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Title: Penumbra
Characters: Five, Tegan, Turlough, OCs
Word Count: 3032
Rating: WARNING: This story is rated "R" for gratuitous violence (The first part is the worst and I think they become a bit less as we move on, maybe PG-13)
Summary: The TARDIS arrives in Georgia in 1742 and becomes involved with Redcoats, Cherokee and werewolves.
Notes: OK, this is yet another story version of a sim done by Dr Who & Co. I came in late on this one so the bloodiness was before my time so I want no blame for that. I think Part 1 is the worst in that respect, so stick it out, I think it's worth it. This part was begun 10/17/00.


Turlough sat on his bed in his sparse room in the TARDIS reading a book. That was how Tegan found him. "I don't see how you can just sit there," she said from the doorway, hands on her hips. "You're always so calm and laid-back. Aren't you even the slightest bit worried about where he's taking us now?"

Turlough laid back with his head on the pillow. "It's easy. I just lie back and snore." He propped himself up. "You know, I can tell you don't like me very much. It's not very difficult to see."

"That's an understatement." She tapped her foot on the floor. "Still, we're stuck with you. You could leave, you know."

"If the Doctor can trust me, you should, too. Isn't that how it works?"

"The Doctor trusts everyone. But Nyssa and I knew from the start there was something wrong with you."

Turlough gave her a thin-lipped sigh. "There's nothing for me on Earth. You know that. And now that the Black Guardian is gone, I am harmless."

"So you say. I still don't trust you. It doesn't take a Guardian to make someone turn on us."

Turlough decided to change the subject. "Why did you come to see me? Or was it just to accuse me?"

"I don't have to take this. I didn't ask to be his errand girl. The Doctor has the coordinates for our next destination programmed in. He told me to tell you we're landing soon."

"I see. We're off to more adventures?" He managed a half-friendly smile. "I'll be out in a moment."

Tegan narrowed her eyes, turned her back on him and stalked back out into the hallway, heels clacking on the tile. Turlough pulled himself out of bed and into the hallway, straightening his school uniform before following.


In the Georgia mountains near the Tennessee border, stood the tents of a British Army encampment. A redcoated sergeant rushed between the tents frantically, breaking the silence. He came to a stop outside the captain's tent. "Sir! The scouting party has been found."

"Bring them to me at once!" ordered the captain.

"I..I can't, sir. They are all dead. Not only dead, but butchered. These rebels must be using savage Indians. The men were.... They were ripped apart, sir!"

"The blasted devils! How dare they! Prepare a punitive expedition for the Indian settlement at once. They must learn they can not do that to His Majesty's troops and not pay dearly."

"Yes, sir! Permission to lead the party?"

The captain looked at the sergeant and remembered his brother was in the scouting party. He nodded grimly. "Permission granted."


The Doctor stood in the middle of the control room staring down at the many-sided console, double-checking the coordinates. He paced over and stood in front of monitor with an irritated look on his face. Tegan also stared at the monitor, her arms folded and a sour look on her face.

"I could have sworn I had those coordinates set right." The Doctor double-checked the input.

Tegan looked over at the Doctor. "What's wrong now, Doctor?"

"Oh, Tegan, um, nothing wrong, per se. The TARDIS is just up to her old tricks." He flipped a switch several times, but nothing happened. "Hmm..."

Turlough strolled in lazily and scratched his head absently.

"Ah, hello, Turlough. Sleep well?"

Turlough looked up suddenly. "Yes, Doctor, thank you."

"He can sleep through anything," commented Tegan dryly.

Turlough looked at the console with some concern. "Old tricks? Is something wrong?" He glanced at Tegan.

"When is something not wrong with this contraption?" remarked Tegan.

The Doctor looked up at Turlough. "Nothing's wrong in that we're in danger, just that she's being a bit temperamental, again."

"I thought you said you were going to take me home," complained Tegan.

"Well, yes, that was my intention."

"Don't tell me we haven't landed on Earth, again. Wonder what they're going to say about my extended vacation when I finally get there. If I ever get there. I've certainly racked up enough frequent flyer miles."

"Oh, we're on Earth, just a few years off." He gazed at the monitor knowing what Tegan's next question was going to be."

She looked pointedly at the Doctor: "How many years, Doctor?"

"Well, we're in the year 1742. Sorry." He looked very apologetic.

"1742? But I haven't even been born yet! For that matter, my parents haven't even been born yet."

"I know, Tegan. It's just that, well, the old girl isn't a new machine. She's bound to have a few...quirks."

"A bit more than a few. You ought to take this thing in for a tune-up."

Turlough was intrigued. "1742."

"To be more specific, we're in Colonial Georgia. Fancy a look 'round before we try, again?" He looked at them hopefully.

Turlough clasped his hands together and made a small frown. "Why not?"

"You mean to tell me you didn't even land in Australia?"

The Doctor frowned. "Tegan, honestly, I'm trying."

"Well, try harder. Just once I'd like to land in the right place."

"Oh, come on, Tegan, the Doctor's trying."

"I know, but it's been so long since I've been home."

"I promise you, Tegan, I'll get you home." The Doctor grabbed his hat, opened the TARDIS door and exited.

Tegan sighed and folded her arms, looking down at the floor. "And there he goes, again. Well, we might as well tag along and keep him out of trouble." She exited, looking for the Doctor.

Turlough walked out after them.

The area surrounding the TARDIS was sparsely decorated with trees, brushy Fescue grass predominating the land. The air was hot and humid. A typical Southern summer. The Doctor stood outside, leaning against a tree and sighed audibly.

"Should I close the door, Doctor?" shouted Turlough.

"Yes, If you would!" the Doctor called back.

"There he is," said Tegan and approached him.

Turlough closed the door and walked over to the Doctor and stopped next to Tegan. The Doctor stood silently, still leaning against the tree and stared down at small creek. A young bluegill darted to and fro catching bugs. He didn't really notice them approach, still concentrating on the fish.

Tegan looked out at the view. "It is nice here. Reminds me of home. But that's still no excuse to bring us here."

"You know, Tegan, you really should be more grateful," admonished Turlough.

"Well, I just thought that while we're here, we could at least have a look 'round. It wouldn't be a trip wasted. We may learn something," the Doctor told them.

Tegan noticed a small encampment on the edge of the horizon under a small group of trees. "Hey! Over there! Look, I think I see something!" She pointed off at the encampment.

"And, Tegan, I am sorry. I... What?" The Doctor followed he gaze and saw the encampment. "Hmm..."

"It looks rather barren," commented Turlough.

"Well, if this is the mid-1700s then this is a British occupied area. Yes, looks like their style." The Doctor held a hand over his eyes to shield them from the sun as he looked. "Yes, definitely a British encampment."

"Is it wise to stroll into a military encampment?" questioned Turlough.

"Since when would that stop the Doctor?" muttered Tegan.

"It depends. If you're me, it doesn't really make much of a difference. C'mon." The Doctor strolled towards the encampment, leaping over the creek.

"Rabbits, knew he'd do something like that."

"Well, someone should follow him." Turlough started off after the Doctor.

Tegan looked after them hesitantly, then at the TARDIS, and back at their rapidly disappearing backs. She balled her fists and followed after them.


The British guard aimed his brown bess as three figures approach the edge of the encampment. "Halt! Who goes there? "Sergeant of the Guard! Strangers at Post 5!" he shouted.

The Doctor stopped short as a soldier jumped out in front of him.

The sergeant ran up to the guard. "Who are you people and what are you doing here?" The strangers looked among themselves. "I said, explain yourself, sir."

"Oh, hello. We're travelers and have just come across your encampment and decided to come visit. I'm the Doctor and this is Tegan and Turlough." He indicated each in turn.

"I hope you know what you're doing, Doctor," whispered Tegan. The Doctor smiled at her encouragingly.

"This isn't our encampment," the sergeant informed them. "We are here on a burial detail before proceeding to an Indian encampment."

"Burial detail? Dear me, what happened?" The Doctor was astonished.

"A scouting party was massacred by Indians here."

"Massacred?" Turlough couldn't believe his ears.

"You mean the Cherokee?" asked the Doctor. "Hmm... Doesn't sound like their style at all."

"You, sir, did not see the bodies, or what was left of them, hacked apart so brutally! These heathens will pay for this!"

"Hmm... May I take a look at the bodies, please?" requested the Doctor. "Much evidence of the murderer can be found on the victim."

"They have been given Christian burial, sir, that is out of the question."

"Ah, very well. I understand."

"Where are your arms, sir?"

"Er...my arms? Connected to my shoulders." The Doctor smiled.

Turlough rolled his eyes. "Doctor..."

"He means your weapons, Doctor," explained Tegan.

"I don't carry weapons, Sergeant. I find them unnecessary usually."

"If your party is unarmed and as night is about to fall, I must insist you stay with us the night at least. You will find the savages here are less than Christian in their attitudes."

"Well, I appreciate the hospitality. Tegan? Turlough? What do you think?"

"Sounds good. At least they're not tying us up for once," said Tegan.

"I think it may be a good idea," agreed Turlough. "We don't want to be hacked apart."

"Hmm... Well, I'd like to meet the local Cherokee in the morning and see what they know of this," said the Doctor.

Turlough looked at him questioningly. "Is that a good idea? If the Indians are hostile..."

The Doctor shook his head. "The Cherokee were among the most peaceful tribes of Native Americans. You have nothing to fear from them."

"I see," said Turlough. A loud howl comes from the other side of the forest. "And that?"

Tegan cringed a bit and looked into the trees around them. "That didn't sound like an Indian to me."

The sergeant looked to the sound. "As long as that's a real wolf, you will be quite safe."

"Well, lead on, Sergeant," said the Doctor with a smile.

A pair of yellow feral eyes watched the party through the trees.

"We shall all be safe tonight," the sergeant told them. "Only if that was some signal would we have anything to worry about."

"That was a signal all right. A signal that there's something out there. Something large and hungry." Tegan looked about nervously.

"I'm afraid all but the mess tent was shredded. I would suggest the lady take that for sleeping quarters and you two join me and my men around the campfire."

"Come on, Turlough. I could sure use a cup of tea." The Doctor gestured for Tegan to enter the tent.

The wolf followed through the woods and a stick cracked under its paw. The Doctor heard the stick crack, gazed into the woods, but saw nothing. The wolf howled again, this time much closer.

Tegan looked uneasily behind her, but allowed herself to be herded into the tent. "I'd feel a lot safer if we were back in the TARDIS about now."

"'TARDIS?' Is that some Quaker term for a church?" questioned the sergeant.

The Doctor evaded the Sargent's question. "Now, Sergeant, when did these murders occur and in what state were the bodies in?" he asked as he walked over to the campfire and sat down in an uncomfortable straight-backed chair.

"Last night, Reverend, and they weren't murdered. They were butchered like animals."

"Animals..." The Doctor's brow furrowed in thought. "Was anything stolen? Any valuables?"

"No, which is a bit strange. The muskets were all smashed. Usually the Indians take them and destroy everything else."

There was another howl and the Doctor turned in that direction. "Sounds like a wolf," he said absently to himself, trying to remember if wolves were around this part of America at this time.
Turlough looked distracted. "Doctor, that sounded rather close."

"Hmm..." The Doctor looked around the encampment and saw nothing but campfires and the shadows cast by them.


Tegan looked a bit resentful as the men grouped around the campfire, leaving her alone in a cold tent. After a bit of thought, she got up, left the tent and started toward the campfire. "That does it! They're getting a piece of my mind."

The wolf growled quietly from behind the mess tent.

Tegan spun around. "That sounded like it was right behind me!" She looked into the shadows. "It sounded almost...human." She screwed up her courage and entered the shadows behind the tent. "It was probably nothing more than an overgrown cat."


The wolf watched the Doctor and the soldiers through the bushes.

The Doctor turned to Turlough. "Yes, that did sound too close for comfort, didn't it? I'll go check on Tegan." He stood and headed for the entrance of the mess tent.

"I'll come, too." Turlough jumped up and followed the Doctor.

The Doctor entered the mess tent. "Tegan? Are you in here?" he shouted as he looked around and saw no sign of her. "Don't tell me she went outside." He left the tent and started to look around. "Turlough, she probably still around here some place."

The sergeant approached the Doctor and Turlough. "Well, I guess me and Bessie should join you. You won't find a wolf to be very pacifist in nature." He smiled at his own pun, but then frowned noticing their agitation. "What is wrong?"

"She's gone," Turlough told him. "She must have wandered off on her own."

"Don't worry, boy. One of my guards will stop her before she can come to harm."

The wolf howled loudly once again.

The Doctor heard the howl. "That came from just behind the tent! Come on!" He strode around to the side and peered into the shadows.

The sergeant cocked his musket. "That came from inside the perimeter!" He charged with the Doctor.

The Doctor rounded to the back of the tent and let his eyes adjust to the dark. "Tegan?" he shouted.

Turlough remained by the front of the tent.

"Men! Intruder inside camp!" The sergeant raised the alarm.

The Doctor looked left and right frantically. "Where could she have gone?"


Tegan walked through the brush, getting further from the encampment by the second, still following the howl. The wolf scratched a nearby tree to sharpen its claws, and brushes past Tegan's leg underneath some low bushes. The woman shrieked,

"She's over there!" One of the soldiers ran to where the shriek came from. He saw Tegan and strode over to her. "Miss! You shouldn't be here!" He slung his musket over his shoulder to take Tegan's arm."

Tegan jerked her arm away from the soldier. "I'm fine, but there's something out there!"

The wolf's eyes glinted in the bright moonlight.

The soldier pointed. "My God, what is it?!"

The wolf turned to face the soldier. It drooled hungrily and leapt forward, pouncing on the soldier. Blood splattered over Tegan's top as the wolf ran off with half the soldier's torso. Tegan screamed hysterically. A rib bone landed on Tegan's foot as he dragged half the body away. Tegan continued screaming even louder than before.


The Doctor heard the screams and sprinted ever faster toward the sound. It came from the edge of the deep woods. Turlough changed course to the left. He bumped into the Doctor and tried to keep pace with him. "Doctor!" he called desperately.

The sergeant ran towards the scream. "This way, men! Follow me!"


Tegan stopped shaking long enough to run, but tripped as her foot caught on a root growing up out of the ground. She kept screaming as she tried to yank her foot free from the root. If anything, she only tangled it even worse.

The Doctor followed the sound of Tegan's screaming. He finally saw her struggling against a root in the ground. "Tegan!" He reached her and held her by the shoulders. "Tegan, it's me," he said breathlessly. "It's all right. What...what happened?" He knelt down and held Tegan close to him comfortingly.

The wolf watched the Doctor and Tegan from the brush. Ah, dinner.

Turlough and the sergeant arrived. The sergeant looked around with his musket at the ready. "Is she all right, Reverend?"

The Doctor saw blood pooled around the area and a single rib bone lying on the ground, but was spared the sight of the soldier's upper torso concealed in the shadows. "I'm trying to find out, Sergeant. Tegan, tell me what happened here."

Turlough stood uncomfortably next to the Doctor and Tegan. "Is she all right?"

"He tore him apart... Blood everywhere... "

"Miss... Miss! Get a hold of yourself. How many were there?" asked the sergeant.

"Just one. It was awful! His teeth..." She shuddered.

"She's in shock," said the Doctor. "We should get her back to the TARDIS."

Tegan rubbed absently at the blood on her shirt. "The soldier... He tried to save me."

The Doctor looked at the blood on Tegan's shirt and on the ground and made the connection. "I know. It'll be all right. It would be safer if we all went back to the TARDIS until morning."

Turlough put one of Tegan's arms around his shoulder as he and the Doctor helped her to her feet.
Tegan turned tearful eyes to the Sergeant. "He tried to shoot it! You have to do something!"

Another soldier ran up to the sergeant. "Sergeant! Sergeant! Jenkins, Jones, Taylor, they're all dead!"

"That thing will kill us all!" cried Tegan

"What did it look like?" the Doctor asked again.

As if in answer to the Doctor's question, the wolf growled and came out of the shadows into the full moonlight, ready to kill, again.

SpaceProg ---- 5th Doctor
TimeLadyX--- Tegan Jovanka
CodyJ---------- British Army Officers



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