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Curiouser and Curiouser (6/7)

Title: Curiouser and Curiouser
Characters: Seven, Ace, Romana, Original
Word Count: 2724
Rating: PG
Summary: The Doctor and Ace arrive in Victorian London and cross paths with a former companion and an old enemy
Notes: OK, this is yet another story version of a sim done by "Dr Who & Co". This time I have names! These are the ones whose creativity you are about to enjoy. John, Romana, Heather, Lynn, JenK, Cody, FifthDrFan, Flameress, Doctor6master. (If I skipped anyone, I apologize). This was first posted on FFN on 3/20/02 (Casting: Moriarty=Christian Bale)

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five


After the smoke cleared, the others saw Moriarty clutch his wounded arm, letting go of Jenna in the process. He scurried away into the shadows as Holmes rushed over to Jenna. His voice carried back to them. "One day, Holmes. One day, your TARDIS shall be mine, and I shall leave this wretched planet!"

Paul moved towards Jenna. "Are you alright?"

"Course, not! He broke my bloody wrist!"

"I meant have you been shot!"

Jenna took a deep breath. "Sorry. I know you mean well."

Holmes helped Jenna stand. "I'm sure we can fix you up in the Doctor's TARDIS."

"Hey! He's getting away!" yelled Ace. She ran downstairs, but she didn't see him

"Don't worry! He can't go anywhere!" Holmes called after her.

"Yes, of course," said Romana. "There's a med-kit in there"

Paul yanked off his tie and used it as a temporary sling for Jenna's arm. "Until we can get to the TARDIS."

Ace stopped when she heard a familiar noise, however. Though, not quite as familiar as it might be. It was a TARDIS is materializing, but not the Doctor's. "Professor?" she asked, full of hope.

Holmes heard a familiar sound he thought never to hear again. It was his TARDIS. It materialized and took on the shape of a bookcase.

"We have to tell him about the booby-trap," said Jenna.

"Since we don't know what Moriarty did, we have to find a way to allow him-- " Holmes saw the door opening slowly. "No! Close the doors! If you open it, you're dead!"

Ace ran at the bookcase, slamming into the panel. "Hey! Ace, what are you doing!" came the Doctor's voice.

"Trying to keep you alive!" she yelled back.

The Doctor trusted Ace, so he went back to the console, and turned on the scanner. He could see Ace outside, but not hear her clearly.

Jenna shivered from the shock so Holmes took off his jacket and wrapped it about her. "Can he hear us?" she asked. "Well enough to understand, I mean."

"Well, it looks like he stopped trying to open the door," said Ace from her position against the "bookcase".

"He still might need clarification," said Holmes. He rummaged in through his pockets, found a piece of chalk then headed for the nearest clear bit of wall.

Ace went for her own way of clarification. She pointed at the TARDIS, mimed opening a door, then drew a finger across her throat.

On the wall, Holmes wrote, "Booby-trap. Keep doors closed". "Ace, get him to look this way,"

"Oh, good. I hate charades." She jumped up and down and pointed at the wall with the writing on it.

Inside the TARDIS, the Doctor nodded then realized they couldn't see him. He pulled a book from his pocket, and settled in to read while the others thought of something.

"I hope he sees it," said Romana.

Holmes looked at the TARDIS. "Romana, I think I have an idea. Let's take Jenna to your TARDIS and get her looked at. I need to see what condition it's in."

"Yes." She pulled out her key. "It should still work if he hasn't changed the locks on me."

"What do I do?" asked Ace. "Should I just stay here, or go with you?"

"Perhaps you'd feel better if you stayed here and watched him. Tell him what's happened," said Jenna.

"Yeah, okay, I'll try. Can I have the chalk? Please?"

Holmes tossed her the chalk. "Not too much graffiti, ok?"

"'Course not," she said innocently.

Romana smiled at Ace. "Try to keep it clean."

"Do you need me to help you with Jenna?" asked Paul.

"If you'd care to join us, certainly," answered Holmes.

Jenna allowed Paul to help her up. "Thanks. Sorry I snapped before."

"It's alright. Perfectly understandable." He said as they followed Romana who lead the way back to the Doctor's TARDIS

Ace yanked the dust cover from one of the chairs and used it to erase Holmes' message. She then wrote her own. J's arm broken. Wease-- She stopped and erased that last bit. Moriarty shot, escaped

The Doctor looked up, and again, nodded unthinkingly.

Ace started doodling stick figures having a football match. The football had a lit wick sticking out the top of it. . .

On the way there, Jenna asked, "So, Holmes, what's your plan?"

"At this point, it's more of an idea. I need to see the condition of the Doctor's TARDIS."

Romana stopped outside the TARDIS and unlocked the door with her key. She then pushed the door open and showed the others inside.

"Looks rather gloomy. Almost melancholic," said Jenna.

The lights are dim, yes, but there is still power. I can hear it," stated Holmes.

Romana ushered Jenna over to one side of the console room and pushed a button on one of the walls. A cot slid out from one of the walls and Jenna lay back on the cot and held her arm out for Romana. Romana then opened a roundel on one of the walls and pulled out a black medical bag.

Holmes and Paul both stood back out of the way and watched.

The Doctor became bored with the book, so he wandered over to the console again.

He reconfigured the ship's chameleon circuit. Outside, the bookshelf is replaced by a table with a chess set atop it, and a seat for Ace. Inside, the Doctor pleads Ace knowing he can't be heard. "Please, Ace?" She looked at the chair warily, but sat down anyway.

He grinned. "Thank you!"

The first chess piece moves, seemingly on its own. . .

Why am I not surprised that the Doctor has a little black bag," said Jenna with a grin.

Romana took out a scanning device and set it next to Jenna's arm. "He isn't that sort of Doctor." She touched Jenna's arm and looked at the device. "Hmm. The break doesn't look too bad. This should knit the bone back together, but it will be a little awkward for about a week." Using a different device, she ran a wide beam over the fractured wrist.

"Anyway, Romana," said Holmes, "I was thinking, if we can get this ship to work, we might just materialize around my TARDIS, save the Doctor from being jettisoned that way." He looked to his companion. "Are you okay, Jenna? I just want to see if I can connect with the Doctor in my TARDIS."

"I'm fine, Holmes. Go ahead."

Ace took the Doctor's knight, putting him in checkmate.

"Checkmate? Already? Perhaps the Brigadier's right, and I should stick to poker."

Ace put her hands on the table and rested her chin on them. Hope they get him out of there soon.

Romana dashed around setting the controls to prep for a short jump to the house. Holmes fiddled with the controls to find the proper frequency then pushes the "send" button. "Doctor? Can you hear me? We have a plan. . . "

"Everything's set, have you gotten through?" asked Romana.

Jenna settled back and watched as the two Time Lords prepared to rescue the Doctor.

The Doctor noticed the console beeping, and fiddled with a control. Holmes appeared on the scanner. "Yes, Holmes. I'm here. What's happening?"

"We plan to materialize your TARDIS around mine so you can exit without setting off Moriarty's trap."

Romana rushed about making some last minute checks in the background, keeping an eye on the view screen the whole time.

"Yes, of course! And that should short-circuit the trap altogether! Brilliant!"

With crooked smile, Holmes said, "Romana is checking everything so you need not worry of some trick on my part."

"Ah, yes. I do appreciate that."

"Thought you might. . . ."

"Nothing personal, you understand. But I haven't had the best of experiences with Time Lords of your profession..."

"Yes, well, I'm aware the Agency has a bit of a reputation..."

"A bit of a reputation? The Daleks have a 'bit of a reputation'!"

Romana shot the view screen a warning glance.

"Are you almost ready?" asked Jenna, standing.

"Comparing us to the Daleks? We can't go about proclaiming our presence. That would ruin the whole thing!"

"Some would say it needs ruining!"

"Ha! I was right! You are a secret agent!" declared Jenna.

Holmes turned shamefacedly to Jenna. "Sorry, I couldn't tell you before."

Romana crossed her arms and looked a bit impatient.

Ace was still sitting outside Holmes' TARDIS. She rearranged the pieces for checkers. "You always were better at draughts, though," she mumbled. She got up and paced the room, wishing she knew what was going on. She used the furniture cover to wipe away her "artwork" then wrote a new message. 1/2 they figured a way 2 get U out?

The checkers rearranged themselves, spelling out YES. Then they rearranged again, spelling out "stand clear".

Ace nodded happily, backed off and stood on the staircase.

Back inside the console room of Holmes' TARDIS, the Doctor looked at the view screen. "All right, Holmes. Ace and I are ready. Let's just get this over with."

"Right, then. Romana? Would you care to do the honors?"

"Alright...dematerializing.... 5...4...3...2...1..." She pulled the levers as she counted.

Jenna sent up a little prayer. The grinding sound started and stopped a moment later. It had worked. Holmes' TARDIS was in the console room! Holmes went to stand by the door.

"All right, I'm coming out!" The Doctor cautiously opened the TARDIS doors, and stepped into his own console room. He paused, wincing, for a moment then grinned when he didn't spontaneously combust.

"Welcome back, Doctor." said Romana

"Doctor! You're okay!" She rushed to hug him.

The Doctor moved to his console, and patted it lovingly. "Ah, home!" He looked a little shocked as Jenna hugged him, but smiled broadly at her and Romana.

"Welcome back Doctor," said Paul.

"See, there you are, in one piece," stated Holmes.

The Doctor finally nods, albeit grudgingly, to Holmes. "Yes, thank you everyone! Good work!"

Holmes turned to Jenna. "How's your wrist? OK?"

"It's still a little sore, but not as bad as it could be, I know that."

Outside, Ace was pacing. "What's taking them so long?"

Romana pressed the red lever and opened the door. She gave Ace a half smile.

"What happened? did it work?"

"Yes, it certainly did. He's in there now."

Ace ran into the TARDIS. "Professor!"

The Doctor gave his friend a huge grin. "Ace!"

Ace gave him a huge bear hug and the Doctor hugged her back.

Romana remained outside. She took out the tracker from her pocket, and walked around for a moment, using the tracker like a Geiger counter. "Ah!" She neared a corner of the room. She bent down and picked up a mask resting oddly against the wall. The tracker went wild in her hand. She turned it off and put both things into her pocket.

So where's Slimebag then?" asked Ace.

Jenna saw the Doctor and Ace hug and wanted Holmes to know how much she had missed him so she threw her arms about him and squeezed him. "I missed you, y'know."

Holmes, a little surprised, returned the hug taking the time to feel her pockets for the TARDIS key he had given her, without her knowledge. It's gone!

Paul looked suspiciously at Holmes. "Um, might I ask what you're looking for?"

Holmes glared at Paul. "Nothing of your concern."

Romana strolled back into the TARDIS and closed the doors behind her.

"So where's Slimebag then?" Ace repeated.

"Yes, Holmes, that's a very good question," said the Doctor. "Where would Moriarty be hiding?"

Holmes released Jenna. "I would think somewhere in London. He knows the city well and has many hiding places."

"Hmm, well, he must still have part of your TARDIS, somewhere. There are several rooms missing. Perhaps a quarter of your ship. I wasn't able to call them back, but there might be a way to track them..."

"I didn't realize it was that much. No wonder I wasn't myself," he mused aloud. He wandered into his own console room and breathed deep. Oh, how I've missed this. He ran his fingers along console. Now, to just get you back together. He grinned. Lucky for you, I know where I can find you a Doctor. He can help me get the rest of you --and the key--from Moriarty. Then I can finish what I started. I need to keep him from getting suspicious, though. He doesn't trust the CIA at all...

Jenna turned to Ace. "Have you always been that close?"

Ace answered her quietly. (she wouldn't want the Doctor to actually hear this!) "Yeah, I guess so. It's just kind of hard to imagine life without him now." She turned to the Doctor and spoke normally again. "Hey, am I gonna need to stay in this frock, or can I change?"

"I wouldn't. Not until you actually leave this time period," Romana answered.

Ace looked disappointed. The Doctor grinned indulgently. "It's all right, Ace.

Go on. We shouldn't be going back out into the streets again anyway."

"Thanks, Professor!" She dashed off to change.

Romana sighed exasperatedly, and then turned to the Doctor. "We still haven't found all of my Doctor's TARDIS, or my Doctor himself, or K9."

"Yes, Romana, although I have my suspicions." He looked pointedly at Holmes' TARDIS. "However, right now, I'm more worried about whoever is trying to reassemble the Key to Time."

"But we know who is trying to assemble it. The Black Guardian, of course. As opposed to the White Guardian who selected me for this mission."

"For you, Romana. But after your search for the Key is long done, it seems I must begin a new one."

"A new one?" She looked at him puzzled.

There was never a segment here in London, Romana. Not when I was the me you know."

"But we did find it. It could have been the first segment we found. That one was traveling when we retrieved it. And it possibly might have been here at one time, before ending up on Ribos."

"It could be, Romana. But somehow I don't think so..."

Ace returned in dark stonewashed jeans, a striped top and The Jacket. Jenna took in Ace's wardrobe. "So is that what everyone's wearing back home?"

"When I left, at least."

"It's a little dated now, for my day," remarked Paul. "If you did walk out in 1997, people would think you fell through a time warp."

"At least stuffy professors don't go out of style!" she said playfully.

Holmes walked through his TARDIS halls until he found a small cupboard. He opened it and reached for the back of the top shelf where he pulled out a small velvet bag. Holding it closely, he walked as deep into his TARDIS as possible to find a new hiding place.

Moriarty had taken up residence in one of his many safe houses throughout London. He stood before a clouded mirror and watched as the surface cleared to reveal not his own reflection, but that of Morgaine Le Fey. "I have the segment, as you asked."

"Hold it out for me to see, sir knight."

"Very well." He held out the segment.

Morgaine's eyes glowed as she looked it over. "Bah! That is nothing more than a common key! You insolent wretch! How dare you bring me such trinkets!"

"What?" Moriarty looked at the supposed segment, and realized that Holmes had gotten the better of him this time. "How very clever, for an amateur."

"You vile cur! I ordered you to bring me the Key and you bring me filth! For that you shall pay!"

"And so I shall, my lady, but first, allow me to try one last plan..."

Morgaine raised her hand, cracking with energy, and sputtered with rage. "One last plan?"

"Rest assured, you shall see the true segment. I will contact you later."

Morgaine screamed with anger, and disappeared in a crackling blue burst of energies. The room echoed with one last threat. "Do not fail me again or you shall wish you had never been born!"

After she had disappeared, Moriarty turned away from the mirror. "Oh, you'll certainly see the true segment, my lady. But afterwards, I can make no promises..."


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