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Wild Winter Stars 16/?

Title: Wild Winter Stars
Fandom: Merlin
Characters: Merlin, Arthur, Gaius, Gwen, Morgana, Gwaine, Percival, Mordred, OMC
Rated: PG-13
Word Count: 1,435
Summary: “That Arthur has not always existed seems odd to me. Like the wind on the moors and the wild winter stars, surely he has always lived . . . and always will.” ― Stephen R. Lawhead, Arthur A man tortured by Morgana is left outside Camelot to taunt Arthur. Merlin, Gwaine and Percival along with the recovered man go to spy on Morgana.
Author's Note: This is a sequel to A Word for Forgotten Songs. The original character is from one of my series and I kinda place him in lots of fandoms. His original series starts here. The story is set in series 5, somewhat early on. It's unbeta'd so all mistakes are my own.

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Alan had only a few arrows left and Merlin was too weak to be of any help. They would be overrun soon. He could hear Gwaine and Percival fighting below and knew they would take as many down as they could, but they were still outnumbered. He could teleport them out but then he would be as weak as Merlin – if not weaker.

He felled another man with an arrow to the shoulder. “Great. Three to go.”

Alan then heard the most wonderful sound: hoofbeats. The other knights of Camelot had arrived.

Leon led the charge flanked by Elyan and…Mordred? A magic user against Morgana made sense, but Alan thought testing the boy’s loyalty this soon highly questionable.

He telepathically gave Mordred the low-down on what was happening. He then saw the boy point to the roof as he explained to the others.

“Merlin, relief is here.”

“Wonderful. Go and join the fight. I’ll stay here where I won’t get in the way.”

“If you lie on your stomach, you can warn me - and Mordred – about any attacks.”


Alan teleported to the ground behind the cottage then ran to join the attack.

“About time!” Gwaine called as he slashed a soldier on his way towards Morgana.

“I didn’t want to miss the fun,” he replied before dispatching a man who wanted to slice him in half.

He joined in the camaraderie of the knights as they fought a common enemy. Unfortunately, Morgana had a personal shield that kept any weapon from touching her. Perhaps, if he could break her concentration, maybe spook the horse… He decided to teleport behind her, a dagger to her back, would be the best choice. Yes, it would mean the others finding out what he could do, but it was worth it.

He dropped his sword and snagged a dagger from one of the fallen. He stared at the woman on the horse. She seemed to sense his eyes on her and looked back at him. Alan couldn’t help but smile. He then disappeared only to reappear behind her as planned. “Welcome to Ealdor, m’lady.”

“Alan,” she stated civilly through gritted teeth. “How did you get past my shield? Nothing can get through them.”

“I didn’t go through. Now, have your men put down their weapons.”

“I will not.”

“Please.” He punctuated his request by pressing the dagger harder into her back. “And lower your shield.”

The shield disappeared. “Lower your weapons,” she ordered.

Her men did as ordered and the men of Camelot gathered them.

“Do you plan to take me back to Camelot?”

“That was the idea,” commented Gwaine as he stood by the horse.

“You have nothing with which to bind and hold me that I cannot break.”

“A Druid might be able to help with that.”

Morgana glowered at Mordred with such hatred. What had happened there? He never thought to ask about how the young man had come to Camelot.

[Is there something?] Alan asked Merlin and Mordred.

[We could put our own shield around her] said Merlin.

[Like a portable magical cell]

[If you like] said Mordred. [But I don’t know how long it would hold against a priestess of the Old Religion]

[I could ask Kilgarrah if he knows something] Merlin told Alan.

At that moment, Morgana’s horse reared causing Alan to fall to the ground. Gwaine fell back to be out of reach of the horse’s flailing hooves.

With a laugh, Morgana galloped away. So quick was her escape, the men of Camelot had no chance of hitting her with any weapon. Her soldiers – those not watched – slipped away into the woods.

Gwaine reached out a hand to help Alan stand. “That was clever, and a risk,” he said with a look at the newcomers.

“Yeah, well, I thought it the only way to reach her. Nothing else could get through the shield.”

“I could come up with a story…”

“What could you say that would explain what they witnessed?” Alan watched and Leon and Elyan headed his way, very controlled expressions on their faces. “Everyone else knows. I might as well tell them the truth.” He stood tall as the knights faced him. He could sense Gwaine, Percival and Mordred behind him in support.

“You are a magic user,” stated Leon.

“Yes. No point denying as you saw me.”

Elyan’s hand went to his sword.

“I could arrest you and take you before Arthur for sentence.”

“You could, but we are not in Camelot. The most you could do is forbid me returning with you.”

“And then you would have to explain to Arthur about his advisor,” put in Gwaine.

“Surely Arthur would approve of our actions,” said Elyan.

“Arthur has been working on changing the laws regarding magic.” Merlin arrived. “He’s asked Alan to help him. There must be a reason.”

“Nice of you to join us,” teased Gwaine.

“Sorry. Dozed off.”

“Arthur knows,” Elyan realized.

“Of course.” Leon looked at Alan. “Ayburn. He said one of you had magic. It was you.”

“Ayburn’s big mouth is how Arthur found out. He then realized that I was the same man with magic as I was without.”

“Saving his life a few times helped, too,” commented Merlin.

“Then it’s time we head back to Camelot so we can do it again.” They all looked at Percival. “Alan having magic is not as important as stopping Morgana.”

Knowing this was true, the men from Camelot started back after resting and watering the horses. The villagers came out of hiding and gave them provisions for their trip. Alan thanked Hunith for her care and promised he would look after Merlin as best he could.


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