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Penumbra (2/6)

Title: Penumbra
Characters: Five, Tegan, Turlough, OCs
Word Count: 3893
Rating: WARNING: This story is rated "R" for gratuitous violence (The first part is the worst and I think they become a bit less as we move on, maybe PG-13)
Summary: The TARDIS arrives in Georgia in 1742 and becomes involved with Redcoats, Cherokee and werewolves.
Notes: OK, this is yet another story version of a sim done by Dr Who & Co. I came in late on this one so the bloodiness was before my time so I want no blame for that. I think Part 1 is the worst in that respect, so stick it out, I think it's worth it. This was begun 10/17/00.

<Part One


Tegan screamed loudly, pointing at the wolf. The wolf emerged from the shadows, blood dripping from its jaws, growling and snarling at its next victims. Turlough took up position cowering behind Tegan.

The sergeant called out to his two remaining men. "Volley fire at wolf! Fire!"

Tegan turned away, ducking from the shots and trying to look away from the wolf. The wolf shook with the vollwy of bullets but continued forward menacingly. As the bullets struck to no effect, the sergeant dropped his musket and drew his sword.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, Sergeant," warned Turlough.

"Wait, Sergeant, look at it! It's no ordinary wolf!" The Doctor backed away slowly.

The wolf's eyes began to glow an eerie color as it stared at its prey, as if studying them. It then focused on the speaking blond humanoid.

The Doctor looked back at it with the same penetrating stare. "Its proportions are wrong. It's more...humanoid in mass."

"I don't care what it is!" declared Tegan. "We shouldn't be just standing around here gawking at it while it's attacking."

"It's honing in on you, Doctor," Turlough noted.

The wolf closed in too fast for the sergeant to use his sword, so he punched the wolf with the hilt. Oddly the wolf fell back and howled in pain. The Sergeant looked at the silver hilt and saw hair and a trace of blood. The sergeant stood stunned for a second as the two remaining troopers gawked.

"The sergeant wounded it," the Doctor said aloud in wonder. "Sergeant, is that blade made of a silver alloy by any chance?"

"No, Reverend, but the hilt is silver. It was presented to me by the Regimental Commander for service in France."

"Now's our chance! Let's go!" said Tegan with a pleading look at the Doctor.

The Doctor nodded. "Run! To the TARDIS, quickly!"

"A religious retreat?" asked the sergeant.

"The closest thing to it at the moment, come on!"

"Right ahead of you!" Tegan ran as fast as she could, but still lagged a bit behind the others.

"Sounds good to me!" said Jones, one of the other soldiers as he ran rapidly behind the others.

The Doctor strode through the field where the TARDIS landed. "Mind that creek!" he warned as he jumped it.

The other soldier, Jarret, tripped over the savaged torso of Jenkins and fumbled on the ground, retching.

Jones turned to help Jarret, extending his hand. Jarret grasped the outstretched hand. "Thanks, mate." He looked up and saw that Jones no longer had a head. He screamed loudly as the body slowly collapsed.

Tegan's high heels pounded the ground as she raced to get to the TARDIS, but failed to mind the creek. She reeled and lost her balance, falling into the creek. "Rabbits!" She tried to get up and fell back in again. "Bloody hell!" She looked back at the wolf closing in.

Lagging behind, Turlough nearly tripped over Tegan in the creek. He pushed ahead of everyone, running as fast as he could.

The Doctor skidded to a stop and ran back to help her. He grabbed Tegan's hand and helped her up out of the creek bed. He almost dragged her behind him, while running back to the TARDIS.

"Thanks!" Tegan clenched her teeth as he nearly ripped her arm off. "He's gaining on us!" she yelled as she was half-dragged along by the Doctor.

"I know, I know. Uh..." The Doctor rummaged through his pockets.

Turlough halted in mid-run ahead of the Doctor and Tegan. "Come on!"

"I hope you've got some dog biscuits in there, Doctor."

Turlough shouted over his shoulder. "Doctor! There's no time for that!"

The Doctor pulled out an apple core, threw it backwards and hit the wolf on the nose. "No, no, that's not it."

"Try something else, Doctor. Dogs aren't too partial to apples, as far as I know," said Tegan.

Jarret saw the creature between him and the others. He turned to run, then, remembering Jones, he turned back and charged the wolf with his bayonet. "Die you beastie!" He stuck his bayonet in the wolf's back

The wolf howled in pain and swiped blindly at the soldier's face. Jarret dropped his musket and fell to his knees, clawing at his bleeding face. Blood dripped from where his right eye once was.

The wolf started to close in on the Doctor and his party, saliva dripping from the front of the mandibles.

"Ah!" The Doctor took out a silver letter opener and came to a halt. "Go on, Tegan!" He held the letter opener at the ready and turned to face the oncoming wolf.

Tegan broke away from the Doctor and slipped a bit in her soggy heels. "Doctor, just come on!"

Turlough stopped a bit away, hiding in the shadow of some brush. He hovered, wanting to flee, but guiltily reluctant to abandon the others.

The Doctor spoke to the oncoming creature. "I don't know if you can understand me or not, but I don't want to harm you. Do you understand me? You seem to have a slight aversion to silver and this," he said indicating the letter opener, "is sterling. I saw how you reacted to the sergeant's sword hilt." He stood his ground as the wolf got closer.

The sergeant stood, sword at the ready.

Turlough broke off a branch in his hands. Tegan whipped her head toward the sound, a few feet away from her. Turlough cautiously towards her, carrying his branch like a club, keeping his eyes on the wolf

"Turlough, just run! That branch won't do any good!" Turlough gave Tegan an evil eye determined to do as he pleased.

The wolf crawled even closer to Tegan and she shrieked, trying to back away. She tripped, fell to the ground, and tried to back away backwards on her hands and feet.

"Listen, you're not just an ordinary wolf, are you?" The Doctor strode between the wolf and Tegan, holding the letter opener like a cross to a vampire. The wolf snarled, but seemed to stare at the opener.

Following the Doctor's lead, the sergeant sheathed his sword and held it by the end so the hilt was like the knob of a mace.

Tegan got up and away from the wolf, and ran to the Doctor.

While the wolf was distracted, Turlough circled around to the wolf's side. He lunged forward, striking the wolf with the branch. "Run Doctor!"

Half blind and staggering, Jarret tried to grab the wolf creature from behind.

"Jarret! Don't!" yelled the sergeant.

"Wait, No!" the Doctor shouted at the soldier.

The wolf howled with anger and surprise. With the spell cast by the silver broken, it lunged against its attackers.

"Turlough! You didn't have to..." The Doctor gave Turlough an angry look, then, seeing the wolf was now angered even more so, decided to head for the hills once more.

"Come on, Doctor! We need to get back to the TARDIS!" Tegan pulled on his sleeve and found herself nearly getting dragged along with him.

The wolf snapped at Turlough, grazing his calf. Turlough fell to his knees with a cry before kicking himself up. He limped as he tried to get away, blood trailing down his leg.

"Turlough!" shouted the Doctor.

Tegan left the Doctor and ran back for Turlough. She placed one of his arms over her shoulders, fending the wolf off with one of her heels. Turlough tripped over a rock and fell again at Tegan's feet. Tegan shrieked as the wolf made a sudden dive for her and Turlough.

The Doctor took the letter opener and hurled it at the wolf. It stuck in the wolf's side. Not a life-threatening wound, but enough to make it writhe in pain as the silver burned it.

The sergeant ran to help Jarret, but when he looked up at Jarret, the man's face was almost beast-like and he snarled showing fangs. The sergeant rapidly stepped back. He smashed his old friend with the sword hilt until Jarret collapsed. He looked down, and, as the water washed the blood from Jarret's face, the Sergeant saw the face transform to that of his former comrade. He quickly turned and joined the others

The wolf clutched at the wound and tried to swipe at the Doctor. He completely missed the Doctor but just broke the skin of Tegan's left leg. He then whimpered and hobbled away with his head down.

The Doctor tried to hustle Tegan and a limping Turlough away from the wolf. "Hurry! We've not got much time before it recovers." He reached the TARDIS and opened the door with the key he hurriedly fumbled out of his pocket. "Hurry!" He gestured them inside. He saw the wolf was recovering about fifty yards away. He noticed the sergeant's hesitation. "Don't worry, plenty of room inside."

The sergeant entered and his voice carried outside. "What? It's bigger on the inside than on the outside!" The Doctor only smiled.

Turlough moved in quickly. Tegan limped along with Turlough at the back of the crowd. She looked back to see the wolf slowly getting to its feet and sniffing the air in their direction.
The Doctor closed the door once they were all inside. "There, we're safe now, for the time being."

"Reverend? What is this?"

The Doctor didn't have time to answer because Turlough had something more important to share. "Doctor, it got me." He looked up at the Doctor, slightly dazed.

"Did anyone else see what happened to Jarret?" asked the sergeant.

"No, what happened?" asked the Doctor as he knelt down to examine Turlough's wound. "Hmm... Looks rather superficial, though."

Turlough seemed to snap back to reality. "I'm sure I'll be fine." He stood.

"Bloody hell, it got me, too." Tegan hiked up her skirt, showing a bit of thigh as well as a nice large scratch.

The Doctor eyed Tegan's scratch closely. "Hmm... Some sort of serous fluid seeping from the scratch." His eyes took on a serious glint.

The sergeant tried to explain what had happened with Jarrett. "It was him, then he collapsed...and...he was some sort of beastie."

The Doctor's head shot up. "Was he?"

"He had fangs and tried to attack me. I smashed him again and again with my sword hilt and he... Well, when he died he became himself, again."

"Certainly doesn't sound like your average run of the mill soldier come back from the dead," commented Tegan.

"No, not at all," agreed the Doctor.

The sergeant replaced his sword in its frog. "What!? This must be sorcery, or I've lost my mind."

"You said Jarrett became a monster and changed back once he was killed?"

"What?" The sergeant eyed the Doctor as if seeing him for the first time. "Er...yes, Reverend, I swear."

"Doctor, are you saying it was a werewolf?" Turlough couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Like the B-movie type? Lon Chaney style?" asked Tegan with a nervous little laugh.

"Well, it does match with the legends, Turlough. A man becomes a wolf, then upon being shot with a silver bullet in wolf form becomes a human again before he dies."

"Well, we've run into just about everything else. Seemed just a matter of time before we'd run into a horror movie come to life," remarked Tegan.

"It's called Lycanthropy, although whether the condition exists or not is debatable."

"Debatable? Then what did we just see?" Turlough's voice rose in pitch.

The Doctor's brow furrowed once more. "The condition of Lycanthropy is thought to be spread by a bite from the werewolf. As you two were merely scratched, I don't think you're in any danger. However, I doubt that creature was an actual werewolf of legend. But it may bode well to get more information from the natives in the area."

The sergeant sat down wearily. "This can't be happening. My entire squad, killed by something from an old wives' tale."

Tegan pushed down her skirt and went in search of a med-kit in the interior rooms. She soon returned lugging a heavy black bag. She squated off to the side and started unloading the bag.
"Iodine and Hydrogen Peroxide should prevent any infection," the Doctor told her.

"Doctor, I know what I'm doing. I was a stewardess after all."

The Doctor smiled. "Of course, Tegan."

"Or would have been, had I actually made my flight," she muttered. "Ah! Here we go!" She pulled out some large Band-Aids and some ointment.

The Doctor turned to the sergeant. "Sergeant, where is the nearest Cherokee village?"

"It should be about two to three miles down the river from here."

"Splendid. I think that if this creature is as infamous as I would think, the local native inhabitants would know more about it."

"But, Reverend, we dare not go out there with that...that thing about."

"I think you've probably figured out by now, Sergeant, that I'm no Reverend doing missionary work."

"And I'm certainly no Sister Mary," said Tegan as she hiked up her skirt again, and put on the ointment and bandage.

The sergeant looked around the console room. "Hmmm, yes, but what should I call you then?"
"Call me the Doctor."

The sergeant shook the Doctor's hand. "A pleasure, sir. I mean, Doctor."

The Doctor smiled and returned the handshake. "Well, we can try heading to the Cherokee village in the morning. It seems that nighttime is when the creature hunts. I need to do some research about our Werewolf. If you'll excuse me, guest rooms are through this door." He indicated the interior door. "Just go down the corridor. Don't go too far, or you'll have a chance of getting lost." He left the console room for the library

"Very well," said the sergeant resignedly. "Meanwhile, is there a hearth in this thing?"

"Probably. The Doc's got just about everything here," said Tegan

The sergeant reached into a pocket and took out a handful of coins. "I've three silver sovereigns here. And from the way things went tonight, it might be a good idea to cast them into a bullet. Provided that thing doesn't smash all the muskets, then tomorrow we will have a weapon to use against it."

Turlough walked up to Tegan, looking rather distracted. "Doesn't the Doctor have some kid of med pack for our wounds?"

"Right in front of you." She tossed him the roll of bandages. "And you might want this as well." She tossed him the tube of ointment.

Turlough caught it and rolled up his pant leg. He winced as he applied the medication.

"At least I think it's peroxide. Some of the labels on the things he's got in this bag look completely foreign to me."

"Well, as long as it's not arsenic, I'm fine with it."

The sergeant took out a bullet mold from his patch box and bounced a coin in the other hand. "Now all I need is a fire to melt the coins. Where's your fire?"

"What fire? You mean our guns, again? Or our hearth, as you put it?" Tegan asked him.

The sergeant smiled. "Nay, lass. A place to melt these coins."

"I think the Doc's got a kiln in the Art room."

"Good, would you show me?"

"Sure, if I remember how to get there." She exited into the interior of the TARDIS.

The sergeant followed Tegan and tried to hand her the coins. "Just as long as I can melt these for casting."

Tegan touched one of the coins and quickly dropped it, her hand sizzling at the touch.

Turlough finished with the medication and joined Tegan and the Sergeant. "What are you going to do?"

"If we can find a musket tomorrow, we'll have a weapon to stop that thing." He reached for Tegan. "Are you all right, lass?"

Tegan pulled her hand back, quickly hiding it. "Quite all right. Just hand me the ointment,
would you?"

"It's back in the console room. I'll get it." He nervously exited to the main room of the TARDIS.

The sergeant picked up the coin from the floor. "Good lad."

Tegan smiled again as the pain eased. "Like I said, I'm perfectly fine."

Tegan took them deeper into the corridors, silently counting the rooms as she went. The sergeant, still holding his coins, entended a hand towards Tegan. "Do you need any help walking?"

"No, it was just a scratch. Doesn't even feel like it's there anymore." She retracted her other hand quickly away from the coins.

The sergeant shrugged and followed. "Guess not."

"The sooner you get those coins into the kiln, the better we'll all feel."

Turlough soon caught up with them. "I've got it. Here." He handed Tegan the ointment. "I need to see the Doctor. Where's the library?"

Tegan took the ointment, pulled out her burned hand and noticed there wasn't a mark on it. "Must have been playing tricks with my mind, but thanks anyway."

Turlough saw her hand. "Never mind, I'll find it." He walked off.

"He's up to something. I can feel it." Tegan stared at Turlough's back as he disappeared down the corridor. She looked back at the sergeant. "Come on, we still have to find you a fire." She resumed counting the rooms as she passed. "23....24....25. Ah, here we are." She came to a room with statuary lining the walls and several unfinished works in the middle.

The sergeant walked over to the kiln. "Blast, there's no fire!"

Tegan walked around looking at some of the unfinished works. "Could have sworn I've seen this one before...without arms."

"Do you have a tinder box?" he asked Tegan. "Mine's back at the camp."

"A tinder box? You really did come from the middle ages." She left the statue of Venus and walked over to the side of the kiln.

The sergeant laughed. "Not quite. But how do you expect me to start a fire?"

Tegan flicked the power button. "Now, you just have to wait a few minutes for it to start up."

The sergeant looked at the coils starting to turn orange. "What the...?"

"Hot enough for you?"

The sergeant snatched back his hand. "Yes, quite."

Tegan hunted through the molds for something small enough to work as a bullet. Her hands hovered over one of the molds as something flickered over her eyes.

The sergeant dropped a couple of coins into a small cup with a long handle and extended it into the kiln.

Tegan's eyes glowed with a red light for a brief second. As she turned back around, her eyes flickered back to normal. "Oh, I see you brought your own."

"Part of my kit, lass. This won't take long. Silver melts even faster than lead." He removed the cup and quickly poured the silver into the mold. "Well, enough for two bullets anyway." He waited half a minute, then tapped open the mold and peeled out the bullets with a brass pick. "There we go."

Tegan watched over his shoulder. Her eyes glowed at the sight of the bullets. She coughed suddenly, closing her eyes.

When they cooled, he picked up the bullets and held them out to Tegan. "These should be just the cure for that beastie, eh?"

Tegan recoiled from the bullets. "No, thanks! They still look pretty hot to me. You keep them. Besides, I don't have a gun." She hurried away from his bullets and over to turn the kiln off.
The sergeant slipped the bullets into his ammo pouch. "Not to worry. They cool as fast as they melt. Hopefully that thing hasn't smashed all the muskets, or there'll be naught but pebbles to throw at him."

Tegan's finger hovered over the power switch for a moment, as her eyes glowed. She walked back over to the Sergeant, with her eyes still glowing. She lifted up her hands, as if to push him into the kiln.

The sergeant stood. "Let's join the others then."

Tegan blinked, her eyes suddenly clear. "What was I doing? Right! I still need to turn off the kiln. I'll be right with you."

The sergeant looked into Tegan's eyes. "Are you sure you're all right?"

"Huh? Why wouldn't I be? I'm quite all right." She went back to turn off the kiln.

"Very well." The sergeant left the room and retraced his steps to the console room.

Once the kiln was off, Tegan joined the sergeant in the hallway.


The Doctor sat in the expansive gothic-styled TARDIS library, reading a large tome aloud to himself. "Lupanomos... Home planet of the Lupine race, the Mokran. Reproductive ability: sexual. No, no, wrong species. Doesn't look anything like what we saw." He flipped through the book once more. "Zeranos, Planet of the Dragnas. Aversion to Mercury. No, wrong metal." He came to the end of the book and still nothing. "This creature can't have originated from Earth, could it?" He moved to a large computer that stood out like a sore thumb amongst the gothic decor, and tried a search. "Search: Lupine life-forms. Galactic Time Scale 234000566." He typed in the search criteria. The computer processed for a minute and a large picture of the creature they had encountered appeared on the screen. "Ah! Now we're getting somewhere. Oh, what?" He read the screen. "Genus: Lupine in appearance. Species: Unknown. Planet of origin: Unknown. Life cycle and reproduction: Unknown? Oh dear." He ran a hand back through his hair.

Turlough opened the library doors slowly and peeked inside. "Doctor? Doctor, I need to talk to you."

The Doctor turned upon hearing Turlough's voice. "Ah, yes. What is it, Turlough?"

Turlough walked over to stand next to him. "Doctor, I think Tegan's been infected. She was burned by the Sergeant's silver!"

"Oh dear, I was afraid of that." He indicated the computer screen in front of him. "This is a universal databank entry concerning the creature out there. As you can see, it's almost completely blank."

Turlough looked at the screen. "But how? Could she have been bitten during the attack on that soldier she was with?"

The Doctor nodded "It probably reproduces using ensymatic DNA replication. Which means, that the enzymes from its saliva causes the DNA of its victim to replicate into corresponding versions of the creature's cellular structure." He turned suddenly to Turlough. "You were injured as well!"

Turlough looked at his leg. "No, it was only a scratch. It didn't bite me."

The Doctor looked at Turlough's leg for a while. "Well, you don't seem to be showing any symptoms." He pulled out a silver watch, suddenly and held it in front of Turlough's face.

Turlough backed away and held his hands up. "Get that away!" He smacked it out of the Doctor's hand. He recovered and looked shocked. "I'm...sorry."

The Doctor looked at the silver watch on the floor, then looked silently up at Turlough. "This is worse than I thought."

Turlough still looked dazed. While the Doctor's gaze was on the floor, his eyes glazed red and quickly back again.

The Doctor backed away as he caught a glimpse of Turlough's glowing eyes. "Turlough, listen, you must fight this!"

"Doctor, I...can't!"

"You must!" He tried to round his way to the entrance of the library.

Turlough advanced and raised his fists for a smashing blow. His eyes glazed red.

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TimeLadyX--- Tegan Jovanka
CodyJ---------- British Army Officers


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