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Curiouser and Curiouser (7/7)

Title: Curiouser and Curiouser
Characters: Seven, Ace, Romana, Original
Word Count: 6286
Rating: PG
Summary: The Doctor and Ace arrive in Victorian London and cross paths with a former companion and an old enemy
Notes: OK, this is yet another story version of a sim done by "Dr Who & Co". This time I have names! These are the ones whose creativity you are about to enjoy. John, Romana, Heather, Lynn, JenK, Cody, FifthDrFan, Flameress, Doctor6master. (If I skipped anyone, I apologize). This was first posted on FFN on 3/20/02

There is a sequel but it is our equivalent to "The War Games" as it has 10 episodes! Watch for it!

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six


The Doctor, Ace, Romana, Holmes, and Jenna were standing around Holmes' flat at 221B. Holmes took tobacco from the Persian slipper for his pipe. Ace grimaced and stood as far away from him as she politely could. The Doctor stood near Ace, but tried to be subtler about his distaste. Holmes saw their distaste and went to stand by the open window. "It helps me think."

Jenna disapproved of the vice but knew it could be worse. "Thank God you never took to cocaine." She plopped down into a chair, dangling a leg over the arm. "Oh, thank the Lord for Levis."

"Too right," agreed Ace.

Romana stood off to the side, running her finger along the bookshelf. She stopped and pulled out a volume. "A Study in Scarlet. First edition, I should think." Upon hearing this, Paul joined her at the bookshelf. He studied the volumes, touching the spines gently.

"Romana, would it be possible to adapt the tracker to home in on Holmes' TARDIS, rather than mine?" questioned the Doctor.

"Of course. Just a matter of fine tuning it." She pulled out the tracker from her pocket, and a small screwdriver from another.

"No need," said Holmes from his position by the window. "I think this telegram being delivered is from him." He put down his pipe and headed for door, opening it before the knock

The Doctor grinned wryly. "Ah...gloating, I shouldn't wonder. They never can resist."

"Ah, thank you." Holmes tipped the boy then closed door.

"C'mon, open it!" prompted Jenna who was now standing with excitement.

Upon seeing that there was no need to recalibrate the tracker, Romana returned it to her pocket and wandered over to join the others.

Holmes slowly opened the telegram and read it to himself. The Doctor wandered over, curious as always, and tried to read it over his shoulder. Ace moved to stand by the Doctor. "It appears he wants a meeting," Holmes told them. "At the Reichenbach of all places."

"Where's that?" asked Ace.

"Switzerland," answered Jenna.

"Oh, of course," said the Doctor. "Don't you see, Ace? Its the place where Holmes and Moriarty had what at least appeared to be their final confrontation."

"It's where Holmes and Moriarty fought, supposedly to the death," supplied Paul, almost simultaneously. The Doctor grinned at him, great minds thinking alike.

"Crikes. That's well spooky."

Of course," said Romana. "And he wants to walk in the original Moriarity's footsteps. How very unoriginal."

Oh, I don't know. There's a rather amusing sense of irony to it," said the Doctor.

"Well, he's obviously trying to make history repeat itself," stated Paul. "As if we didn't already know it was a trap."

Ace clapped him on the shoulder. "Hey, that's good thinking, Teach."

Paul looked at her oddly. "Teach?"

Ace shrugged. "Well, I can't call you Professor."

"Of course we know Holmes didn't die, just wandered the Continent incognito while Watson went back to his practice," said Holmes.

The Doctor turned to Holmes. "He has part of your TARDIS, and my other self and his as well. But what do we have that Moriarty is interested in?"

"Holmes, for one," answered Romana. If he's anything like the original Morarity, he lives to foil Holmes."

"At first I thought my TARDIS key, but he has that as well. No, Romana is right. It must be me he wants to ruin."

I'm not sure," mused the Doctor. "I have a sense that there's more to it, that he has something far grander in mind."

"You can't mean to exchange yourself for the TARDIS and the Doctor's other self?" questioned Jenna.

"If that's what it takes, Jenna." He looked to Doctor knowingly and wondered if Doctor knew about the segment, he hid in his TARDIS. The Doctor looked back to Holmes, but felt slightly uncertain. He didn't completely trust Holmes, either. He thought the segment was safe but wondered if it really was Moriarty who had kidnapped his other self.

"I still wonder why he wanted your key," said Romana. "Do you suppose he wanted to control your TARDIS entirely? If so, he might be after the section of your TARDIS still in our possession."

"Half a TARDIS better than none?" Ace quipped.

The Doctor grabbed his hat and brolly. "Well, there's no time like the present.

Except for the past, of course. Or the future. In any case...let's get moving, shall we?"

"Come on, Teach." Ace grabbed Paul's arm and pulled him into the TARDIS.

The Doctor turned to Holmes. "Will you and Jenna come along in my TARDIS?"

Jenna looked to Holmes almost pleadingly.

Holmes saw Jenna's look. "Thank you for the offer, but I would prefer to try my own. It's been such a long time."

"I quite understand. Perhaps Romana might go with you..."

Ace popped her head back around the door. "Hey, come on, Professor!"

"Just a moment, Ace!"

The Doctor turned back to Holmes. "Romana is quite good with TARDISes. She could help if something is still out of alignment."

Holmes understood why the Doctor wanted Romana to go along. Such as my loyalty, he thought. "Certainly, if she wishes."

Romana put down the book she was reading at the sound of her name. She smiled. "Shall we then?" She walks across the room to Holmes's TARDIS.

"Yes. See you soon!" The Doctor doffed his hat to Holmes and Jenna and slipped into his own TARDIS.

"Shall we, ladies?" said Holmes as he let the ladies enter first.

The Reichenbach Falls, where the water plunged into a deep chasm lined on both sides by glistening coal-black rocks where it narrowed into a pit that drew a man down. The sound of the falling water was almost drowned out by the doubly loud vworping as twin TARDISes appeared nearby. Only fraternal twins, however; as the Doctor's still appeared as a police box, while that of Holmes has taken the shape of a large boulder.

Holmes opened the door and allowed the ladies out first. The Doctor's TARDIS opened as well, and the Doctor stepped out first, looking about warily.

Jenna took a deep breath. "Ah, this is tremendous!"

Romana walked a couple of meters from Holmes's TARDIS and looked at it against the surroundings. "Very nice." She looked out at the falls and wrapped her shawl tighter around herself. "Looks to be about a 104 meters to the bottom."

Ace emerged from the Doctor's TARDIS, with Paul behind her. "Stunning!" he declared.

The Doctor saw no sign of Moriarty--or trouble--and he too began to enjoy the scenery.

Holmes walked towards edge of precipice to look down at the falls. He closed his eyes to fight back the sense of fear that almost overwhelmed. To fall to your death like that. . .

Paul backed away a bit and mumbled, "I forgot how much I hate heights."

The Doctor winced. He didn't care for heights much, either. Romana shivered a bit remembering the time she nearly fell off a cliff.

"Careful, Holmes," said Jenna. "It could almost hypnotize so you won't know what you're doing. I just found you. I don't need to think you're dead again."

Holmes took a deep breath and stood back. "Of course. Thank you." Romana drew herself together and looked away from the falls as well.

"Hm...he said he wanted a meeting. So where is he?" questioned the Doctor.

"He's here somewhere. He waited until Holmes was alone in the stories."

"No way are we leaving you alone here," declared Jenna.

"So what, you think we should all hide?" Ace looked back over at Holmes. "You might be a bit shifty, but no way we're gonna leave you alone to that creep"

"There! I see something!" Romana pointed to a flash of light, as if from a mirror, near the top of the falls.

"Yes, you're right," said the Doctor. "But I think Holmes is right, too. He's waiting until Holmes is alone."

"But. . . ." Jenna looked pleadingly between Doctor and Holmes.

"What about the wood, just over there? It's only a few hundred meters away, and

once we are in amongst the trees Moriarty will have no way of knowing how far we've gone," said the Doctor.

"If we want him to make his move, I think that's the best choice we have," agreed Holmes.

The Doctor gently put a hand on Jenna's shoulder and led her back to the trees. She looks over her shoulder at Holmes. It will be all right," the Doctor said. "He's a Time Lord...we're not the easiest people to kill."

Jenna smiled weakly. "I guess you're right."

Romana walked with Paul into the shade of the trees.

"They're gone now, Moriarty. You can show yourself now," called Holmes. "All by the book, right?"

As so as the Doctor and his group settled into hiding, Moriarty started down. "All by the book? No surprises, Holmes? Where would the fun in that be?"

"You have me where you want me. What else do you want?"

"Oh, just a few trifles. The rest of your TARDIS. Something called a segment of

the Key to Time..."

"Ah, so that's what you're after. How did you hear about that?"

Moriarty laughed quietly. "Oh, I have my ways, Holmes."

"Why have you singled me out? As far as I can tell, I've done nothing to make you an enemy."

"Singled you out? You are Holmes, and I am Moriarty! Our rivalry was written in the book of Fate!"

"So, Doyle was just the Messenger? The Oracle? What a twisted mind."

Moriarty held out his hand impatiently. "Come now. I have a large portion of your TARDIS. If ever want to put it back together again, hand over the segment."

Holmes smiled cryptically. "Find one, find the other."

Moriarty smiled widely, like a predator. "Ah, so that's where you hid the segment! You're not half as subtle as you think you are, Holmes."


"So now, there's only one last thing I want from you..."

Ace looked like she was ready to spring if necessary. Romana put a hand on Ace's shoulder as if to hold her back. The Doctor put a hand on Ace's other arm. "Stay calm, Ace. We mustn't tip our hand just yet."

"I'm just gettin' ready," she whispered.

The Doctor grinned ruefully at Romana, as both of them play parent to Ace. Romana was listening too intently to Holmes and Moriarity's conversation to notice the Doctor's grin.

And that would be. . . .?" prompted Holmes.

"Your life!" Moriarty rushed Holmes, trying to hurl him over the cliff.

Jenna pulled out her gun as she saw Moriarty rush Holmes and began to fire as she ran towards the two men. Ace jumped up and ran after her. The Doctor rushed after Jenna as well, trying to think of another way to stop Moriarty. Paul stood up to watch, but wisely kept back. Romana took after the three of them, leaving Paul alone under the trees.

Holmes tried to keep Moriarty's hands from his throat. In the distance, he heard

Jenna's gun. Moriarty tried to keep Holmes between himself and Jenna. Holmes attempted to keep away from the edge, not wanting to follow his namesake's example.

Even though Jenna's aim was improving, the Doctor used his brolly to knock her arm wide. "Hey, that was my last bullet! Now what're we gonna do?"

"Jenna, there has to be another way! Just run!" The Doctor continued running towards the fight.

Ace was there when the Professor ran up. "I can't get in there. Holmes might be knocked over. We've got to get them away from the edge."

Romana paused on the fringe of the fight. "Maybe a distraction. Something to draw them over where we are."

Paul followed, but continued to hang back. "I don't know. I don't think anything could distract Moriarty at this point."

They watched as Moriarty tried to push Holmes back against a large boulder. Holmes then endeavored to pinch Moriarty's nerves. When that failed, he kicked him. Moriarty stumbled back for a moment, but tackled Holmes again before he could run.

The Doctor looked around desperately for inspiration. "Holmes's TARDIS might provide a sufficient distraction," said Romana. "I could go into Holmes' TARDIS and start up the dematerialization sequence. But you would have to be ready to attack him when he races for it."

Moriarty and Holmes were closer to the edge than ever. Moriarty got his hands around Holmes' throat. Holmes banged his head hard on the ground and was dazed. Moriarty was no longer interested in simply kicking him over the cliff. He wanted to kill Holmes with his own hands.

Ace decided to try one of her own diversions. She pulled off one of her badges. "Oi! Weasel-face!" She held it up and waved it around. "You want the rest of the TARDIS? Right here!" Moriarty ignored her childish ploy. "Worth a shot," she said with a shrug.

Holmes could feel the air leaving his lungs. He thought about using his respitory bypass. . . Ah, but what if I can get Moriarty to stop? He slowly stopped breathing.

Moriarty then assumed Holmes was dead. "At last! So Doyle got this part wrong!" He shoved Holmes carelessly over the edge of the cliff, not even watching him fall. He didn't see Holmes as he grabbed a hold of a stout root that was hanging from an outcropping. He ran to Holmes' TARDIS, used his key, and slipped inside.

"No!" cried Jenna as she watched his body fall over the cliff.

"You bloody bastard!" yelled Ace. She ran over to the edge.

The Doctor glanced at the escaping Moriarty, but rushed for the cliff's edge instead. "Holmes!"

"By-the-book escape," said Holmes as he looked up at the Doctor.

Ace turned back to Jenna. "Jenna, it's okay! Come here, look!" She pointed down at Holmes.

The Doctor grinned. "Couldn't you think of anything more original?" he asked as he held out his umbrella.

"'ey, it worked, dinnit?" grinned Ace.

"Sometimes the old tried and true methods are the best." Holmes climbed up onto the edge. "Sorry you had to see that, Jenna."

"Don't you ever do that to me again!" She wanted to cry but showed anger instead.

Holmes smiled. "I would feel sorry for whoever did do me in if that's how you'd react." He put an arm about Jenna as they headed away from the falls.

The Doctor smiled quietly, watching the exchange, and put his arm around Ace, who then smiled up at him.

There was a wheezing, groaning noise, and Holmes' TARDIS was gone. All of it.

Romana turned to where it had been. "He's getting away, Doctor."

"Quick, get inside the TARDIS! See if you can establish a link, track him through the vortex!"

"Right!" She picked up her skirts and raced for the TARDIS. Barely any time later, she walked out.

"Any luck?" questioned the Doctor.

"I've established a link, but we've got to hurry. I'm not sure what it is, but there's something trying to block the link."

"What?" With a frown, he rushed into the TARDIS and over to the console.

Jenna looked at Holmes than followed the Doctor inside. Holmes shrugged and joined them. "

"Here we go again, huh?" commented Paul as he let Ace drag him into the TARDIS.

Moriarty stood in his apartment once more, before the mirror. "My lady Morgaine, I believe I have found the first of the items you seek."

Morgaine slowly appeared in the mirror. "Show it to me, sir Knight. And if it is true, I will bestow great power on you." Moriarty held out the segment, grinning with quiet and arrogant pride. Morgaine smiled, showing her teeth. "Yes, you have served me

faithfully. Now, give it to me! I must have it!"

"Oh, come now, my lady. You are but an image!"

"You insolent wretch! I am Morgaine Sunkiller!"

"How am I to pass this segment through the mirror?"

Morgaine gritted her teeth. "Imbecile. Hold it closer to the mirror."

Moriarty began to obey, but then his smile grew stronger, and he pocketed it instead. . "No, I think I should hold on to this. It might help me find the others for you."

Morgaine's eyes lit up with red energy. "How dare you! You shall pay for that!

You are nothing to me! Just a tool to get that piece out of Holmes's power!"

Moriarty began backing nonchalantly towards a nearby closet. "Perhaps. Nevertheless, this Key is everything. Would you risk damaging it?"

"You haven't an inkling of what it is!" She smiled maliciously. "And who says I run the risk of damaging it?"

"Then less than in inkling is more than enough." He bowed mockingly. "Good bye, my lady."

Morgaine lifted her hand, lighting flickering between her fingers. The threat was enough to send Moriarty inside the closet which concealed Holmes' TARDIS. He slammed the door behind him then there was a wheezing, groaning noise. To save himself from pursuit, Moriarty programmed the TARDIS so its path would be random and untraceable.

After he had left, Morgaine hissed, "You shall not dismiss me, you insolent wretch. I shall find the rat wherever he hides." She disappeared from the mirror smiling even more maliciously than before.

A new vworping noise was heard, as a police box appeared in the street below. The Doctor was the first to step from his TARDIS. "Hmm. A tenement building, it looks like." He turned to Holmes who had followed him outside with Jenna close at his heels. "Do you have an idea which rooms might belong to Moriarty?"

"Anywhere. The whole block of flats could belong to him."

"Well, that doesn't help us."

"I would guess either the top floor or attic."

"Oh please tell me we don't have to check them all," whined Ace as she lugged Paul out of the TARDIS. "Can't you track him with something?"

"Where else would you find spiders?" commented Jenna.

" ' "Come into my parlor," said the spider to the fly,'" said Paul, wryly.

With everyone out of the TARDIS, Romana carefully locked the doors behind her

"We could use this, but it would only track Holmes's TARDIS," she said as she took the tracker from her pocket. "After recalibrating it, of course."

"No, no...it may be too late already, Romana. We'll just have to improvise. Come on!" He led the way inside and up the stairs.

Holmes followed the Doctor and Jenna trudged up the stairs behind Holmes, resting her recuperating arm in her pocket.

Ace looked around as she climbed the stairs. "It's like the council flats in Manchester, only without the charm."

The Doctor grinned at Ace. "Yes, I think you might be right," he said as he stopped on a landing and looked about, trying to get a sense of where to go.

"At a guess, I'd say we're near Limehouse," said Jenna.

Romana looks about, disgusted. "Vile place."

"Agreed," stated Paul.

"Just think of the people who have to live in places like this," said Jenna.

"That sounds like Moriarty. He has many places to run to. I hope this is the right one," said Holmes.

"Well, the TARDIS tracked him this far. He must be somewhere nearby." The Doctor looked around some more. "Romana...just how long would it take to recalibrate that tracker?"

Ace stopped on the landing and looked around. "So, we keep going or try this floor?"

Holmes paused as if to listen. "I think one more flight."


Romana took the tracker out and a small screwdriver and readjusted it a touch. "There, that should do it."

The Doctor shrugged. Right." He started up to the next floor.

"Third floor, chinaware, linens, criminal masterminds," muttered Ace.

The Doctor turned back to Romana, flustered. "What?!? You mean that's all you had to do? Hit a few buttons?"

"No, I had to open it up and recalibrate it. But, yes, it was that simple. A child could have done it. Even you could have, Doctor."

Jenna smiled as she listened to the interchange.

The Doctor sighed theatrically and turned to Ace. "You see what I had to put up with?"

Ace shrugged. "You're on your own for this one, Professor." She tapped him on the nose and continued.

"Thank you very much," he said with a not-so-serious frown in Ace's direction.

Holmes turned to Romana. "If it's working, what floor?"

Romana pointed it down the hallways and listened. "I don't.... I'm not getting anything from it. Which either means I don't have the right calibration, or it's not here."

The Doctor was now frowning in earnest. "This is not good."

"Maybe it was here, and it's not now, so the tracking-thing is getting confused," said Ace.

"We should still find his rooms, however. There may be some clue," said the Doctor.

Holmes strode down the hall in an attempt to finish his mission or at least bring the end a bit closer. Jenna rushed after him. "Holmes! Wait!"

Romana pocketed the tracker and followed the Doctor as he went after Holmes and Jenna. Ace turned to Paul. "You stay back a bit, Teach, okay?"

Jenna caught up with Holmes outside a room. "What?"

"It's locked. Don't have my tools with me."

Jenna reached for her gun. "I'll just use this." She fired it at the lock but it only clicked. "Damn! I forgot I have no more bullets!"

The others soon found them. When they saw the problem, they each had their own solution. Ace started looking around in her pockets. "I think I've got some bits of wire here someplace."

Romana held out her screwdriver. "You might try this."

The Doctor pulled a bullet from his pocket, the one which Moriarty fired at him in Holmes' TARDIS. "Might this help?"

Jenna looked at him in wonder. "Thanks." She loaded the gun and shot the lock open.

"I see that your injury hasn't effected your aim," said Holmes. "Wonderful." He entered the room. It was Spartan but clean. What drew his eye was a large mirror on a stand against the far wall.

The Doctor followed Holmes, but was more interested in the scorch marks on the closet door. He gingerly touched it then snatched his arm back.

Ace noticed the mirror. "All we need's a wicked queen then. No thanks." She saw what the Doctor had done. "What is it? What happened?"

"This door...its as if it was hit by lightning. And it's still warm."

Jenna stood with her back to the mirror and faced the closet. "Whatever caused that mark was fired from over here. The angle seems right."

The Doctor looked between the door and the mirror. Yes, Ace, I'm fine," she answered, a little distracted. "And I think Jenna's right." He walked over to stand by Holmes at the mirror.

Holmes had examined the mirror closely without touching it. "This is no ordinary mirror." He turned to the Doctor. "Would you care to examine it?"

"Yes, of course."

Paul entered the room cautiously after realizing that Moriarty was gone. Romana walked in just behind Paul and looked in disgust at the broken door. She looked even more disgusted as some of the other tenants in the building ducked their heads out of their flats to see what the noise was.

"What, the mirror shot him?" Ace couldn't believe it.

The Doctor walked carefully around the mirror, but found no evidence of technology. "Perhaps it did, Ace. That's as good an explanation as any."

"Mine just has a light. Don't think I'd want one with a ray gun on it."

"I don't think it was the mirror itself that shot him, Ace," said the Doctor with a grin.

"Maybe it was just a tremendous discharge of energy," said Jenna. "But I'd hate to see what kind of device could do that."

Indeed," said Holmes. "Let's just hope that Moriarty doesn't have such a device with him. It would make my--our job that much harder."

The Doctor slowly turned back to Holmes. "Yes, and I think now would be a good time to make clear exactly what 'our job' is."

"Yeah!" chorused Ace.

"Tell me, Holmes...it wasn't Moriarty who dispersed my other self's TARDIS, was it?"

"No, it was me. With the best of intentions of course. He's perfectly all right. I just needed him out of the way. I'll admit, I wasn't thinking very clearly yet."

Romana turned from her examination of the charred door. "You?" She looked at him with a flash of anger. "For what purpose? You kidnapped the Doctor, tore apart his TARDIS, and stranded me in this backwater time!"

"Why? What could I do for you that he couldn't? And why was Romana spared?"

"I knew it. I knew there was something shifty going on with you," declared Ace.

The Doctor, his eyes still on Holmes, put out an arm to restrain her.

"Yes, Doctor, You had good reason to be suspicious of me."

Jenna stared at him in open-mouthed shock. "Why?"

"You and I are of the same time, Doctor. I could not work with your other self as he is from my past."

"Yet you could work with Romana?" The Doctor was calm, curious as to this man's reasons.

"Romana, I thought you could help me because of your technical skills. Also, I could tell my superiors that she was stranded and needed my help."

Paul was just beginning to understand what was going on. "Wait, that means," he turned to Holmes, "you took me out of time."

The Doctor looked to Paul. "Yes...and what was his part in all of this?"

Holmes turned to Paul. "Yes, I'm sorry for that. I really shouldn't have, but I was desperate."

"Well, it certain couldn't have been for my technical skills," he said with a nod to Romana. "Why then?"

"I thought that Jenna was dead or gone from me forever. I wanted, needed someone else."

"You thought me dead? Did you even try to look? I waited for you!" She was on the verge of tears. "I never really gave up on you."

The Doctor glanced sadly at her before turning back to Holmes. "Ah...and so you chose a scholar, someone who had studied Holmes, and would have a certain amount of awe."

"Which is rapidly diminishing," Paul mumbled. Ace nudged him. Paul sighed. "I suppose I should be flattered. And grateful that I haven't ended up dead or something."

"I'm not the real Holmes! You all know that. I just adopted some of the methods and, perhaps with the tools at my disposal, seemed omniscient." He faced Jenna. "I'm sorry. With my TARDIS practically dismantled, and you gone, my mind was nearly destroyed as well."

"Yes, adopted some of the methods...in your madness."

"And when did you plan on restoring the Doctor?" questioned Romana. "Certainly you knew that if you pulled one of him out of time, other versions of him would follow." She folded her arms, completely outraged.

"When my mission was over, or at least when I left here."

"But just what was your mission? Did it have something to do with the Key?"

"My mission was to track down Moriarty. He is wanted on Gallifrey for many crimes, on top of which he added stealing a TARDIS when he escaped."

"But he no longer has that TARDIS now, or else he wouldn't have been so obsessed with yours, certainly?"

"No. I destroyed his in the hopes of stranding him. However, he replied by dismantling mine and hiding it. That's why I needed your help."

"Still do, it seems."

"You lot really need to make this things harder to take apart," commented Ace.

Jenna looked at Holmes. "You were that upset over my apparent death that you almost went mad? Really?"

Holmes walked over to Jenna. "I'm sorry if I hurt you. You know I never would--in my right mind."

"You're forgiven, Holmes. This time." She smiled.

"So you gonna give him back or what? The other Doctor," said Ace.

"As for your earlier incarnation, I think he's still back at the Copper Beeches," Holmes answered.

"Good. I'll retrieve him shortly, and K9 and Romana and I-- I mean he--can be on their way. Once my other self and Romana are taken care of, Holmes, I can drop you off on Gallifrey. You can find another TARDIS there, and perhaps a way to track Moriarty."

"That would be appreciated." Holmes motioned him aside. "About Jenna. I don't want her with me when I get Moriarty. I'll worry too much."

"I think that should be up to her, Holmes. "And I'll only return you to Gallifrey on one condition."

"And that is?"

"The segment. You time-scooped Ace earlier, so I expect you took it

back. I also expect you hid it in your TARDIS at the first available opportunity. When you find him, I want the segment. Someone is trying to reassemble the Key to Time. I need to get there first."

"I usually don't work well with conditions hanging over me, but that I can do. Now I think I must talk with Jenna."

The Doctor nodded, graciously, but as if he expected no less.

Paul found a place and sat down. "I guess this qualifies as the 'great adventure' one goes on at some point in one's life."

"Just gettin' started, Teach," said Ace as she slapped him on the shoulders.

"Not for me, thank you. Not that I haven't, uh, enjoyed myself slightly. But I'm ready to back to Amherst College, where the only time travel happens in here." He tapped his head.

So, that reading I was getting on the tracker was the real TARDIS then, entirely,

with the exception of the piece we found earlier, thought Romana. She drew in a breath. In that case we shouldn't have to go back to Copper Beeches. "You should drop me off first, though," she said after hearing the Doctor's offer to Holmes. "I need to continue on my own search for the segments."

The Doctor turned to Romana. "Yes, of course. I'll make sure my...your TARDIS and Doctor are restored before Ace and I leave here."

"Still, there's one thing troubling me. I don't think Morarity is behind this. He had demanded a TARDIS key from us first. If he had known about the Key, he would have known what it was instead of walking off with Holmes's key."

The Doctor's eyes grew distant, and he began tapping his brolly against his chin, deep in thought. "Yes, I think you're right. He was only a pawn...but in whose chess set?"

Holmes walked over to where Jenna was sitting by Ace and Paul. "Jenna, may I speak with you?" He looked at the others. "Alone?"

"Sure." She followed Holmes to the other side of the room. "What is it?"

"I'm going after Moriarty. The Doctor has offered to take me back to Gallifrey where I can get a new TARDIS."

"That's wonderful! When do we go?"

"That's just it. I'd rather you didn't come. Moriarty will be expecting me to follow. I can't concentrate on him and watch out for you at the same time."

"But- - - I know how to take care of myself. I'll admit sneaking up on him before wasn't exactly the smartest thing. . . ."

"I know you can, Jenna. That's not the problem. I'll still be worrying anyway. Please, ease my mind. You can stay here, go home, or perhaps the Doctor will let you stay with him. It's your choice."

Ace excused herself from Paul and went over to the Doctor. "Everything okay Professor?"

"I hope so, Ace. I hope so."

Ace looked over at Jenna and Holmes. "It's not good is it? Them."

The Doctor looked up, and glanced over at Holmes. "Hm? Oh, they'll be all right. But tell me, Ace? How would you feel if the TARDIS were to become a little more crowded?"

Ace shrugged. "Dunno. Depended on whom. Paul wants to go back to Amhart or Amsterdam or wherever."

"Oh, I know." The Doctor was still watching Holmes and Jenna.

Slowly it dawned on her. "It's Jenna isn't it?"

The Doctor grinned, nodded, and tapped Ace's nose.

Jenna looked at Holmes then at the others. "You'd really worry about me? You, the big secret agent?"

"Of course I would." He smiled. "I may not show it much, but I do care about what happens to you, Jenna. Why else would I have asked you to join me?"

Jenna sighed. "I guess you'd better go get your man, then. Wait, that's for the Mounties. I guess it works here as well."

"Thank you Jenna. I'll come back for you once I get him. Promise."

"I had better tell the Doctor of my decision."

They walked over to the others. "We've talked and Jenna agrees that it's best I go after Moriarty alone."

The Doctor nodded. "Perhaps."

"No, he's right, Doctor. Everything worked out here because there were a large number of us. Plus, Moriarty is expecting Holmes."

"You might be right. On the other hand," he grinned at Ace, "sometimes it's nice to have someone watching your back."

"Then it would be better to have two people watching your back."

"He needs it y'know," said Ace in a conspiratorial whisper to Jenna. "More trouble than one person can handle."

"Ah, yes. Maybe so. But things may not be so straightforward where I'm going."

"I think she's asking to join you, Doctor. At least until I come back, anyway," said Holmes.

"I need to reassemble the Key to Time, and before whoever Moriarty is working for. The person who did that," he said, pointing his brolly at the scorched door.

"So you and Holmes would be working towards the same goal in a way. Maybe in his search for Moriarty he could find out some useful information."

"Yeah, like that Cluedo film," said Ace. "Three well different endings, same film. I mean they all got to the same point but it was different ways"

The Doctor's expression hovered between a grin and a frown. "Yes, something like that, Ace." The Doctor allowed the grin to win out. "Yes, I know. Quite

apt, really." He paused before turning back to face Jenna. "I would certainly enjoy your company, but you must be aware of the danger."

"Shall we go back to Copper Beeches then?" questioned Holmes. "We still need to free your other self. I'll feel much better once we do that."

"Yeah. I want to meet this other you," said Ace. She grabbed for Paul's arm, but he politely declined.

"Yes...as long as you're not allergic to scarves or metal dogs, you should get on quite well!"

Holmes was itching to get after Moriarty so he headed back for the TARDIS. The Doctor also started out of the room.

Romana looked thoughtful. She deliberately cleared her throat and pulled the mask out from her dress pocket. "This should be what we're looking for."

The Doctor turned back to Romana. "Hm?"

"Where'd you get that then?" demanded Ace.

Romana looked at it mock absently. "Oh, I picked it up when we were at Copper Beeches."

"That must be it, then," said Holmes.

The Doctor grinned, slowly and begrudgingly at first. Ace looked at him. "Is it a bit of your other TARDIS?"

"Yes, it is indeed. Romana, you never cease to amaze me."

"Thank you, Doctor." She smiled.

There should be no problem in opening this room and attaching it to the TARDIS," Holmes told them. No traps. Promise."

"Well, it's all quite simple, then. We'll reassemble the TARDIS, Romana and my other self can get on with their search, and Ace, Jenna and I can begin ours..."

The others were about to follow the Doctor and Romana into the TARDIS when he popped his head back out the TARDIS door. "The rest of you, just wait here. We won't be a moment!" He grinned and closed the door once more.

After a few moments, those waiting outside heard the sound of a TARDIS materializing. A second police box appeared next to the first. Romana walked out and looked absently back at the first TARDIS then smiled as she saw the second.

"It worked!" declared Jenna. "Now you can get on with catching Moriarty," she said to Holmes.

"And I can finally get back to my search for the segments," said Romana. She turned around just outside to the doors to her TARDIS. "It was nice meeting you all."

"Yes...and make sure to say hello to K9 for me, Romana."

Romana smiled. "Of course, Doctor."

"See you 'round then Romana," said Ace.

"Goodbye. Good luck," Paul added.

"Good-bye Romana," Jenna said.

Romana opened the door to the second TARDIS and a voice carried out to the others. "Romana, there you are! Where have you been?"

Ace chuckled. "Sounds like the Professor alright."

Romana picked up the hem of her dress and walked inside, closing the door behind her.

"Well, let's go then.," said Jenna, eager to begin her new venture.

"After we drop Paul at school, and Holmes on Gallifrey."

"Thank you, Doctor," said Paul.

Romana left the room, still holding the mask and went outside to enter the TARDIS. As the Doctor followed, he called back to Paul, "Oh, don't mention it!"

"Don't think I will," Paul mumbled. "No one would ever believe this."

"Oh, you'd be surprised..."

Jenna looked at Paul. "Ever think of taking up fiction?"

Paul smiled. "It might be safer."

The Doctor herded Paul, Holmes, Jenna, and Ace into the TARDIS.


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