

"Blessed Savior! Your friend has changed just like Jarret did!"

The Doctor faced Tegan. "Just what the Sergeant said, Tegan. He's become like Jarret."

"Like Jarret? You mean like that...that monster that nearly got us?" The Doctor nodded. As he casually leaned against the door, the door was pushed outwards a bit, but held. "Are you sure that door will hold?"

"It should, hopefully."

Inside the library, Turlough backed away then jumped hard against door, knocking the hinges. He growled and hissed when it held.

Tegan jumped back from the door as it nearly gave way. "I don't think it's going to hold for long."

"Is there something we could use to barricade the door?" asked the sergeant.

"We need to go into Temporal orbit," said the Doctor.

"Where? Is that some place we can lock him out?"

"It's some place where time, tide, and the moon have no effect." He strode to the console room.

The sergeant looked at the door bulging. "Seems like a sound tactic, Doctor."

"Let's just do it quickly!" decalred Tegan.

Turlough's growling turned to a plaintiff howl and he hissed Tegan's name as the others departed. Tegan looked back at the sound of her name, her eyes glowing for a second. Turlough howled plaintively.

The sergeant took Tegan's arm. "Hurry, Lass, that door won't hold much longer."

"Right!" Tegan followed.

Turlough scratched and clawed at the door as the footsteps abandoned him in his bookish cage.


The Doctor skidded to a halt in the control room in front of the multi-sided console. "If I'm right, I may be able to reverse, or halt the change." He punched some buttons on the control console. "We won't actually be going anywhere, so the TARDIS's temperamentalness shouldn't be much of a problem. Right. Here's hoping." He activated the dematerialization circuit and listened intently for any change in the howls in the library.

"Oh, just hurry up whatever you're doing. Those howls feel like someone walking on my grave," stated Tegan.

"Don't worry, lass." The sergeant drew his sword and stood in the doorway to the console room.

Another howl came from deep within the TARDIS. "Doctor, just hurry up!" Tegan gripped the side of the console in agitation, feeling her fingernails growing slowly.


"I don't like those howls of his! Just make them stop!"

The column in the console lit up and began to rise and fall. The Doctor looked at her worriedly, knowing what was happening. "Oh dear, I thought so. Hang on, Tegan, we're almost there." The TARDIS hovered in the vortex outside Earth Time 1742. "There, we made it." He watched and listened for changes in Tegan and Turlough.

The sergeant saw the screen change from darkened woods to a field of stars. "What in the...? Look, the window!" He walked over to the screen and tried to look down from the "window".

Tegan, still clinging to the console with a death grip, looked at the monitor. "The moon... Never seen a sky that clear since Brisbane..." Her eyes took on a glassy look and she stared at the screen as if mesmerized.

"It's all right, Tegan. Look, the moon's not there." The Doctor noticed the library was quiet and sighed in relief. He checked Tegan over and noticed her changes had reversed. "Now, all we have to do now is stay here and never move forward or backward again." He sighed. "I wonder if Turlough's transformation has reversed, as well." He headed through the interior door. "Sergeant, take care of Tegan, will you?" he shouted back.

The sergeant blinked and turned after the Doctor. "Wait up, Doctor!" He held his sword out in front of him. "But what about you, sir?"

"I'll be all right. I think my hunch was correct."


In the middle of the clearing where the TARDIS had been only moments ago, the wolf sat, howling mournfully.


Tegan focused on the screen, staring off in the darkness, as if listening to something only she can hear. Her eyes glowed and she smiled silently.

The sergeant stood beside Tegan. "Not to worry, I'm sure he knows what he's doing."

"Yes, I'm sure he'll be all right." She stared at the doorway, then back at the sergeant and smiled.


The Doctor came to the library doors, splintered and cracked. Not a sound came from inside. He unbolted the door and cautiously looked inside. Turlough sat on table, still in his wolf form, staring transfixed into the darkness, as if waiting for something. "Turlough?"

Turlough didn't move, just turned his ear to the wind and listened.


The sergeant passed the silver hilt next to Tegan as he resheathed his sword. She backed away from the Sargent quickly and darted over to the console where she slammed her hand down on the materialization button.


The Doctor heard the sound of rematerialization. "No!"

Turlough howled loud enough to fill the corridors, rocked on his haunches, and suddenly sprang forward at the Doctor still standing in the doorway.


The sergeant stared through the doorway where the Doctor departed and didn't see Tegan as her hands flew over the keyboard and her hand closed over the door lever.


The Doctor put up his hands to defend himself. Turlough bowled the Doctor over and bounded out of the library and down the corridor on all fours. "Turlough! Wait!" The Doctor got up and started running after him.


Ah, home sweet home." Tegan opened the doors and ran outside, darting a look behind for her fellow companion.

The wolf waited at the edge of the clearing for Tegan and Turlough to appear and growled softly. He howled loudly when Tegan appeared out of the TARDIS and slowly morphed under the full moon as she ran across the field.

Turlough burst into the console room and howled at the open door. The sergeant spun around to see Tegan vanish and was knocked over by Turlough, as he took a running leap out the open door.

Tegan howled, dropped to all fours, and bounded off into the darkness, following the other wolf.

The Doctor arrived in the console room just in time to see Turlough and Tegan vanish into the night. He stood in the doorway for a couple of seconds, taking in what happened.

The sergeant, dazed, got to his knees and rubbed the back of his head.

"Are you all right, Sergeant?" the Doctor asked as he walked over to him

"Yes, yes, but what's going on?" He got to his feet.

"Well, Tegan and Turlough have been...transformed into...whatever that creature is out there. And it seems to have called them to it."

The sergeant took some bullets out of his patchbox. "I have two shots. I'll look for a musket."

"I think the best thing to do would be to wait until morning. If we go out hunting for them now, they have the advantage of the cover of darkness. Besides, I will not have you shoot my friends unless absolutely necessary." He looked troubled.

"Yes, perhaps that would be the wisest course. If I can find two sound muskets I'll load both and give one to you, Doctor." The Doctor remained quiet with a thoughtful expression on his face. "Then, well, if we must, we must."

The Doctor gritted his teeth. "Let's hope it doesn't come to that, Sergeant."

"I hope you're right, Doctor."


The wolf sniffed the air and spotted a horse near the British camp. Tegan smiled slightly, eyeing the horse. Turlough's eyes glowed in the darkness, his pupils dilating with moonlight and took in the sight of fresh meat. He growled and started ahead of Tegan, but is stopped when the other wolf growled at him. As his hunger grew, his stomach churned on empty, drooling with anticipation of the kill.

The wolf lunged at the horse and grasped its stomach in its slobbering mouth. The horse pivoted back in shock and kicked wildly.

Tegan's fangs protruded out of her mouth and her eyes flickered for a moment, but reasserted the glow quickly. She pushed past Turlough and ran out to join the other wolf. Turlough lunged for the horse's neck, chomping down on the jugular.

The wolf ripped parts of the flesh and intestine from the horse. The intestine dripped with grass and blood. He growled loudly at Turlough, seeing the another encroaching on his kill. Turlough ignored the growl and engorged himself on the feast of flesh. The wolf snapped at Turlough once more then down most of the horse's stomach.

Tegan growled back at the other wolf before clutching a piece of the horse and ripping at it with her fangs, keeping her eyes on the others.

The captain ran from the tent to his horse. Turlough turned at the sound of running feet, horse blood dripping from his jaws, his eyes widen in morbid anticipation at the lone officer. Tegan backed up slowly at the sound. The wolf looked up from his feast, the horse's blood dripping from his jaws onto the dirt road.

The captain cocked his pistol, raised it and fired but the pan only flashed and gun didn't fire. Tegan growled, seeing it has no affect. Turlough rose on his hind legs and howled. The captain re-cocked the pistol and tried to recharge the pan.

The wolf growled and pounced on the captain. There was a sickening sound of breaking bones as the wolf cleaved the arm with the pistol from him. The captain screamed as blood sprayed uncontrollably from his arm, and he passed out from the sudden pain. The wolf downed the bloody, severed hand.

Turlough lunged atop the fallen victim and dove in for his share of the tasty treat. A hunger so deep it consumed him, urged him to devour. He munched loudly, grinding flesh and bone with his teeth.

Tegan rounded on the body tentatively. Her eyes flickered for a moment at the sight of the corpse. She shut her eyes and shook her head.

The wolf cocked his head up at Tegan and walked over to her and started to lick her affectionately.

Tegan backed up, still shaking her head, eyes firmly closed. She howled loudly and ran off into the night, abandoning her hunk of horse meat. The wolf took the meat and enjoyed his meal.

Turlough looked up at Tegan's retreat, but returned again to his kill.

Tegan ran blindly through the brush, with her eyes still tightly shut. She stopped as she plunged into a small stream. She opened her eyes, disgusted at feeling wet. She started to shake off and looked down. She fixed on her reflection in the water and mournfully howled.

SpaceProg ---- 5th Doctor
TimeLadyX--- Tegan Jovanka
CodyJ---------- British Army Sergeant/Captain


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